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So. I'm going to be starting a game of Apocalypse World. Actually, I'm already starting it ... I talked it over with some folks in Google Wave, and I'm going to start migrating that over to Snail's Pace shortly, since we don't really want to play in Wave.

However, we're still looking for 1 or 2 more players. Interested?

Nothing much in established at the moment. Someone wants to play a brainer, and someone else probably wants to play a gunlugger, and someone is thinking about an operator or a maestro d'. We have maybe four people so far, who'll no doubt be introducing themselves as I set up a game talk thread in a bit.

The talk, so far, puts the game in the blasted, toxic ruins of a major city somewhere, with any holdings buried below the ground in bunkers and subway stations, linked together by subway and sewer. I wrote some scenery to get creative juices moving, which I will repost, but I expect most setting details to shake out in the course of character creation (well, and during play).

We're shooting for a pretty steady posting rate - once every day or two.

Of course, information about Apocalypse World (including everything you need to play) is at http://apocalypse-world.com.


  • Hey there. I saw your post over on the Barf Forth Apocalyptica forums -- are you still looking for more players? If so I'd be interested in joining up.
  • Yup. Absolutely.
  • Cool, I'll catch up/pitch in on the other appropriate threads.
  • I'm also interested, space permitting.
  • No problem. I'll probably cap at five, if we get to that point.
  • I think I'd like to be in on this as well. May I?
  • Sure, but note that at this point, more people have expressed interest than I'd really want to run for. 7 people have expressed interest. Of those, two have actually picked out playbooks begun characters, while I haven't heard back from two others in a bit. I'll cut it off at 5 people actually posting and getting into the swing of chargen.
  • Looks like we have the five. It's always possible that it'll open up again later, if someone drops out or if I get all wild-eyed and start looking to increase the number of players.
  • bogus. I'll watch then.
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