[LF] Mud is Dead [K 1.4]

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It is dark and a bit chilly. You're back on Clay Street, you know in the pit of your stomach that Hua Tsin and her kids returned home already and have discovered you snuck out. Trill may be in trouble, her nanna is surely cross with her, of course.

But you're here, still holding Min's hand, she's had an iron grip on it ever since it happened. Since she summoned up the earth in the tiles of the roof and bent it into an eruption of force so hard that it threw the guard two buildings away. Assaulting a Ba Sing Se guard is a serious offense. Min's a minor, so she would get an easier case, but she bended the roof, with power and skill. The single greatest feat of bending she has ever performed, and it may be her ticket back to the orphanage. Or worse, to be forced into serving the Earth Kingdom in some capacity, trained to be a bender, taken away. Earlier you were worried about Dash going to the army...

Where does the Clay Street Bunch meet up? Boot and Mew Mew were here when you arrived. Boot looks guilty about something, Mew Mew was all smiles until she saw Min's dried tears. As you waited, Canlid showed up, he has a bruise over his right eye, but he is laughing about it. you haven't seen Dash. Not since you split up.

Canlid says, "Why are you crying, Mud? What's wrong?" He looks genuinely concerned.

Min replies, "Mud's dead! I'm not Mud anymore! I'm... Mih..." And the tears start up again and she finally lets go of your hand to cover her face with her big sleeves.

Boot asks, "What's goin on? Where's Dash?"


  • "Min doesn't want to be called Mud anymore." I say firmly. "That's not her name." I'm looking around at them, noting the absence of Dash with a sinking feeling in my stomach. I pull Min into a hug again as she starts to cry and numbly tell the whole story over her head. "None of you have seen Dash?" I add after I've told everything. I glance up at the moon. He should've been back by now.

    Clay Street runs into a dead end. At the end there's a bunch of small factories, buildings where the workers go home at night. In the corner where the roofs meet, there's a small sheltered area. It not much, and if it's raining hard, it's not exactly sheltered, but it's the closest thing to home they have. They have some ragged blankets that they keep hidden in the crooks of the building until night. There's not a lot of wiggle room, but sleeping close to each other helps keep you warm anyways.

    I start trying to make a plan. I've never had the best plans. Dash was always the one who made the plans, but he's not here. I can leave Min with Mew Mew and Boot. Canlid and I can go out looking. Canlid might be a hothead, but he's not dumb. He would be the best one to take. I might as well give up on going back to the house tonight. I'm already in trouble, and once I go back I might not be able to get out again. I wonder how long I have till they send guards out looking?
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    Boot looks confused about the name thing, but Mew Mew nods. Then she says, "We haven't seen Dash. We thought he was. Well, with you, Dare."

    If you propose a plan of going to look, Canlid is happy to come along. Min isn't so hot on staying with Boot and Mew Mew, though, "What if they knew we were Clay Street, Dare? They will come right here!"

    Boot says to Min quiet but firm, "They won't take you..."

    Mew Mew adds, "Yeah! We'll just run off! You can even makes some holes in walls for us, ratter." She smiles wickedly, trying to sheer her up. It doesn't work. Min doesn't want to leave you.
  • I pull Min to the side and look down at her solemnly. "Min," I say gently, but firmly. "you assaulted a guard. You can't come with us because they'll be looking for you. If they catch you, they'll take you away from us. Boot and Mew Mew will keep you safe."

    I look over at the others and speak to Boot and Mew Mew too. "You can go somewhere else to wait if you want. Maybe that spot in the park where we stayed during that storm? I don't think they saw Min, and I don't think they would know to come here. It'd be safer to stay put because I'm sure guards will be out looking, but if someone does come here, let's plan on meeting there ok?"

    I look back at Min. "I need you to promise that you'll stay with Boot and Mew Mew. Please?"
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    Min looks over at Boot and Mew Mew suspiciously, then back to you. Her mouth wrinkles up into a frown then she looks down at her feet and says, "Alright. Just don't. Don't get in any trouble, Dare. Kay?"

    Mew Mew nods, "Min, c'mere. You know we'll keep you safe." She gives you a confident look, then she says, "Be careful, keep the rules. Come back before morning."

    Canlid is oblivious to the stress of the others, this is sort of an adventure to him. As you start walking out of the dead end together, he says, "We should check the jail first, Dare. I know a couple guys who are probably still in there, we could ask around. Or, we could just check all of Lower Ring, maybe he's looking for food for everyone. You know Dash, always looking out for us." Canlid assumes that care will always be there, he doesn't like change.
  • "I'll be fine!" I say with forced cheerfulness, trying not to think about how much trouble I'm already in.

    "We'll be back before morning." I add, looking at Mew Mew. Then I look specifically at Boot. "Remember Dash's Number One Rule, ok?"

    I walk down the street with Canlid, nodding along with what he says, my mind racing. "I think the prison would be the best place to start. Good idea, Canlid."
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