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So I started a thread yesterday for the Open Mic Night, and nobody's responded yet. I can't tell if this is because nobody is interested, if people are just waiting for the right moment, or if people haven't read it yet. Speak up and let me know.


  • I saw it, but I was still ruminating on character stuff so didn't feel comfortable jumping in. It sounds like our MC has put the thread on hold for the moment, though, while we finish up Hx -- though if it's meant to be a flashback, it might not make sense as a first scene. (It might be fun to just have people add to it whenever they feel like, in parallel with forward-in-time play -- so kind of a continuous, ongoing flashback.)
  • Ok, with the open mic thread, 2 options:

    • It's a flashback, and you decide in advance (now) what the resolution will be. Is Frost in Proper's crew? We're close enough to starting the game that we can't wait to see. If you want to run it on the side while the game's going, that's fine, but its mysteries are going to have to be laid bare in that case.

    • It's not a flashback. In which case, stop posting. Those events will be folded into the opening scenes of the game.
  • Just an FYI -- I will be out of town/on vacation until Monday. I may or may not have access to Internet, and if I do it will be fairly sporadic. So, participation will be slow or perhaps nonexistant until my return. Bad timing! I'm excited about things getting rolling, so look forward to jumping in on my return, and hopefully tossing in some stuff when I find a stray wireless connection.
  • So for the record, I do seem to have Internet out here in the vacation-hinterlands. So if you were holding off on anything in case of my non-participation, don't sweat it -- I think I should be able to keep up well enough.
  • Not sure how deep it goes, what's down there, etc. Having dropped an empty can down it before, it seems there's a ledge not too far down, but out beyond that is a mystery. Without securing someone with ropes, there isn't a good way to illuminate the space. Taping a barter of light to some old broomstick is just reckless.

    Since Vox Populi is a pretty new establishment I haven't the occasion to have tossed anyone off it, but I'm vaguely curious about what'll happen if I do. I figured the sort to poison my water filtering apparatus is a good test subject.
  • Sorry guys, had been a bit busy for the past month or so, had a wedding, vacation, and getting started back at work, checking the site daily now. =)
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  • Mike, I think Proper, covered in scars, would have gone ahead and had something durable put in that suit of his. It'll be 1 armor, ya?
  • If I try to manipulate someone while disembodied, can I pretend to be someone else?
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  • All right, less talk, more action. Can do.
  • I'm all for nudging. nudge...nudge...nudge...
  • Apologies guys. No excuse really. Pinning Snail's Pace in Chrome to keep it in my daily reading.
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