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Joshua Kashinsky and I are going to very quickly playtest my letter-writing game, While You're Far Away, using characters from an Exalted game we played over IRC a while back.

The relevant chararacters are:

- Saadi Draught-of-Reason (me)
- Ivory Veil (Joshua)

The situation between these two characters should become clear as the game goes on. I think that even people with no knowledge of Exalted or our particular mini-campaign should be able to enjoy it.

I'll let Joshua introduce his character as he likes. Here's mine:

Saadi Draught-of-Reason comes from a well-respected Dragonblood family (Air/Water aspected) in Chiaroscuro. He is a black sheep not merely because he constantly gets into trouble, but because he is also Anathema (as a newly reincarnated Solar Exalted) and his family has sworn to kill him. Saadi has a bunch of leaping- and throwing-related Charms (read: magical powers) and his most prized possessions are a magical atlatl that throws endless spearbolts made of pure essence, a.k.a. Dire Tidings, and one (yes, ONE) God-Kicking Boot. The circumstances under which he acquired the boot and/or lost the other one are up for speculation.


  • Hi, I'm Joshua. Figured I'd continue going by suffusion on the various fori in order to distinguish myself, in some small part, from all the other bloody Josh's out there.

    Ivory Veil's most distinctive feature is her mask of ivory that has an enchantment upon it which allows her to change her facial features at will. For the most part, she has used it to help in the advancement of her political influence in Chiaroscuro and to disguise her many nighttime larcenies. Her Charms are mostly centered around personal manipulation and surreptitious theft, though she does have a magical seven section staff which helps her when faced with the unfortunate eventuality of actual combat. Her motives are mysterious (most especially to me) but it was rumored around the court that she has a lover held in demonic bondage.
  • Awesome! I'm excited to read this!
  • New version of the rules is up here, basically responding to a lot of things from the playtest. Josh (and anyone else who's paying attention), your thoughts and suggestions on this would be great, especially since Elizabeth's in the middle of laying it out for her zine.
  • I feel like there are really similar issues in While You're Far Away to Through the Ansible, in that play is really cool when there's negotiation and contest about fictional events, when the players are taking turns to define more about those events. However, in both games there's kind of nothing in the rules to make that happen. The rules just kind of provide a space in which it can.

    I'm reserving jusgement on the playtest until we're further in, but it will be interesting to see if that comes about naturally, or if it needs some prompting from the rules.
  • Josh, sorry I stopped posting once the new draft was done. I didn't mean for that to happen, but I've been swamped with other things. I'll try to get back to it soon.
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