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    Rich - I guess I'll explain that here, but rugrsi did a good job getting it started.

    Chris - Actually, I guess this thread is a good place to talk about just this sort of thing. The game thread - I hope - reads like a story, with actual descriptions and actual actions. Granted, other people's campaigns aren't necessarily interesting, but that's often what I shoot for in play-by-post. Any non-blockquote stuff in the IC thread should be 'support' stuff, like 'this is what Ability I want to use, this is my intention.' That sound okay?

    rugrsi - Ah ha, you are completely polar to any of the players I've played with before! I had to beat inventiveness out of them at first, and they still hesitated about grabbing XP.

    Here is my thought.

    In a forum game, you have time to think of just what to do, and typically, it's okay to go ahead with introducing scenes and characters. I do say introducing, not resolving, though.

    I was tempted to start with Kerrick arriving at his wife's room, but he would get XP for that. I kind of hesitated with that. I didn't want to say "I'm putting you in a scene where you get exactly 1 XP." I would rather a player said he's going there himself, even it's the obvious (or almost explicit) choice, and basically say, 'gimme'. Maybe Rich wanted to meet one of the healers of his tribe, and talk about his wife. It seems best to start somewhere neutral, then move to somewhere rewarding AND dangerous.

    I don't want to ask rugrsi to edit or anything, but if it was ME, I would rather introduce the character or scene, and let the GM move it towards its obvious choice, following the go-between that might happen in the real situation. Here, rugrsi might say, "Hey, there's this elf working for Duval who 'knows' me and is probably going to lean on me since my family had links with Ruman. So lean on me!" Then I do.

    I, personally, would have made it more dangerous. Key of the Outcast talks about harm - I probably would have said 'Sure, you get your 1 XP, but if the elf gets to stick your face in the boiling broth for just a split second, causing Level 1 Vigor Harm, you can have two!" (I am one of those guys who likes to play with Harm outside BDTP. But it'll be very explicit.)

    I usually work PbP games like a tennis game, where someone serves, and someone else returns. If you're not doing one of those (exposition, planning, etc.), the game is probably boring. No one really likes long volleys back and forth. Get to the new point, but not too quickly, otherwise you might as well be the only player on the court. Keys really do drive the drama, I agree with that 100%. They should be somewhere in the serve.

    I'll work with whatever you post. I'll never say "NO NO DELETE THAT". But my fun is derived from making you earn that >1 XP.

    What do you think?
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    Introducing, not resolving. I like it.

    Lets see, here’s how I understand it:
    Anything the player narrates treat mostly as color.
    At most we can squeeze out 1xp for what we narrate.
    Anything really meaty needs to run the GM-Dice cycle (as it should). Sort of like statements not backed up with coins in Universalis, Color Scenes in Burning Empires or the like. (You might not need to ask a player to delete them, but you can certainly just write them out of the story if you wish).

    In many ways I felt the introduction of the elf served as color. It created a foil for me to move Drenin toward his Secretive Information Gathering scene, opened the door to bring his family into play and gave me a chance to explore Drenin in the narrative. Yes, there was conflict about the interrogation and such, but that conflict --as a theme-- didn’t grab my interested. I don’t think I would have risked taking Harm for it.
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    From the IC thread:Yosol and his companions sit around the glowing embers of a fire, speaking of the attack on the Ammenites trying to steal the moon-metal. Pretty much everyone knew the metal was kept hidden around the city, some tribes worked it into their spears, others wanted to put it on boats and let it float out to sea, as far as it would go. As the conversation progresses, Yosol notes that even this group seems divided on whether or not to use it.
    George: do you mean that Yosol and his gang currently possess some moon-metal? Or that the Khaleans have or know the locations of collective stores of moon-metal in the city?
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    Chris: Would you LIKE some moon-metal? :) I did mean that various Khalean tribes have gathered and moved some moon-metal from deeper inside Khale, to the city, hoping to use it against the Ammeni - this seemed to be the ideas introduced by rugrsi and Rich. Using it is one of the things that keeps the tribes arguing and from organizing against any Ammeni invasions that might occur soon.

    If you want, your 'tribe' can have a bit. Or, if you'd rather (this might be more interesting) you and your buds can go look for some, possibly with Kerrick's help.

    rugrsi: That's about it, I guess. I hope it still keeps the game fun for you. And when you introduce something, it's not so much color as you telling me that you think this idea is cool, and I should use it. If the 'color' is linked to Keys, and you get XP from it, is it really just color?

    I don't have to do the narrating for large doses of XP, I just want to be involved, I guess. It's fun for someone else to push the risk factors. Do you agree?
  • I just got it through my thick head how the dice rolls have to work. Since you have to post the #dice roll to see the results, I guess I will do it in the game thread, in a single post, then write up a subsequent (since you can't edit posts with dice rolls) IC reply.

    There's a thread on story-games where not seeing or rolling the dice is kind of boring for players in an online game. I kind of like this method, since you do actually get to click something and wince/rejoice at the sight.
  • rugrsi used a Reason Pool die and an Advance, and also earned 2 XP.

    Chris earned 1 XP.

    Wow, 13 posts in a row. I hope no one minds my breaking up all the die rolls and whatnot. It seems to make sense to put things in sequence, I just hope it's not confusing.

    Don't forget to stick your character name at the top of your quote block, it makes it must easier to find your post if someone's looking for it.
  • rugrsi, I hate to say it, but I think you're taking much bigger strides than the others. Like I said, I run a pretty traditional game, so I'd much prefer an IC post with an intention and skill roll OOC bits if such is necessary. I do think each post (or round of posts) should be interesting and relevant to the characters, but not every post should consist of multiple goals and suggestions for rolls. I like expanding on the situation, and I am sure that I'll end up having to ask you something about a big plan anyway - so I'd prefer taking it one step at a time.

    If anyone disagrees, and thinks this method is too limited to be enjoyable, please tell me. I hope it is just matching pace with the others. I am not complaining, I am just kind of worried and a little overwhelmed.
  • George,

    I’d had a huge cup of coffee.. and well, my little fingers got a bit carried away on the keyboard. When I came back to the post I sort of cringed at myself.

    As a noob to play by post I think my last entry was a bit of a stumble.

    I’m going to see if I can delete and start again if that’s OK?
  • Sure, no problem. I appreciate it.

    The plan itself is great, and I'm so glad SoY is the kind of game where plans like this are encouraged and pay off. And everyone's welcome to paint a scene in broad strokes IC if you think the details are going to get boring. But for the sake of my sanity, and the game's actual readability, it's really nice to stick to aiming to resolve one conflict at a time in any one post.
  • I apologize for my absence. I was out of town for the Labor Day weekend. I will catch up very soon!
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    Rich - pleeeease don't forget to list the Abilities you intend to use in the conflict and whether you're willing to spend Pool points. If you tell me how far you're willing to go, I don't have to bug you later.
  • Oh I will but I don't see a conflict in what I wrote thus no abilites listed. Should I keep going until I reach a conflict or add a conflict to what I have written?
  • George: when you post a dice roll for an Ability Check, can you please include the target Success Level? I'm just learning TSoY, so I'm unsure if my character failed or succeeded (or by how much) when I see a dice roll result such as:
    Does Yosol tell a good story?

    Roll on Story-tell (Reason), Competent:
    #DiceRoller( 3d3 )2, 1, 3
  • From what I understand, a Marginal success (1) "is all that is needed to succeed at most tasks in the game." (See Resolution Section in the Solar System.)

    Additional successes cause more harm in the Bringing Down the Pain mechanic, but otherwise the the effect is already negotiated prior to the dice roll and additional success levels don't make a difference.
  • rugrsi has it. If no one's contesting you, then all you need is a 1. In that case, your dice came out even, so it was equivalent to your Ability score. The only 'situational modifiers' are penalty dice, and I'll be perfectly clear when I'm doing that.

    Did the early version of TSoY have target success levels? Feel free to ask more questions if they come up.

    Rich: Oh, so when you said 'roll with it' you meant accept making an enemy without further contests? I took 'roll with it' to mean you wanted to roll some dice! S'cool, I didn't see Lassul doing much if he followed Kerrick when Kerrick went to visit his wife anyway. I'll post after Chris does.
  • Having trouble, Chris?
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    I'm back. Sorry for the delay. This PbP is fun, but a surprising amount of bookkeeping. <:)
  • Posted By: Chris PetersonI'm back. Sorry for the delay. This PbP is fun, but a surprising amount of bookkeeping. <:)</p>
    This is what surprised me too. Anyone can bug me about keeping track of stuff, if they think it's getting confusing.

    Now I'm worried I have too many things going on. Maybe a Relationship Map would help... except I've never made one! Maybe I will give it a shot tomorrow.
  • Here are my Relationship Map-like notes. I almost posted these earlier, but I didn't want to put any words in other players' characters' mouths. <:)

    * Celie wants Helina to assassinate someone (Foussaine?) from House Ruman
    * Helina wants Drenin to hire her as a bodyguard, so she can get into House Ruman
    * Drenin wants to sell his information on the Ruman/Duval dinner to the Mercar Mechants—hopefully for more information rather than gold.
    * Kerrik wants to teach Lassul the respect Kerrick and his tribe should be shown.
    * Yosol wants to find his old wartime buddy Lassul and convince his gang to track down some moon-metal
  • George: since I've used my Key of the Lost Child, I'm thinking about "buying it off". The price is: Join another tribe. That might dovetail nicely with Lassul's comments about marrying into a Khalean girl's tribe, but do you think the conceptual leap is too big (since I have not yet introduced any love interests for Yosol)? Do you have any suggestions?
  • Well, it's up to you of course. Buying off a key is typically a 90 degree turn for a character. When I imagine it, a character typically has some speed in a Key, so that when it's bought off, it's a sharp turn at high speed, rather than a sharp turn at low speed... which isn't as holy-shit-awesome.

    When I was thinking about what to do in the game, I thought of Yosol forming his OWN tribe, using the gang. I was going to bring that up, but of course, if you'd rather Yosol's story was about reintegrating into greater Khalean culture, that's cool. Buying off a Key doesn't have to be momentous, just important.

    This is a one-shot, so if you want to go for it, now's the time. I actually thought Yosol would roll his eyes at someone saying "You should just marry a nice Khalean girl, dearie."
  • Sorry if I have been slow in getting small scenes going. I am in the last few weeks of my PhD, and it's struck me how bad of an idea it was starting a new game at this point. Hopefully I can post more after today!
  • Thesis and defense time eh? I feel your pain. PhD in Biology here. Good luck with it.
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    Unfortunately, I too have become very busy with Work and Life. I don't think I'll have the time to continue. sorry.. :\

    I think the story is going well, but I didn't realize how much bookkeeping a PbP game required!

    George: good luck with your PhD work! :)
  • Sorry to hear it, Chris. But I'm not sure what bookkeeping you meant. Just about relationships and whatnot?
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    Posted By: George ShannonSorry to hear it, Chris. But I'm not sure what bookkeeping you meant. Just about relationships and whatnot?
    Just the amount of time it takes (me) to read and keep up with all the PCs and NPCs (compared to playing a game around a table). :\
  • RusRus
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    I'm really enjoying this Play by Post format.

    A quick review of the time line as I understand it:

    4pm (Tower Scene)
    5pm (Kitchen Scene-- a Flash Forward)
    8pm - Lord Foussaine Dines with the Duvalian Lord.

    redgrog, I'm trying to think of some cool way to get Helina into the Duval house. Maybe we can hash out some ideas in this thread.

    Drenin can open a door on the sly.
    Drenin can bring you in as a stranger with a story to tell. Helina, introduced by Drenin, lies to Vesh (or house security if its not Vesh), claiming to hearing two men (we describe Drenin's brothers) plotting a murder in the house tonight. Drenin suggests keeping Helina around so she can notify Vesh when she sees them. At least that gets her in the house.
    Can you think of any other schemes?

    It might be wise to find more information on this Foussaine guy.
    It would be cool for Drenin, if he can get his Brothers accused or involved somehow...
  • rugrsi: That schedule looks good to me.

    While waiting for Rich to post (still with us, Rich?), I had been trying to think of some good reasons for Drenin to help carry out an assassination in his own House. I was actually kind of stumped, so if you have some ideas, I'd love to hear them.

    So House Ruman is one of the more active Houses, and it may be that they're now planning on absorbing House Duval. Drenin has a reason to help his House maintain its identity. Obviously, Duval would be under more suspicion (the assassination might be considered self-defense, making the two enemies), but if there's someone else ALSO worried about being absorbed by House Ruman, the blame might be able to be shifted - perhaps to Drenin's brothers.

    What do you think?

    In other news, I defended my thesis today, hooray!
  • I think setting it up so that Drenin's brothers take the blame is the best idea. Leaving a window open, a pair of servants clothes out, and innocently distracting a few key people at key moments is the best way to do it. If Drenin directly introduces her into the house it'll be hard for him to avoid implication in the scheme. Even if he was innocent he'd still be in trouble.
  • With the key of Outcast that trouble could earn Drenin some serious Bank, if the suspicion somehow relates to his brothers. So I'm not too worried about avoiding trouble. If I go with Key of Mission, Key of Outcast and Key of Info trader-- no matter what happens, Drenin will probably earn some advances.

    On the flip side, Drenin doesn't know he has Key of the Outcast.... so on a plausibility scale he can't really consciously plan to have his family tied into it. Or maybe, he wants (sub-consciously) to deal with the psychological harm he has dealing with the loss of his family. He simply can't let it go. So, despite his better judgment, he comes up with schemes to bring his brothers into the mix.

    I'd also like to see Kerrick involved in the Dinner scene somehow.
    We planned this TSOY game as more of a one shot, and It would be really cool to have a huge dinner scene, loaded with tension, and just watch it explode.
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