[AW] The Chateau - Navarre/Fido (gunlugger)

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Mechanics first:

Man, custom homemade armor, scarred face, sad eyes, hard body

Cool-1, Hard+2, Hot-2, Sharp+1, Weird+2

Insano like Drano (+1 Hard)
Fuck this shit


fuck-off big gun: assault rifle (3-harm close loud autofire)
serious guns: magnum (3-harm close reload loud), ap ammo (add ap to all guns)
backup weapons: 9mm (2-harm close loud)
2-armor: scavenged Kevlar vests and ceramic plates, fashioned/sewn into a close-fitting leather bodysuit

Navarre was probably really handsome once, in a classical movie star kind of way. That was before he fell in with Dog Head, or more accurately, fell out with Dog Head's lieutenants. Now, well, he's not exactly *ugly*, but a broken nose and shrapnel scars don't really enhance one's looks. After the falling-out, he fled to Uncle's hold, where Uncle very wisely pumped Navarre for everything he knew and used it against Dog Head.

He's not all about the guns; most of the time, his armor and his serious guns are safely stowed in his room in the chateau. (But not the 9mm. Without *some* form of self defense, he feels naked.)

Since he's settled in as one of Uncle's lieutenants, he's taken up with a local girl named Ruby; he's thinking maybe something long-term, maybe kids, she's thinking a sweet, slightly dim and clueless guy with enough muscles that nobody will bother her as long as she's seeing him. Plus, a decent place to live.


  • And some stuff from the thinking-out-loud thread:

    So here's what I'm thinking. Some time back, Dog Head was a lot more powerful, and he had several lieutenants. One of them was young and gung ho, but not bright enough to play politics, and got his ass handed to him by the other lieutenants. He fled, taking his guns with him. He's not so good at making his own decisions, he's not so good with people, and he needs someone to point him in the right direction; but he's fiercely (almost stupidly) loyal, and when he's given a job, he gets it done. I'm thinking here I'd start with battle-hardened, fuck this shit, and NOT TO BE FUCKED WITH.

    So he'd really need someone to look up to and trust implicitly. yellowparis, I think you'd be an obvious choice, and you could have used him ruthlessly against Dog Head, but if someone else wants a pet dog....


    I'm thinking that the gunlugger stats with Weird+2 are interesting. So he's completely, totally loyal to Uncle, but he sees ghosts everywhere and checks in with the brainer a lot for dream interpretation and stuff like that.

    His name's Navarre, but somewhere along the line Dog Head (who probably didn't think too highly of him) started calling him Fido, and it stuck.

    I'm figuring that he's pretty clueless about people, which explains his low Hot - he'd *love* to seduce or manipulate, but can't quite figure out what people might want, but he likes people and tries to please them. Uncle, you'd probably realize that every time you've sent him out leading a crew they've come back grumbling about him, as he's not so good at inspiring loyalty and devotion, but he's pretty good at getting the job done.

    If he's got a room of his own in the hold, he's probably got a girlfriend who's in it for the security; he's probably just as happy in a barracks, though.
  • He doesn't introduce himself as Fido, but he answers to it. I'd expect that most of Uncle's men call him Fido, even if Uncle himself doesn't. He's used to it, and he's found that if he makes a fuss, it gets worse. He could make an example of a few people, but he'd rather not get that confrontational with people who are on his side, especially since he'd be pretty broken up if they died.
  • And some of his 1-barter is Regency romances, Jane Austen's collected works, Frank Yerby, Mary Renault, assorted historical fiction....
  • Where'd you find those books? Can Navarre read?
  • I'd assumed the library at The Chateau. Lars has already talked about burning books for warmth.
  • Can you read the books?
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    Yeah, I think so. I see Navarre mainly as a musclehead, but not really a stupid musclehead, if that makes sense.

    He's probably been collecting them for a while - if people are burning books for warmth, it seems that they're probably not that valuable.

    (If you think the ability to read should be rare and unusual, I can roll with that. I was wondering what Navarre did in his spare time, and the first thing that came to mind was old action movies. But a collection of DVDs and a portable DVD player seemed like a lot more than 1-barter, and it also seemed really stereotypical. But a dumb happy gunlugger with one of those leather-bound collections of Jane Austen that people who don't read books buy because it makes their living room look intellectual - hell yeah, only he actually reads them.)
  • No, I like that he can read. I just wanted to clarify. Sounds great.
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    So it's been established that Dog Head's crew beat Navarre and left him for dead. That's the sort of thing that the spookies love. All Navarre remembers is wishing for the pain to end, and then waking up somewhere else with Gritch standing over him, and when he recovered enough to think about it, he worked out that he had about two weeks of missing time. He briefly considered trying to piece together what happened in those two weeks, but given some of his injuries, he decided he was probably happier not knowing. And since then, he's had a really easy time seeing the spookies, when he focuses his eyes just so, and sometimes every few nights, sometimes every couple of weeks, he has really unsettling dreams.

    (Gritch: your call as to whether you actually exorcised Navarre's spookies somehow or whether you just found him after they'd abandoned their plaything. Either way, Navarre feels like he owes you.)
  • And now, Navarre's take on the other characters:

    Marlene: "Fuck, she's tough. Don't know if I could do what she's done, especially raising four kids at the same time. That Jimmy reminds me a lot of me at his age, so I gotta keep an eye on him, make sure he turns out okay, maybe teach him how to shoot if Uncle can spare the ammo. I mean, the whole thing's about making this fucked-up world better for our kids, right? I hope Ruby turns out to be as solid as she is."

    Gritch: "He's weird shit, but he's cool. I mean, I learned pretty fuckin' fast not to talk about my dreams with Ruby - she kind of looked at me funny. But Gritch, he listens, and he understands, and he explains. Someday I hope I'll know half as much as he's forgotten about the spookies. And he was standing over me when I woke up, after the thing with Dog Head's guys, and he didn't look at me like I was crazy when I figured out it had been two weeks or more. I figure I still owe him something for that, so I pay him what I can when he helps me figure shit out, and I figure some day he'll need to ask me for a big favor, and he'll only have to ask once."

    Spector: "One of the only things I remember from That Time was looking up and seeing his back as he walked away from me. Fucking traitor. I don't trust him any farther than I can throw him, and if Uncle needed to get rid of him I'd be first volunteer for that duty, and I'd be smiling the whole fucking time, and getting to fill him with lead would make my fucking YEAR. But as long as Uncle thinks he's useful, I won't touch him, and I'll do what I need to do to keep him alive, if it comes to that."

    Uncle Lars: "I owe this man fuckin' everything. I mean, he knew I was tight with Dog Head, when I came crawling to him he could have laughed at me, or he could have put my head on his front gate as a fuckin' warning. But he gave me a sweet room, three squares for me and later for Ruby too, and all the ammo I can use, and asked me for advice about what to do, and he treats me right. So hey, when he says jump, I get airborne. Some of his crew aren't as cool with it, but hey, I've been called Fido often enough before, and it hasn't fuckin' hurt me yet."
  • Originally, I was going to say that Gritch did exorcise at least one or two spookies stuck inside Navarre, but then I thought about it some more, and I actually somewhat like the notion that Gritch has a vague sense of guilt over the respect and even kinda loyalty which Navarre shows him. Gritch never actually did much to earn it. So, I'm going with the story that Gritch found Navarre, and maybe Navarre bore telltale signs that he'd been possessed, but Gritch performed no exorcisms.
  • It would be extra sweet if Spector did!

    Maybe found the kid, half dead, delirious with fever and oh!, what do you know -- inhabited by some lost souls. So I took the time to get them out before moving on -- nothing I could really do for the infection, he'd either die or not and that was on him, at least I cleared up the one problem. And all he remembers is me walking away while he maybe dies having no notion that I helped out. And Gritch wanders by a day or two later and gets the credit. :)
  • Oh, that is sweet.
  • Hmmm. Could be interesting. I'm curious what cwilbur thinks of this idea, too. I think my biggest questions here revolve around how, if at all, this changes Gritch and Spector's relationship, and whether Spector cares at all about this piece of backstory (which is kinda the same question, I guess). Because if Spector does care, would he resent Gritch for getting the credit? Does he feel more dislike towards Navarre as a result, or does he just plain not care?
  • It really does hinge on Spector - unless Gritch can tell that the spookies were exorcised instead of just leaving, or unless there's a reasonably objective third party observer.
  • Spector doesn't even know! He doesn't particularly remember the kid and even now, Navarre only barely registers on Spector's mind -- based on our pre-game story, I think Spector thinks he's an NPC. :)
  • Well, y'know, one of the things that COULD be involved...

    Building off my ideas in the other thread, if Spector exorcises spookies while Gritch kills them, then maybe Spector uses certain tools and accoutrement for his operations, which differentiate them from what Gritch does. So when Navarre woke up, maybe some detritus of Spector's exorcism process was around Navarre, and Navarre took to keeping it with him as some sort of talisman, believing that it would help keep him safe, or something like that. Hell, maybe Spector exorcised the spookies directly INTO an object, which is what Navarre carries around. All of which means that there is a direct piece of physical evidence which Gritch knows did not come from himself, Navarre believes came from Gritch, and Spector would recognize if he saw it. Yes? No?
  • Oh, that works beautifully. And it sets up a couple possible dramatic revelations later on.
  • Sure. And remember, we're not members of rich, monolithic, opposing traditions. I imagine we just found we had a knack for these kinds of things. It seems weird to Spector to kill the souls when you can just redirect them and maybe even help them find peace or joy, I mean, they're just folks(!) -- while Gritch seems to think of them much more as other.
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    Oh yeah, absolutely. We just see the Maelstrom (and its constituents) differently. Whereas you see them as just folks, Gritch, I think, sees them as the enemy, something to be avoided, and eliminated. It's his old military style of thinking, creeping into his way of dealing with the Maelstrom. So yeah, it's not like we're dogmatically opposed. I particularly think, though, this leads to that interesting relationship of (for Gritch at least) thinking the other one is both wrong, and is fascinating in his viewpoint.
  • So, Spector, what kind of equipment do you use for your exorcisms?
  • Dolls of a sort. I figure if one of the wandering souls is living where it shouldn't, it's most likely confused and wants to be a physical person again. So, it's tough to lure the damn things out of a body unless you have some other suitable replacement with which to tempt them. Sometimes that's maybe a little doll made of wax mixed with blood and spit and shit adorned with a bit of human hair -- those are easy to come up with. But for some reason, it works better when you use a fancy china doll from Before -- but where the fuck do you find one of those?

    It's clear that possessing souls have the ability to mess with a person or animal. But Spector has observed hints that suggest that the souls placed in inanimate objects have ways of manipulating those things too. This is a current area of interest for Spector.
  • Got it. So when Navarre woke up, there was a weird little poppet on the ground next to him, and he picked it up. He recognized it as something to do with the spookies. He carries it with him or keeps it nearby. For a while he meant to ask Gritch about it, but he never thought of it when he was with Gritch, and by this point he's just so used to carrying it that he doesn't think about it anymore. Ruby saw it once, and it really weirded her out, this little doll made from blotchy wax and human hair; it's anybody's guess who else she mentioned it to.
  • (My immediate thought upon reading the two posts above: Man, we are one effed up bunch. Awesome.)
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    Sez you. I am perfectly reasonable and rational. In all things.
  • Navarre is coming out a *lot* more romantic and idealistic than I had planned, but I like it. It's starting to be clear: he's as hard as he is because he thinks the world can be a better place, and he's mad as hell at the people standing in the way of that happening. And damn, "Fido" is a good nickname for him - he's loyal, he does what he thinks his boss wants, and he's happier being corrected for overstepping his limits than he is when there are no limits around. I think he'd be reassured if someone he respected (Uncle, Gritch, Tum Tum) seriously chewed him out for killing Bowdy, but it would probably be the end of Barker if he tried.

    And I've got ideas for scenes with Gritch (tonight, after things have settled down) and Mimi (sometime in the next few days, when Ruby's not around if Navarre can avoid it, because that will dial things up to 11).
  • Yeah, I'm really enjoying Navarre and how he's turning out! Eager to see more. :)
  • Was that the 5th experience? What improvement you taking?
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    It was the 11th, actually. I missed one of the first 5. (Assuming I counted right when I went back and reread.)

    My first improvement was disciplined engagement from the Quarantine playbook, just so that it's recorded here.

    For my second, I'm thinking of prepared for the inevitable or bloodcrazed, especially if you think that bloodcrazed will work with disciplined engagement.
  • Yup. That'd be a good combo. Lemme know when you decide which one you go with. ;)
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