[MH] Midnight Delivery [Nu 2.8]

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You're not sure, Nula, of when you fell asleep.

But you awake. It's still the middle of the night. It's dark outside. You go outside wearing very little and strip the rest of it off as you go down to the beach and into the water. You swim and swim, far out into the water. A strange feeling, stealing over you compels you to stop. You look around... what was it? Black water stretches in every direction. A hand grabs your ankle under the water, it's strong and cold like ice. You look down and somehow through the water you see Jen's angry face looking back up at you. And she's pulling you under. You fight, resist, try to dislodge her grip, but she's strong and she's pulling you under. Suddenly the water scares you. You open your mouth to scream but water fills it as you are pulled beneath the surface...

...and you wake up. Gasping, still in your bed, your nightclothes. You're sweaty, and shaking a little.

You hear something outside...faintly. A song? Not a human song either. A song from home.


  • I kick off the pile of covers I buried myself under and scramble out of bed, shaking. I strip off the sweatshirt down to my thin tank top and stand there in the middle of my room, staring at nothing. I've never dreamed about drowning before. Never. That...that doesn't happen to selkies. We don't drown. That's something that....that humans are afraid of. Not us. What does that mean?

    When I first hear the song, I think I'm still dreaming. I freeze, straining to hear it. I must be dreaming. That's not something you hear on land...that's not human...but then it comes again. I stand there until I'm sure it's real and I'm not dreaming, and then I run into my closet, through the secret door, up the stairs, and onto the widow's walk. It's chilly outside, but I grab the railing, peering out into the darkness, looking for the source of the song, heart pounding. I don't dare hope...but...but what if it is another selkie? Someone I know?
  • Well, like you said, it's dark. You can't see the source of the song, but you can hear it, clearly. Dominic's house is pretty much on the beach, right? Or very nearby. The song is coming from the beach. The voice is male and familiar, but the light isn't good enough for you to see who it is.
  • I fly back down the stairs and out of my bedroom, not even bothering to grab a jacket. I try to be quiet, skipping the steps that squeak on my way to the main floor. When Dominic drinks that much, he usually sleeps pretty soundly, but I don't really pause to listen for him. I take the back door, running through the alley, and then down the road that leads to the beach. It's not far. I know this voice. I know it!
  • You tear down the road to the beach in your wollen socks, flannel pants and sweatshirt. The singing getting louder as you approach. Isn't this song one of your favorites? What's it about?

    You go down the steps and out onto the beach itself and you see the silhouette of a man standing on the beach. As you approach, the song fades as you can see the figure turn your way in the dark. He approaches you. After a moment of tension you see him relax a little.

    "Good, it worked!" Mar's warm voice has a smile to it as he speaks to you in Selkie, "I was afraid I was going to have to go around asking humans where to find the most beautiful girl they've ever seen."

    He opens his arms to you.
  • I don't even pause, I throw myself in his arms, wrapping my arms around his neck. He's taller than me, taller than I remember. "Mar!" I'm a little out of breath, but I'm smiling so wide my face hurts. "I've missed you so much! What are you doing here? How did you know where I was? How did you get so tall?" It's a relief that Selkie flows off my tongue like I haven't been gone a single day. It helps ease the anxiety that came from that weird dream. I'm not turning into a human. I'm still Selkie.

    I pull back and look at him, bringing my hands up to cup his face. I have to stand on my tip toes. I'd forgotten, too, how handsome he is. How have I managed to forget so much about him? This is Mar, my best friend, my match. My eyes are brimming, but this time it's because I'm so happy. I've known Mar my whole life. He's a piece of home, standing on the beach. A piece of me, of my Selkie life. I can't believe he's here!

    "Did the ocean send you to me?" I whisper, remembering that charge in the air right before I fell asleep. It felt the same way it did that day in the bathroom when the sea came flooding in to me. There's so much love for the sea, for Mar, for my Selkie family in my heart that it hurts. If I had my pelt....I would walk into the ocean with Mar right now and go home.
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    His arms are warm around you. When you pull back to look at his face his arms drop to your waist but he doesn't let go.

    He turns his head and kisses your fingers, laughs and shrugs. "I guess so. I was exploring some caves then I suddenly just... felt that you needed me. So I started swimming. Somehow when I left the caves I was right here by the island and I knew it was where you were. I just didn't know where exactly."

    He looks down at you and laughs. "What in the world are you wearing?" Mar is, of course, naked except for his pelt, slung across his shoulders.

    Has Mar ever gone among the humans before? I mean you said it wasn't a usual thing, right?
  • I make a face at him when he makes fun of my clothes, but then I laugh too. My woolen socks are dirty and wet, and sweatpants are definitely not considered sexy by anyone. I wrap my arms around his neck again, enjoying his warmth. Out of habit, my fingers find the small scar on his shoulder blade. He got hit by a harpoon gun a long time ago. It wasn't a serious injury, but it left a scar. I don't know if it's because of that incident, but Mar has always been a little more reserved around humans. He's been with a few humans, I know, but not many. I don't think he's ever stayed on land for longer than a few hours. He prefers to stay in the ocean with other Selkies. He doesn't feel the draw to explore the land or get to know humans like I do.

    But he's here now. And I don't want him to go.

    "I did need you." I say softly, looking up at his face just inches away in the moonlight. "Mar, stay with me tonight? Please?" I lean into him and press my lips against the hollow of his throat. "Please?" I murmur against his skin, my voice low and sensual. "I could show you where I'm staying. My bed is big enough for two." I lean back until I can see his face, smiling playfully.
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  • "Hmmmm...." You can feel the vibration of his voice as he groans happily at the kiss. "I thought maybe you were ready to go home?, but if you want to stay tonight, I'll stay with you."

    You know, Nula, that Dominic won't be too keen on a guest sleeping in your bed. It is his house. But you need to get Mar off the beach soon too, before someone else shows up, right?
  • My face lights up when he says he'll stay, and I take his hand, starting to head back towards Dominic's house. Then it occurs to me that he's not wearing any clothes and if anyone sees us, we might get in trouble.

    "Here." I stop, slip out of the baggy sweatpants I'm wearing, and hand them to him, standing on the beach in my underwear for the second time tonight. "Put these on. Humans are very strange about when it's ok to be naked." I gesture to my now pants-less self. "For example, if they think that I'm wearing a swimsuit, this is ok. But if they know I'm just wearing underwear, then it's not ok. Even though it looks exactly the same either way." I roll my eyes and laugh. I hope he doesn't notice that I'm avoiding the going home question. I don't want to deal with that right now.

    "Come on, it's not far away." I'm pretty sure that Dominic will be sleeping very soundly thanks to those drinks. And there's a lock on my door. What he doesn't know won't hurt him. Maybe I'm not thinking this completely through, but I just really want to be with Mar tonight. It's been a long time, and I want, I need this.
  • Even baggy on you they're tight for Mar. Maybe now you get an inkling of that curious human thing of how wearing some clothes somehow makes you more naked? The sweatpants are stretched pretty tight across Mar's... uh, form.

    He raises an eyebrow, half-smiling, when you explain some of the strange quirks of humans. "That sounds... complicated."

    He looks around as you're dragging him off the beach, curious. "Why did you pick this place? How far from home are we?"
  • "Far." I say, and it comes out a lot more sad than I meant it to. I glance up at him and try to smile but that comes out sad too.

    "I'm really glad to see you." I say, changing the subject. "Did you beat Cai in the race this year?" Last year they were so close, but the ruling was given in Cai's favor. Mar was determined to beat him soundly this year. I missed the race for the first time ever. Because I was here, pretending to be human.
  • "The race?" It's hard to tell in the dim light, of course, but he suddenly seems uncomfortable. "Yeah, I beat him. You should have seen it..."

    He falls silent.

    I guess you're at the house in a few minutes?
  • I fall silent too, wondering at the source of his discomfort. We slip into the backyard, through the gate, and up to the house. But I pause in front of the back door, turning to study his face in the light of the porch. "I'm sorry I wasn't there." I say softly. "I wish I could have seen it. Are you angry at me?"
  • "I couldn't ever be angry at you," he says, cupping your cheek. His face gets serious. "But I can't say I understand. You left so suddenly and said hardly anything. What's going on with you? Why have you been away so long?"
  • I glance at the house. We're so close to my bedroom, but...well, it looks like I'm going to have to get this conversation out of the way. I pull him down to sit next to me on the wooden steps. I hold onto his hand, running my fingers lightly across his palm as I spill the truth.

    "This house belongs to my grandmother's human son. I'm sorry I left so suddenly. I just...had to. I don't know what came over me, but I just had to leave right then. The ocean told me where he was, and I found him here....and he was just so sad, Mar. What happened...it broke him I think. And I had to come up on land to try to help him. I felt so horrible." I glance up at his face, squeezing his hand and trying to make him understand. "So I've been living with him, and he's like a grandfather to me. He is happy I'm here, and I don't want to leave him. So I've been pretending to be human. It's not forever." I clarify quickly. "Just...I don't know when I'll come home."
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    Mar is quiet for a moment. "Does he love you?" He says, quietly, "Because if he does, It's gonna hurt him when you go away. Were you planning on staying with him until he's dead, Nula?"
  • "I don't know." I say miserably. "I just wanted to help...but...I think...I might have made things more complicated. And now I don't know what to do."
  • He lifts you up easily into his lap, into his arms. It's a familiar feeling right? I mean, you said you've been paired, he's your best friend, and, well, Selkies don't seem particularly shy about sex. Have you been lovers before or has he just held you like this in the past? Do you remember the first time? What happened?

    In any case, he holds you.

    "We'll figure it out." he says softly, "I'm here."
  • Mar was my first lover, ever. We were young, actual teenagers, exploring a deserted island beach in our human forms. We loved exploring together, but this time felt different. We'd just been matched. I kept looking at him, thinking about him being more than my best friend and he was looking at me the same way. We were just playing in the waves, running and shrieking with laughter, but there was this tension that hadn't been there before. A particularly rough wave sent me tumbling under, and Mar pulled me out, but he didn't let go. He kissed me instead. And I kissed him back. And then we tangled together on the beach, the waves washing over us.

    I love Mar. Selkies often have human lovers, some more than others, but very few ever have sex with a Selkie other than their mate. I haven't. For me, there's only Mar. I've never really loved a human like I love Mar. James came close, but he was different somehow. But even still, I eventually left him. I'll never leave Mar. Not like that.

    I turn in Mar's lap to face him, straddling his lap and wrapping my arms around his neck. "I missed you so much." I whisper, and then I kiss him. He tastes like salt and home, and I feel a little bit of all the confusion and sadness and worry lift.
  • He kisses you back and it does, indeed, feel like home. It's like the feeling of putting on your pelt, right? Comfortable when you didn't realize how uncomfortable things had been.

    There is a sense of reserve about Mar. Not a strong sense, but it's there on the edge. Probably just that he's in this unfamiliar place, and the two of you kind of have unfinished business. Or maybe he's just older and giving in to someone completely isn't in his nature anymore.

    Do you take him upstairs and begin to make love? Speaking of that, and just out of curiosity, how do Selkies manage birth control? I mean, you know how humans do it, I assume.
  • I don't rush. I stay there for a while, in his lap, kissing him, my hands running down his bare back, tangling in his hair. Our kisses deepen, and the night air doesn't feel so chilly anymore, not now.

    Finally I pull back with a slow smile, face flushed, and brush my hair out of my face. I stand up, pulling him with me. I kiss him once more, pressed up against him, and then we head into the house and upstairs. I listen carefully for Dominic, and show Mar which creaky stairs to avoid. Barring any noise from Dominic, we head to my bedroom. I flick the lock closed and then strip out of my shirt. I've never had sex in a bed before, like a human. I climb into the middle of my bed, thankfully it's big enough for two, and beckon Mar to join me, grinning playfully.

    Selkies are very in tune with their natural cycles. I know when to abstain from sex so I don't get pregnant. It seems to be a more complicated thing for humans, birth control. I just pay attention to my body.
  • From the sound of the snoring, Dominic has fallen asleep in that chair in the living room. Considering how much he's had to drink he probably won't move until morning. You saw him really drunk once before, right?

    When you make it up to your room, Mar looks the place over with interest. He's never seen inside a human dwelling I don't think. Or at least he's never looked at one closely. Then you strip out of your shirt, and he obviously looks you over, smiling, and he strips out of the sweatpants leaving him naked once again, and clearly already aroused from the kissing, though not yet fully. Or perhaps the walk has calmed it some.

    He comes forward and gets carefully, experimentally, onto the bed. Then he closes the short distance between you and starts giving you more of the long sensual kisses you were sharing downstairs, the fingertips of one hand stroking lightly down over the front of your body, teasing everything along the way, then back up again.

    He's just pushing you down, your legs already on either side of his, when the phone starts to ring. You don't have a phone in your room, right, or do you? But you can hear it. The downstairs phone is an older model, like a lot of things in this house. And it's loud.

    What do you do?
  • I've only ever seen Dominic drunk once before. It was after his daughter called from...wherever she lives. Somewhere far away from here where you can't see the ocean. They were having a fight. I was trying not to listen because it felt rude, but I didn't really understand anyways. It seemed like they were fighting about the house? Or where Dominic lived? Dominic never said a word about it. He just stormed into the living room after hanging up the phone (rather loudly) and poured himself a drink. And then another. And then another. After I lost count, he tried to tell me a long story that involved him leaving this town for college, but he couldn't be away from the sea, so he came back. His words were very slurred and I didn't understand half of what he said. Then he fell asleep in his chair, just like tonight.

    I'm completely focused on Mar, his lips, his hands touching me, sending shivers down my body. It's been so long since I've made love with, well, anyone really. I'm running my fingers over his body, making little gasps of pleasure between his kisses, and losing myself in the moment and in him. It's kind of nice, doing this on a bed. It's so soft. He pushes me down amidst the covers and I'm reaching for him—

    Then the phone nearly scares me to death.

    I actually jump, letting out a startled gasp. Then I'm pushing Mar off me, leaping out of bed, grabbing my robe on the back of the door. "Wait here!" I whisper yell to Mar as I tear out the door. There's a phone in the sitting room between my bedroom and Dominic's bedroom. I bang my shin on the table in the hallway, but I get the phone right before it rings a third time. I stand frozen for a second, my heart pounding, listening for any noise downstairs before I hold it up to my ear. It seems strange that someone is calling this late. I don't think I've ever heard the phone ring this late.

    "Hello?" I whisper.
  • Mar jumped at the noise too, and blinks at you with confusion at the sudden change. But then you're out in the hall and answering the phone.

    For a heart stopping moment, the sound of Dominic's snoring stutters downstairs, but then it evens out again.

    You finally whisper hello and Amy's voice timidly answers you on the other end. "N-Nula? Um...Hi. I'm sorry for calling you so late. But I just... Can I talk to you for a minute?" Her voice sounds a little shakey.
  • At first I'm annoyed. I would much rather be in bed with Mar finishing what we started. My body really wants to be back in bed finishing what we started. I start whispering a little crossly, but then shakiness in her voice registers.

    "Amy? Where did you go? You disappeared and I got taken away by a policeman, and Jen almost died, and...are you ok? Is something wrong?"
  • "Well that's what I wanted to... talk to you about." Pause. Then a nearly breathless tumble of words. "I... I'm so sorry, Nula. I just... I just freaked out in front of Jarrod and I was so... I couldn't think. And I ran, and the next thing I knew you were giving Jarrod your clothes, and oh my god you're beautiful, and then you're swimming, right? The the Jen thing and I was going to help but Jarrod and that Holly girl got there, and you... you looked... the way you were looking at him... It's totally okay, good even... I'm really not his type." Her voice is all tight.

    "Well I just... wanted you to know... that I"m sorry I flipped out and left you like that. And it's just been runinng though my head for hours and hours. And I'm sorry. Um... okay?"
  • I'm silent as all her words spill out of her. I'm not sure what I should feel. Guilty? What should I say? The truth? If Amy and Jarrod were Selkies...well...we wouldn't have this problem. I've personally never dealt with setting my sights on the same human as another Selkie either. At least, not at the same time anyways. And now Mar is here. What does that mean? Jarrod is still present in my mind, a curiosity, a piece of my past revisited. But Mar is Mar. And, well, I've never been with a human around Mar.

    I focus back on what Amy is saying and decide that maybe the truth is the best route. "I'm not really angry." I sigh "I was just scared, and I looked for you and you were gone and then a policeman was asking me a lot of questions and I was more scared....and Jarrod....helped me. And I really wanted you to be with him. I wanted to match you up at the party. I really did! And he was looking at you, when I told him about your photographs."

    I sink down in the chair next to the phone and rub my eyes wearily. "I didn't know it until tonight....but Jarrod looks a lot like someone....a boyfriend I had. A long time ago." I remember too late that I'm supposed to be 16 and wince. "He just...surprised me. And I..." I trail off, feeling rather miserable suddenly. "You are really beautiful too you know." I think about Mar laying on my bed in the next room. "Being here is so complicated." I say in a quiet little voice. I mean much more by that than what she knows. I wish sometimes I could just tell her what I am, but I can't.
  • "I'm okay, or I would be if I could loose fifteen pounds, but... I'm not pretty like you are, Nula, and I know it, okay? Jarrod... He's not going to think of me that way. Probably ever. I'm not... I'm done with him. I'm letting it go. If I don't it'll come between us and I don't want that to happen. You're maybe the closest friend I've had since I moved here, and that's important to me. That's why I feel so bad for tonight, okay? 'Cause it really... really matters to me what you think of me."

    She sighs. "Sweden is easier huh? You hardly talk about it... Let me know when you're going back, I'll totally come with you."
  • I laugh a little, but it's a sad laugh. "You're my closest friend too." I say quietly, avoiding the Sweden comment. "And I think you're the best h...person I know. I'm sorry tonight was so terrible. I should never have raced Jen. Dominic...wasn't very happy. And that policeman wasn't very happy either." I hesitate, debating telling her that Mar is here. But I don't know how to explain Mar. I mean, is Mar even going to stay? And what do I do about Jarrod?

    I sigh miserably. "I...I should probably go. It's late."
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