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You wake up the next morning. Are you still out in ShantyTown or do you stay with the Pryers? Most of them share a set of flats in the hold, like a set of barracks. Spartan as hell, but clean.

Melody came to see you this morning. She said she got through to Mungo, he wants to head out into the wild and find a suitable memento to give Tar Pit, and another for you as a token of respect. He promised he'd be back soon.

So The Three Meals happened. That's a mating and cleansing ritual, right? How did that go? Melody is very interested in how you're changing, what you plan to do with the Pryers, what you saw in The Baths. How much do you share? Do you ask her to join the Pryers again? you think she wants to say yes, but she's afraid to give up her last bargaining chip to make a place she and her kin can live and thrive in.


  • [Grekkor][4xp][3pm]

    Grekkor has a nice place (relatively speaking) right over the wall from the baths. (I'm imagining the hold proper has walls, and shanty town sprawls out from it, right.) A small, tight knit family lives there, he rents a room -- but that relationship is shifting to master-servant style. Grekkor offered protection in exchange for the room, but with taking on a gang and more authority in the hold proper things have changed. The place is simple. Nothing here really worth looting, as it lacks the hold walls for protection.

    The Three Meals was as good as expected. Melody tried to learn all the rituals, and Grekkor never had much practice at it at all either. It was a fumbling, comical thing-- but Grekkor's attitude brought too much tension, so they couldn't laugh together over their ineptitude. Grekkor served her very fine food, a can of beef consume was rounded up, and it was served with fresh vegetables from Shazza's garden. Most certainly the high point of the ritual.

    As for the mating. Melody took charge of that. Compared to all the steamy frolicking of Ambrose and Amiette it was quite tame. Let's just say, Grekkor has much to learn.

    After, during the cleansing ritual, while in the baths Grekkor told Melody of his vision of what happened. That their is an aspect to the baths, a powerful one at that, but it is not all the baths have to offer. Tar Pit, Mungo and those might feel the baths nature is defined by what he saw under their, but he feels there is more. And part of that more includes Melody. But her part is not pre-destined. She must work to realize it. The first step means becoming a Pryer, with all the rules, rituals and obligations that come with it.
  • Melody, naked as you are, sitting in the steam with you, reaches over to take your hand, "Graykor, Ah agreed ta be yer wife. I'll learn yer ways. But ya hafta meet me halfway. Ya aint seen how they lookit ya, have ya? I have. They, Ba's Kin an the ole Pryers both, they want a new way. Tar Pit aint leadin them no more, you are. Yer the Hand. She chose ya. That's gotta mean somethin changed, right? That change is you."

    She pulls your hand up to her heart, "If ya aint sure what ta do, then when I'm one of tha Pryers, we work together onnit. You le me lead with ya. A true alliance. I bet I ken bring mora tha Kin down fromma mountains. An ya get more flies wif honey than vinegar." She leans up to kiss you softly.
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    "Alonzo speaks of mercy. I have never found much use for it. It is not the Pryer way. Why do those that dishonor the Pryer rules or the sanctity of the baths, why do they deserve mercy? Their lives are forfeit. Where is compromise to be found there?" Frost did not deserve mercy-- but that was then, in the time of Domino. Does this mean Harridian deserves mercy? "Mungo, he received my mercy-- that did work. And I think, I think it was because I believed his intent pure, so I held my hand. Would this be enough . . . compromise for your people, we need them, the baths need them. Those of pure intent shall always have mercy first?"

    He turns to face her.

    "We will go to Alonzo. We will get his council on this change to the rules of the Pryers." His mind turns. But will we need Amiette as well, to probe the minds of the disloyal and dishonorable, to test true honor from false? If so, then who has the real authority? The judge or the enforcer? It was so much easier before.

    Before he can grow any more frustrated he recalls one of the several minor bath-mind rituals. He finds his inner focus. He opens his mind.
  • Opening Brain in the Baths
    #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )
  • Melody searches your eyes for a long time before answering, too long. Then she says simply, with a wry smile, "Hit's a start, Graykor." but it sounds like she's saying it's enough, Grekkor.

    You open your brain in The Baths, searching for clarity and purpose and strength. You see odd but detailed images of...
    * a wolf carrying off a small, young Bones faraway home
    * a wild-eyed woman, the assassin from Yurd's proclamation, standing unsteady in Bones' infirmary without Bones looking down at a dying woman with pinpoint eyes
    * Crackle's Boys minus Crackle bending knee to The Prophet
    * Chigger and his men slitting the throats of men in their sleep, like cattle
    * a distant banner coming closer, a large flag with two tails, on it is the painted silver image of an iron gauntlet around a clutch of grass, squeezing the earth dry
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    Bones, leaving? This does not bode well. Assassins, a dishonorable bunch. The Prophet, doing good work. Killing those in their sleep, more dishonor. Who were those victims? And the iron gauntlet, a worthy adversary. His heart races at the thought of matching them in battle.

    Paying mind to all the exiting rituals, Grekkor is up and out and dry. A flurry of activity.

    He orders the Pryers out to recruit more from the masses of shanty town,"Tell them the Prophet will soon be speaking on the nature of the Pryers. Something everyone will want to hear. Pryer or no," he instructs. If they think the snow stopping meant something, they will certainly want to hear Alonzo speak. Of course Alonzo will agree to speak, no need to confirm it with him. He will do it. No question. Just need to get to him and set a time and place.

    He sends Tipton, Seely, Edwards, Mayday and Pretzel out to see about these Chigger killings. If we have desperate elements of Domino's decayed gang, those need to be seen to.

    And Fifteen. He'll see if Bones can take a look at her wounds full knowing Bones is not there, but this assassin is, Fifteen could gauge this assassin. Young, wounded, not a obvious threat.

    Weapons. Any new recruits are going to need some sort of arms. But that can wait. Once the orders are made he's fed and organized he's off to find Alonzo.

    He feels good.
    Even his cuts and bruises are of no bother today. His group coming together and a worthy battle on the horizon.
    Things are good.
  • The Pryers go out among the people, spreading the good word, trying to build up excitement. You feel confident that people will at least listen. The prospect of a new regime from a place like the Baths is interesting, maybe too important to pass up.

    Fitten takes off, excited to have a mission, a purpose.

    Who do you put in charge of the Chigger investigation?

    Unca Jess and Mungo are talking when you come out, it looks like they are getting along. A very hungover and miserable-looking Manx is with Mungo, barely on her feet, leaning against him. She smells of grain alcohol, it's coming through her pores.

    Do you say anything to them?
  • [Grekkor]
    He puts no one specifically in charge of the Chigger investigation.
    It is a test to see if the old and new Pryers are really going to get along together, and to see which, if any, of them are natural leaders. Grekkor might need a second, or at least some lieutenants.

    He hopes they understand lack of respect for each other will result in violent consequences-- mercy first, possibly.
    This isn't explicit, that would spoil the test, but it should be pretty obvious.

    Grekkor takes some time before approaching Unca Jess and Mungo. He tries to get a read of the mood between them. Is Mungo acting ashamed of Manx? Defensive? Is either acting of higher status between them?

    He prepares to speak with them, ask them their opinion and if they have ideas.
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    The men head out to find Chigger, moving quick and without complaint. You notice they file out together, not as two clumps. There are shooting glances back and forth though.

    Mungo's body language to Manx is protective, he's brought her here even though she is shameful, being sick and not being a Pryer. You aren't sure if its an act of open defiance, testing the waters in your new regime, or because he has a weakness for her and is caring for her in his own odd way. Based on your history and perception so far, you can Read him once you engage in conversation.

    Unca Jess, for his part, is just talking to the man. He's sharp, but not so big on what he calls, "y'all's pomp an circumstance." He has not defied a rule yet, but you know he's missed a few minor points along the way. His status as a neophyte is his saving grace, of course. That said, the man is stout, fearless, and he has a good handle on how to get the new Pryers to work hard and he keeps them in line.
  • Grekkor,

    Roll Pack Alpha for the group you sent to check out Chigger and Crocs situation.
  • Pack Alpha
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    Interesting choices here . . . .

    I think "they don't fight back over it."

    Grekkor takes advance: Insane like Drano +1 Hard.

  • Grekkor,

    They take off, no quarrel, Fitteen is gone, too. You're watching Unca Jess and Mungo and see Alonzo and a stranger named Sails walk into The Gym. You have seen Sails before, out in Mesovin. What did you two almost fight over then? Do you consider it settled?
  • [Grekkor]
    Sails worked as a bodyguard for someone who double crossed Grekkor. When the betrayal became obvious, and Grekkor had killed the man, it was over so quick Sails had no chance to react-- and given the underhanded dealings of his then boss -- they stared each other down for a bit, but nothing came of it. His boss was a scoundrel and dead at that-- it wasn't even obvious Sails was going to get paid at all anyhow. It was a tense moment, but both men stepped away. Grekkor considers it over. Though, it might have been a blow to Sails, depending on his level of ego. He did let a man, a dirtbag man, die under his protection. Though Grekkor probably did him a favor, ultimately.
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    Grekkor approaches. Eager to let Alonzo know the plan.
    "Prophet. I have set plans for you to speak to the Pryers and those considering joining the Pryers. The night before Harridan's deadline. We shall gather. There shall be food and drink, and you shall speak to them. Give guidance; thoughts on mercy. To us, really, you will speak to all of us."

    He nods to Sails in recognition, but allows Alonzo the opportunity to do formal introductions.
  • [Alonzo]

    "Ah, that explains...Yes. That's good. Mercy can be a strange thing. My own approach need not be that of the Pryers. It's..."
    I am about begin a sermon right here when I remember Sails is at my side.
    "Grekkor, this is Sails. He and a couple of other newcomers have joined my group. He has met our foe, face to face, a few months ago. His tale may be of some help.
    "Also, it appears I may have taken over security for the Hold."
    I raise an eyebrow at that, saying it out loud for myself the first time. "Crackle is dead. I haven't talked to Norvell about this change, but I doubt he'll object. "
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    "Hello, Sails. I remember you from Mesovin. Amiette should hear your tale as well. Don't you think, Alonzo?"
    If this man has seen Harridan he's most likely strung.
    "How did he die?"
  • Grekkor,

    Sails gives you a nod, but his eyes are suspicious, wary. Not afraid in the least, more like a samurai judging another across a field of battle, unsure which lord they serve.
  • [Alonzo]
    I give Grekkor the bare facts, trying to keep my own opinions out of it.
    "He was naked in the tub with a broken neck.
    "Grekkor, mercy -- my own application of it anyway -- is not a field of battle philosophy. A dead man offers no mercy."
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    "And for the disobedient or dishonorable?"
    He asks this while looking at Mungo and the pathetic Manx off in the distance.
  • My mind immediately goes to G-String. She is a burr that will irritate me until she is either gone from The Hold and Shantytown or dead. I offered her a chance and she refused it. While I did make an example of her, I would not hesitate to do the same again.
    "Mercy first, then pragmatism is my way. Mercy to the disobedient or dishonorable is to give them a chance to repent of their error. If they do not, the pragmatic thing is death or exile as the situation dictates. No on has been forced to join my group. They do so of their own free will. If they cannot abide by the rules, simple as they are, then it would better if they leave of their own accord. We all learn from our mistakes, but I have no use for repeat offenders."
  • [Grekkor]
    He nods a thanks to Alonzo. He then walks up to Unca Jess and Mungo.

    Grekkor is extra sensitive to just how much honor and respect they give him. His ego still sore from Mungo the other night. He tries hard to hide this.
  • Grekkor,

    Unca Jess turns and gives you a nod, "Well sir, looks like things are movin. I expect folks in ShantyTown an the hold'll be interested in what the Prophet has t'say, but I bet if we spruce it up a bit, with some live ennertainment, we'd get a few more. I know River n' Rum play good music n' I heard from Mungo here that Bendrix has a movie machine. We oughta think bout makin it an old tent revival, get these folks some olde time religion!" He seems sincere, not at all disrespectful. Mungo nods enthusiastically at the idea. Manx smirks a bit, then groans quietly and buries her face in Mungo's back.

    OOC: I'm thinking we could skip time a bit to get results from the search party and Norvell is looking for both of you. Sound good?
  • Sure, sounds good.
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