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  • Yup, thinking about the gunlugger... I would like to see other's character ideas, I am toying with the idea of maybe being a hired bodyguard or something along those lines for another character and/or their business... and I still need to go read up on AW, it has been forever since I last looked at it!
  • Definitely prefer the Maestro d' option. Sketching him out - think Humphrey Bogart from Casablanca, but covered in scars. Would love to have a PC gunlugger in my crew. Kathy, would your gunlugger work for money, rep, etc? Do we have a past? Do you know why I'm covered in latticework of scar tissue?
  • Mike - Nope, didn't make it past the first ep of Carnivale, but it's on the radar for me and lynn. Queuing it up.

    ::Proper is wearing an immaculate white three-piece suit; black, fingerless gloves; patent leather shoes (ok, probably shiny plastic). His face and fingers are covered in scars. Whatever did the work wasn't all acid or fire -some of the lines are too straight for that. He's wearing a top-hat and has a cane in his right hand. He spreads his arms wide::

    Ladies and gentleman, squirmies and gypsies, wanderers, fat-heads, and the thirsty, come cool your heels and quench your thirst at Proper's Vox Populi. If you have a talent to showcase, we'll get you set up for an Open Mike performance. Crowd favorite gets a prize, every time! Get outta the heat and set yourself down on my cushioned seats and enjoy a glass of Madame Blavatsky's Finest Turnip Gin on ice, made with filtered water!

    I have performers who will delight and amaze! Feats of strength and skill for you to marvel at!

    I am looking for anyone with talent, but specific paid-gigs are offered for a singer and dancer. My vinyl of Some Girls is getting worn, and could use someone with a smoky, sultry, sinuous voice, some luxe moves and luxier skin. If you've got the sound of sorrow and longing in your vocal cords, if you have the beat of what's left living on the earth in your bones, if you can dance with ethereal grace -I have work for you.

    I'm also looking for a hard-ass gun-lugging nut with a tolerance for circus living. Primo coin and a private bedroom.

    You can find me at Proper's Vox Populi -open every hour of the stinkin' day and night.
  • Type: Brainer

    Name: Unknown (going to work on what he goes by, was never named.

    Stats: Cool +1, Hard +1, Hot -2, Sharp +1, Weird +2

    Look: Concealed, Environmental wear improper to the local environment, bony face, dead eyes, awkward angular body

    Moves: Preternatural at-will brain attunement (+1 Weird), Unnatural Lust Transfixtion (roll +weird instead of +hot for seduction)

    Will post again with what all that means as allowed. =)
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    Like, yesterday, Proper wants:
    His fucking water filtering apparatus cleaned up 'cause some fuckers threw a bunch of fermented shit into it. Not booze, literal fermenting excrement. Not OK.
    Or a new set-up.
    The balls of the sunovabitch behind the sabotage.

    He'll need more of this weekly:
    money to pay Gams, because he's buying the joint from her (what, like 1 barter a week? What's a tough payment that isn't designed to actually make you default?)
    knick-knacks, oddments, etc for the prize on Amateur Night.
    Perfume, patchouli, potpourri, incense

    Periodically he'll need:

    Long Game[/edit] Proper wants:
    To visit his daughter, Sunny, in **city too far to reach without an armored caravan** on her 16th birthday with a full, Proper Circus. Just like he promised when she was five and he took The Job.

    To never go back to bustin' his ass on a bicycle-seat lashed to a dunebuggy with an AK-47, all for a couple bags of salted gopher ears.

    To entertain you, shock and amaze you, get you likker'd up and settled down -at least for a couple hours.

    Proper Provides:
    Entertainment! Spectacle! A chance at the prize! Cold drinks, served over ice made with filtered water. A place to relax and enjoy a soft place to sit. All that and whatever else you're lookin' for, pal.

    Stats: Cool = +0, Hard = +1, Hot = +2, Sharp = +1, Weird = -1
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  • Okay so, as the latest recruit I just thought I'd double-check. We currently have: a Maestro D' (Proper), a Brainer (Unknown?), and an as-yet-undetermined third PC.

    And whatever-I-got?
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    I'm ruminating on what I want to play. Proper's gonna need some muscle, and some talent. Everybody needs an angel and a savvyhead somewhere in the crew.

    You have any thoughts, Daniel? (edit: as in, thoughts about what you might want to play, thoughts about character dynamics you might want to see?)
  • Okay, here are some thoughts.

    These interest me: angel, battlebabe, gunlugger, hocus, operator, savvyhead, skinner.

    I like connections between characters. With njhenry's consent, I could play a battlebabe or gunlugger who owed Proper a favor and was working security, or a battlebabe or skinner who was some sort of entertainment (or who wanted to be).

    Hocuses and operators seem to me like plot-leading characters, and we've already got one of those in the maestro d'. If nobody else wants to play a plot-leader, I'd play a hocus or operator.

    And support crew: I've got ideas for an angel, and could come up with some for a savvyhead.

    Maybe I'm being too cooperative and conciliatory, and I should just pick one.
  • I'm thinking of playing either an Operator -- a desperate scavenger/urchin type who spends a lot of time Upstairs, looking for valuables -- or maybe a shell-shocked, bullet-naive Battlebabe who decides who lives and who dies.
  • And yeah, in my opinion/experience you should just pick one -- connections are easy to come by, and everyone ends up with lots of stuff to do, the main thing is to be excited about your character and their role in the post-apocalypse.
  • I'm being strongly influenced by some AP reports by some friends who are playing, who thought about relationships pregnant with possibility from the beginning and who seriously hit the ground running with some beautiful chemistry. Seriously, their MC has an easy job: they worked out several PC-PC-PC triangles, no NPC involvement.

    And I'm excited about all of them, damn it. I just spent ten minutes typing "I think I'm looking at a hocus, or maybe a skinner," and deleting it and retyping it with just about every combination. I'll sleep on it and see what my subconscious comes up with by the morning.
  • Oh, absolutely. I mostly just meant that you can create those sorts of relationships out of all sorts of combinations of playbooks/roles.
  • Okay, the subconscious has spoken.

    Frost, the Skinner.

    His look: man; casual wear; striking face; mocking eyes; steady hands; toned body.

    His stats: Cool+1, Hard+1, Hot+2, Sharp+1, Weird-2

    His moves: Artful & gracious, An arresting skinner

    His gear: hidden knives, spectacular tattoos, long gorgeous coat; oddments including a guitar handmade by an ex-lover and a tattered notebook of songs

    Frost dresses casual-punk: ratty blue jeans, t-shirts, shit-stomping boots, and a heavy pre-apocalypse black leather jacket covered in decorative steel and zippers, still in pristine condition. (I suppose I could ask for it to be 1-armor, but I think the thought of it actually getting cut or otherwise damaged would horrify Frost, who tries to be much more of a lover than a fighter.) Underneath them every inch of his skin from his neck to his wrists and ankles is covered in strikingly graceful tribal tattoos, asymmetric arabesques, some of them complementing body piercings as well. Recently he's been making his living as a wandering musician, with a voice like Ute Lemper's or Jeff Buckley's, capable of going from a soft whiskey caress to a strident wail, and understated skill on the guitar.

    I think he's only arrived here comparatively recently, possibly to try out at Open Mic Night. Most of his 1-barter is tied up in things he really doesn't want to give away - he'd rather sell his body, possibly even sell his body parts, than his guitar.

    What does he want? He wants a home - not necessarily a fixed address. He wants a family. He wants true love. (And in that last one, he's probably his own worst enemy.) But right this very minute, he wants a steady gig, and he doesn't want to go back to the days of sleeping Outside under black rain because the only other option was trading his guitar for a place to sleep.
  • Yeah, this was a good choice, because he's been simmering in my head.

    His tattoos: a close look shows that they were obviously done by someone who was intimately familiar with his body, a close friend or lover.

    I want to poke at that Weird-2 a lot. I figure that he's tried to open his mind to the psychic maelstrom, and every time he has, something's been taken away from him. Maybe he lost his memories of the lover who made him the guitar: he just knows that someone he loved made it for him, and maybe that's why he hangs on to it.

    He feels deeply broken to me inside, and I'm not sure whether it's the result of the psychic maelstrom. I think he's really really good at faking it, and God help anyone who actually connects with the real Frost.

    And it occurs to me that it works just as well for me if he's been around for a while, and part of Proper's organization, but I'd really like to play out his first Open Mic Night, maybe even later on as a flashback.
  • Cwilbur

    I think it'd be fun for your Skinner to play an open-mic and then we can role-play whether her gets hired. I judge it probable.
  • So as a suggestion: before we work out all the Hx scores, we play out Frost's Open Mic Night debut.
  • This is Max. I think I'd like to go with the Battlebabe. If that's cool, I'll write her up and post it here.
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    Okay then, my turn.


    Kite is a Battlebabe.

    Cool +3, Hard -2, Hot +1, Sharp +1, Weird+1

    Look: Woman, display wear, sweet face, indifferent eyes, gorgeous body

    Moves: Visions of death, Impossible reflexes

    Kite has seen a lot of death, up close and personal. She's the sole survivor of more battles than she can count, and she stopped counting after the first one; some of their names are still whispered in the underground. Maybe that's why it doesn't phase her anymore -- or maybe it's just that she's permanently phased, and any more violence is just a drop in the bucket. Phased is a good word for Kite, though some might prefer oblivious or touched or just flat-out crazy -- most of the time she seems to live in her own version of the world. She wanders the tunnels, seemingly unconcerned with local dangers; she finds weird things and trades them for food or a place to sleep; sometimes people give her food or a place to sleep, just in case; sometimes she takes jobs, then just as soon quits them. Certainly nobody would call her reliable; the only thing reliable about Kite is that if there's a fight, she's probably nearby, watching with that strangely unaffected look of hers.

    Here is a picture of Kite in her 2-armour threads: http://www.flickr.com/photos/anomalous/605824376/
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