[BPRD] Slaughterhouse, pt 5 [All 2.5]



  • Kicking some Ass (I assume).


    xp +1
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    I sidestep through the wall and into the dogleg of the holding cells, around a corner from the approaching figure.

    Blake tells me that there are at least two more men in the building, likely not including Sandovol. I assume that we were able to secure a photograph of Sandovol from the CIA, or from other sources?
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    You two are looking much more competent, out there.
  • I pull back the flap formed by the cuts Blake makes in the fence as he pushes his way through the hole, leaving a gap large enough that Penny easily slips through. I duck through the opening right behind her.

    Before the flap even falls closed, I hear Penny ask if I see them, too. Not only do I see them, I feel them in the pit of my stomach and the evil that they are running all through me like a poison. "I see them," I almost hiss but before I finish speaking, we had all opened fire.
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    Kicking Some Ass.

    #DiceRoller( 2d6 )
  • Blake,

    You were right, you're Kicking Some Ass. You got a 10+, please choose the extra effect.
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    The blood corpses erupt from the splintered door and you unload.

    * Blake, you fire off three shots at the lead blood corpse. The thing looks like a skinned man with mismatched parts and lidless eyes. Your bullets leave gaping holes in its chest and it drops. You see it writhe on the ground feebly, trying to push itself up on its clawed hands.
    * Joe, you squeeze off a couple shots, the report of your revolver cracks through the air. The second blood corpse takes one in the eye, but it is still coming.
    * Penny, you unleash your power on the same blood corpse that Joe just shot and throw it back into the concrete wall with a wet slap.

    Joe, the third blood corpse comes up to grab you with one extended long arm into a half bear hug. It squeezes the breath out of you while raising up its right arm in a wide arc. It is going to bring the claws down next round and drain as much of your blood as it can. For now, take 2 harm (apply armor if you have it).

    The last blood corpse leaps over the one you dropped, Blake, and it barrels into you, knocking you back a few feet. Take 1 Harm (apply armor if you have it).
  • [Penny]

    "Joe!" I shriek, and then leap/scramble/fall to the side to avoid getting run over by the monster who just tackled Blake like a football player. "Blake!" My head is swiveling all over the place, trying to keep track of everything. It would be so handy to be an owl—

    NOT the time, Penny.

    I focus on the monster attacking Joe because those claws look like something from one of my nightmares, and I do not want to see any of my friends in pieces. I scream into it's head with all my might, trying to knock it backwards and away from Joe.
  • Big Whammy

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+3 )
  • Penny and Joe,

    The blood corpse is rocked back by Penny's psychic outburst, but it isn't enough. One of its eyes pop and the body vibrates and oozes onto you, Joe, but those talons are still coming down.

    What do you do?
  • As the smoke clears from the gunshots, I see that I have wounded one. Before I can react, Penny finishes him off and I find myself in the grip of another of the hideous monstrosities.

    I can't take a deep enough breath to clear my head. But maybe that's a good thing. Even the shallow breath I manage fills my nostrils with a stench of sulfur and the rot of something long dead. And the sound. The gurgling sound coming from its misshapen mouth and throat are enough to drive me to the brink of madness.

    I strike out with the silver knife in my free head as I see a handful of long, sharp claws coming towards my face.
  • Kick Some Ass

    #DiceRoller( 2d6 )
  • Extra effect: inflict terrible harm
  • Joe,

    The beast sinks one talon into your shoulder as you strike up. You feel an bizarre pain of the thing sucking blood like a kid sucking a milkshake through a straw. It hurts, being the shake. In desperation, you drive you knife home in the eye socket of the beast, the one Penny just opened up for you. It shudders once, then the body goes limp and it falls to the ground.

    Your shoulder is bleeding through a ragged hole the width of two fingers.

    1-Harm AP from the bloodletting
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    Hey boss, what about me? Did I miss something?
  • I do have my vest on. so 0-harm for me.

    I'll drop back, rolling with the blow and dropping the assault rifle, as I roll out I'm pulling the shotgun, planning to put some close range hurt on the thing.
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    Dr. EatonI sidestep through the wall and into the dogleg of the holding cells, around a corner from the approaching figure.
    Blake tells me that there are at least two more men in the building, likely not including Sandovol. I assume that we were able to secure a photograph of Sandovol from the CIA, or from other sources?
    When you step into the holding cells, you find yourself in a dank area straight out of the middle ages, manacles, no plumbing, just a bucket, iron bars and a horribly shocked young man of Arabic descent. He screams and then starts begging you in Farsi, using the name of Allah. Also in the pen is a man who has been shot several times, also Arabic.

    You have pictures of Enrique from his most recent arrival in the Dominican. He is a Latino with dark brown skin and intense eyes.
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    Is this a closed room, with a door? More of a barred off area? I'm watching for the gunman's return, of course - he'll be here shortly.

    I respond in clipped, rather accented Persian, speaking over him and enunciating: "You are safe. How many prisoners? Are there more of you?"
  • Dr. Eaton,

    Yes, closed room, fire door with a sturdy industrial glass pane for looking in on prisoners.

    He relaxes when you speak to him, coming up to hug you, "Allah be praised! I am the last, Abukar was just killed, just now by Sandovol!"

    What do you do?
  • At a glance, since that is all the time that I have, how dead is the dead man? He was only just now shot - could immediate medical attention save him? Sorcerous healing?

    I lay hands on this man, and on the dead man, Akubar, and there is a light. A brilliant light, so intense as to blind, that stabs through the window in the door and strobes across the corridor beyond. Light, and the sound of many wings, great in size and number.
  • I leave with the men:

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+4 )

    +1 from reading the situation
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    I am marking Luck in order to employ Angel Wings to deliver the men to safety, because a 7 is not enough to reliably achieve that. My exact destination depends on the answers to the above questions regarding the dead man's, ah, health.

    In explanation: when I employ those powers to transport others, I'm afraid that the special effects are slightly more provocative and, erm, revelatory than in the case of my simple little personal steppings from place to place.

    xp (2)
  • At a glance - immediate medical attention might save him. Sorcerous healing certainly should.

    The man who is not Abukar screams in a high pitch of alarm...

    Who did you leave behind?
  • Neither of them. I can take one or two, no more.
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    Ah ha, we cross posted. It was a seven when I asked, but your luck won out.

    Where do you end up?
  • Do I need to act under pressure to bring the shotgun to bear or should I just blow its head off?
  • Blake,

    Hey, since its highlighted and you're down, let's see you Act Under Pressure.
  • Hm. The moment between places stretches out for me, so I have a chance to consider. Though for my living passenger (who know? perhaps for the dead one, as well), the experience is much faster and more surreal, fragments of my memories tumbling by indecipherably quickly as I consider destinations.

    I could deliver them to the Bureau headquarters and place them in the infirmary. However, it may be best to keep them close by, for the time being. At this point, they are no doubt tainted by Sandovol's magic, and it is possible that he could reach through them to inflict harm within the Bureau. There are other considerations, as well ...

    ... I deliver them outside the compound, and a great pulse of streaming light flowers near the sports utility vehicle. In the moment it is there, there is an impression of large shapes moving within the brilliant light, a multitude of wings, like a drive of dragons. I leave the man Abukar in the dust and step to the vehicle, where - thanks to Mr. Hartford - I tear one of the rear doors from the frame, reaching in to take one of my books from within.

    You will tell me if anything interferes, but otherwise I shall anoint the dead man's brow with black earth, and then go to a bookmarked passage and begin reading. Greek, again, an old prayer.
  • If nothing springs at me, I am using magic to heal. It is only 1-harm, but it should stabilize the man? Maybe, maybe not. Some of the moves say, but this one doesn't.

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+3 )

    xp (3)
  • [Penny]

    Joe puts a knife through the monster's eye...well, what used to be the monster's eye. I did that. I shudder and shoot a glance at Blake to see he's pulling out another gun. Does he keeps guns up his sleeves too? He looks like he's handling himself ok. He is Dangerous Blake after all. So I run over to Joe's side as the monster falls. His shoulder is bleeding pretty badly. I can see the gaping hole the thing's claw left. I take his other arm, my eyes huge. "Joe, are you ok?" I gasp.

    I'm glancing around us too, if any of the monsters are moving or if Blake looks like he needs help, I will attack again. But right now, I'm rather worried about the fact that Joe's shirt is turning rather red.
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