Anyone wanna try Apocalypse World

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Hey Eveyrone,

Having recently got playtesting docs, and being a little shaky on some of the stuff, I thought maybe i would try the game out in pbp form .

What I need:
3-5 players interested in Apocalypse World
Interested in getting threw the first session (if things are going well, I'll continue from there)
who can post reasonibly often.

If you think you match the above, drop a line.


  • I'd be game. I can get the new Player's books, but I don't have the code to get the MC booklet.
  • if your just playing you really dont need the MC booklet, I find (and/or i can copy/paste where needed)

    That said, I would probably call it a 3 player minimum.

    So anymore takers?
  • The traffic here is light.
    I'd suspect you'd have to recruit from Storygames to get more.
  • I've been wanting to check this game out but have no access to the materials.
  • There is a ecret-say og-blay. Which really isn't all that secret.
    To get the MC (master of Ceremony) book you have to ask vincent for the password. I have not done that yet. I figured I'd wait for the real thing and just buy it.
  • Thanks.
  • So we have 2 people interested?

    Did you guys want to try a drum up another player, or just leave this to the annuls of things that were better off not happening.

    I surpose as long as you two were on board I could try it with 2 players but it would be a little woogy
  • All right. If this thing isn't dead already, I'm in.

    I have been hearing all this wonderful things about the game, and I'm interested in experiencing it in some way.

    So how does this work?
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