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If you have any rules issues or questions, or just want to talk about the game, lets do it here.
(Lurkers, you can comment here too-- assuming we have lurkers. :)


  • FAQ could prove useful.
  • Wow. Did you just draw a fancy title graphic for the game?
    Classy dude.
  • Thanks!
    Hey, I think it might go faster if everyone throws in an NFA or FA check in a post where your character attempts something. (make sure you put it in it's own post-- since dice rolls lock posts, making them uneditable).
  • My character will try to do a little something after the briefing, if that's possible!
  • Dweird, i'm assuming you put your actions that you wanted to do and just moved to the next scene. If you had other things you want to do we can do we can narrate that in too, somehow.

    Also, you'll probably want to keep your dice rolls to their own post, otherwise, you can't edit.
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    Yeah, you assumed right. The medical equipment prep is exactly what I wanted to do.

    Also, oh noes! I'm going to be taking heat for something I totally did!

    Edit: Post made! Bunnied around the GM's NPC about a bit. Hope that's okay?
  • Wish the game had fanmail option. :)
  • Glad you liked it, I'm a sucker for praise.

    Anyway, an idea: maybe, when you're calling in NFA rolls, you do them for us on the spot instead of us all doing them by ourselves? NFA roll situations can be a little complex, and having the results, you could play the results in a way that would allow us to adjust better.

    For example - it'd be easier to react to the Chaplin's presence if we knew in advance who passed his ire-evasion roll and who didn't, as opposed to us each doing our own thing and making up something that doesn't have any connections to the other people's situations.

    Of course, there's the thing where we would no longer be rolling "our own dice", so I guess Sam's and FF's okays for this would be needed.
  • That's an excellent idea.
    What does everyone else think?

    Also, the rest of my weekend is packed, so I might not be able to check back in until Monday.
  • That sounds fine to me!
  • Does anyone mind terribly if I compose my posts in past tense? I understand that everyone seems into the present-tense mode, but I find it very difficult to write prose in that manner.
  • Not a problem for me.
  • RusRus
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    Sam, I've had the exact same issue! If you read my old TSOY posts I drift from past to present. I still do it-- sometimes within the same post, in fact.
  • I suggest that Sanyat would be the only one to roll NFA to determine initial status. You guys are more likely to screw up, and if we get full successes (easier to do when I'm the only one rolling), we might get ambushes on the targets more easily.

    Sound like a plan? Sam? FF?
  • Can we just choose not to roll?
    I'd look it up, but my motherboard died over the weekend so I don't have access to my PDFs on this computer yet.
  • From my one game, I think I remember that you can? But yeah, I'm not the most authoritative source on this.
  • All in all, I think when I call for a roll like that opening scene, will be rare.
    Usually I'll just say, what do you do?

    I'm fine with you guys calling for auto failure, depending on your feel of the scene.
  • No no no, I didn't mean an NFA roll like one a GM could call at any time. Those you should do for whoever is applicable for them on your turn.

    I meant the NFA roll that determines starting ranges during combat. You get into an encounter, and then you roll NFA to see who gets to determine range. And if all the marines won that roll and all aliens lost it (or vice versa), the winning side gets to ambush the losing side. Which basically means that, for a turn, you get to shoot at them without them shooting back at you.

    S'what I remember, at least. Was on the losing end of an ambush once, and it kind of registered!
  • Alas, the next 2 days I'm swamped. I'll try to post sometime Saturday MST.
  • I found an AP report that covers the issue I mentioned a bit before! It's called the Dominance roll, and yes, a trooper can choose not to roll it.
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    If it matters, I think we've all just about had our share of pre-battle convo and would like to get to the part where we kill things.

    Well, where Lucius and Parashar kill things and Sanyat watches.
  • So rugrsi, do you want to finish up something here or can we post after-battle things?

    Sanyat would like to examine those dogs to find out their special ability... And ask the Chaplain about the beacon, of course.
  • Yep that finishes the battle.
    If someone would like to frame the next scene, or do after battle things, go for it.

    NFA check for Sanyat to find out the special ability.
  • So it's Flee? Or Leaping?

    Oh, and am I right to assume the busted-down skyscrapers the Chaplain pointed out are another encounter? If so, I'd like to try and eliminate them early with the indiscriminate bombardement that comes with E-vac.

    So that would probably be an NFA Dominance roll to go into combat an an E-vac NFA roll after that?

    I'm hoping to clear those skyscrapers and get a nice clean hole for my squad to climb down into. :D
  • RusRus
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    If you are not interested in the surprise of experiencing it I can tell you, but yes, it is Fleeing or Leaping. :)

    I tentatively thought that the fallen skyscrapers would be a fun place for an encounter, but you are all in control of your characters, and can go wherever you'd like.

    Remember, with e-vac, you all suffer a kill.

    Let me know what your characters do next, in the Renior thread. If we get no activity in another day or so, I might offer something.

    Also, I'm interested in your reflections on how the system is holding up in a PbP format. Any suggestions on running things differently are welcome.
  • Blowing them up is fun, too! 'sides, with E-vac, I get to screw the Corporal out of kills. He gets so many!

    Oh, question: If I use E-vac during an encounter, does the 1-heal after encounter rule apply?
  • And there we go. We have some chance of ambushing the dogs now. Even if we don't, the range will be set to Far.

    Depending on how it goes, Parashar might get to let a couple of shots loose before Sanyat calls in hell from above, but those dogs are likely fried!

    Sorry if I didn't allow you to show off an encounter you liked, rugrsi... Both from a fictional perspective (a location that lends itself to a situation where the dogs can come at you from any direction) and a game-y one (I'm fairly sure that encounter's a tough one, plus aforementioned screwing kills from the Corporal), I felt that blowing that that thing up before we get close to it is the right thing to do.

    I like the way things are going, actually. The system doesn't lend itself to PbP play as easily, but I don't see how we could be doing any better. Now, a thing that I would like is a more direct line of communication with you, the GM. Would make bouncing around little ideas ("can I do this?" "what would happen if I do this?" and so on) a lot easier.

    You have any sort of instant messenger?
  • With my firewall, email is about as good as I can do.
  • A shame!

    I'll do my actual post when time for the execution of actions comes. It's crystal-clear what Sanyat will be doing now, anyway.
  • Whoa, got really busy. I'll get by butt in gear.
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