[Ashen Snow] Two Wolves Meet [Gr 6.6]

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For record-keeping, which member of the Pryers (new or old) made contact with one of Wolf's pack to set this up?

So, you and a small retinue are outside the hold, near the spring. The area is full of petrified trees and warm earth. The smell of sulfur is faint, but noticeable. Wolf is walking up with two of his pack, Sable and Jin. They are wearing their ponchos, so it is impossible to know for sure if they're unarmed. What conditions did you set for this meeting regarding that?

Who is with you, by the way? Who came that you did NOT want here?

Anyway, Wolf is here, like he agreed. He doesn't look terribly happy right now, you get the sense he knows at least a little of what's happened.

What do you do?


  • by the by, you tell me if Grekkor knows Bones was shot and is recovering, that Amiette healed her and G-String was responsible.
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    Nope, Grekkor trusts Alonzo to take care of that, and time was of the essence. Grekkor does not know of Bones or all the violence.

    Holder made the contact with Wolf's pack.

    Arizona, Holder and Pretzel-- each of the old school Pryers, they know the waters better; they have a better relationship to it. They are here with him. Grekkor was disappointed when Trivette showed up, one of Ba's crew. Yes, he wants them to start dealing with each other. But in this case he wanted just the ones he knows best. Trivette is so young and eager to the point of cluelessness. He really did not want him here.

    Conditions: A quick, unofficial meeting. Nothing to negotiate, just to check in. No weapon conditions.

    Grekkor stands in the ash, he can feel the heat below through his boots. Grekkor meets them all with a bow of respect. He says some short words of greeting, and then goes directly to the issue.

    "Some of your people were killed. Of those responsible, some were treated by Bones. I'm here saying the Pryers did not approve of the killings and all those responsible have been told they are not welcome.

    "Now, we've taken great pains to gather people for a great discussion. Alonzo is to speak. Do we need to be worried about a shortening of Harridan's deadline because of this or we still have two days to discuss our options with our people?"
  • Wolf returns the bow, wiping his face calm and giving you respect due. He meets your eyes when he rises from the bow, listens intently, considering. Then he says low for you to hear, but difficult to eavesdrop, "Sable told me a ganger named Chigger killed Crocs and his gang. Crocs is not part of my pack. Harridan sent them along against my recommendation as reinforcements. I believe he also intended to cause trouble in ShantyTown with them. I have no love for them. At all." The last bit he says with disapproval for the gang. Seems a little personal.

    He pauses for a second, looking at your crew, sizing them up. Then, "I gave my word to Harridan that I would wait three days for an answer. Some might say that killing Crocs and his gang is an answer. As long as me and mine are not crossed, I will abide by the letter of my agreement. In two days, Em... Bones will be coming with me and we will report to Harridan whatever answer your hardholder gives."

    Jin comes up to Wolf, putting a hand on his forearm and leaning into his ear to whisper something. He nods. Grekkor. I would like to attend your discussion. I would not represent Harridan, merely act as an interested party in my sister's hold. If my pack is not acceptable, I would defer to you to pick a member of my pack to attend. Except Mac, he's not available. Fair?"
  • [Grekkor]
    "Perhaps you can join the discussion. You would have to cleanse yourself first -- there is ritual of the baths I would help you complete, if you are willing. But first, what is it about Harridan that you would give your word to him? In what way is he honorable enough to deserve that? What does he look like?"

    Grekkor stands and judges Wolf.
  • Reading Wolf
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    Holding 3
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    Wolf seems surprised at the offer for The Baths and bows his head in gratitude. Sable, for her part, seems thrilled at the opportunity. "Grekkor, I am willing to undergo your ritual. For some reason, I see in you a kindred spirit." The warrior takes a couple steps to the side, then for some reason, starts walking in an arc around your group. His posture is relaxed, hands at his sides for the most part, he's just a person who doesn't sit still. He meets your gaze, "You know, I have heard about the wonders of the baths that you Pryers hold sacred. It is amusing that this coming battle is over the same thing you offer me freely but deny Harridan." While he says this is amusing, the delivery is that it is far from it. Not even Jin smirks at this.

    He frowns when you ask about Harridan. By now he has walked around a half circle, he's behind your group. The Pryers turn to face him, a couple looking back at Jin and Sable, not sure if this is some trick. Wolf answers, "I sold my services, Grekkor. It sounds mercenary because it is. I have traveled the length and breadth of the Nine Cities searching for my sister, gained a pack of warriors and friends, and to serve them, I have made bargains. I had my suspicions about Harridan's word, but I took his jingle and gave mine. That was enough for me and mine. Sometimes, it has to be."

    Wolf comes back around to his starting spot and stands again, "As for Harridan, he was a big man, a head or two taller than yourself. He spoke well, but he seemed disconnected. It was unnerving."
  • Is he telling the truth about what he looks like? (i.e., does he honestly believe the big man was Harridan?)
  • Wolf is unsure. He felt something was off, but what was off he didn't know.
  • [Grekkor]
    "Tell me, why should we believe this Harridan is good on his word when it appears he lied to you? And why do you think he wants to visit the baths so much?"
  • Sable smiles and Jin snickers once when you ask about trusting Harridan. Wolf glances at them and they straighten up. He turns back to you, "Apologies, Grekkor. We know Harridan has lied to us, our newest pack member told us he is evil. He only told us that visiting the baths would cleanse him in a way no other place could. He also said that afterwards, there would be many more job opportunities if we stayed on. But we have no intention of doing that now. We will finish the job and break ties with Harridan."

    Wolf cocks his head and asks, "Tell me, Grekkor, about the Pryers. Are you their speaker, or their leader?"
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    "To be a Pryer is a way of life. It is a code. How can one be a leader or a speaker to an idea? It is what it is. But then it appears those influenced by simple wealth in the face of dishonor and lies cannot understand such things. You see the situation, yet you go forward still. I see now you are a pack, a pack of fools. The ritual of the baths would be wasted on you. We are finished here. I withdraw my invitation to our meeting and to the baths. Good day."

    Spend 1
    "Now, what is Wolf really feeling."
  • When you call them fools, Jin reaches into his poncho with a flash of anger, but Wolf says, "Easy, Jin. We came here in peace and we will hold to it." Jin stops, which is probably good since the Pryers had already brought their guns up. It would have been ugly.

    Wolf says slow and deliberate, "Grekkor, I admire your ideals. No lie. We have lived different lives, made different choices. Me and my pack, we are not fools. And if you ever disrespect me and mine again, we will have a problem."

    Your declaration angered Wolf, more for his pack than himself. He knew it was a bad deal, but his pack needed the jingle. Deep down, he's embarrassed that you called him out on something he wasn't happy to be involved with. Now he's struggling with having given his word to Emmy to defend this place and just taking her and leaving this all behind.
  • [Grekkor]
    Grekkor stares at them and lets time slowly crawl by in silence.

    What is there to disrespect? The savagery of Domino and Never was one thing, like an sick animal to put down. But this, these people have principles that they promptly sell out to the likes of Harridan - giving them the illusion of self-respect. This seems entirely worse. A perversion of morals. Maybe Bones would fit in better with this pack - the way of the Pryer is not for her. And still, the words of Yurd warned him their ways were not his ways. Alonzo and Bones are better suited to persuade him. Grekkor can't bring himself to manipulate them into helping him. It would cost too much of his integrity.

    He looks at them wholly unconvinced they are at all honorable. They are out for them and theirs-- for what, to continue their own suffering? Living for nothing more than day-to-day struggles, kowtowing to the likes of Harridian. Would Grekkor now have them cow to him too? No.

    He looks at them with pity and disgust.
    "I may have withdrawn my invitation to the meeting. Should Bones or Alonzo extend one to you I would honor their choice. You may go."

    He stands and waits for them to leave.

    Spending last hold. What does Wolf wish Grekkor would do?
  • Wolf shakes his head once, then turns and heads back into the woods. Jin gives you a long look, confusion on his face, he just doesn't get you. Sable is last to leave. She hangs back a second, then says, "Wolf honors his word, so we won't break the peace here. But from me to you, you are a complete fucking asshole. Emmy may adore your gods and monsters, but I don't. When was the last time you went hungry? When was the last time someone threatened someone you loved? You judge us because we make mistakes and because we care about people? WE are the ones who keep the world alive. Not you and your bath cult." She turns and walks away in a huff.

    Wolf wishes Grekkor would stay the hell away from him and his pack, including his sister, Bones.
  • [Grekkor]
    He stands feeling superior, righteous. But as the pack fades into the distance his stomach sinks. He was instructed to win Wolf over. That did not go well. That did not go well at all. He first offered the bath, but Wolf's reaction -- that deadly serious amusement -- did that spark his quick judgment, as pretense to protect the baths?

    "Arizona, what do you think of them? If we needed them as allies, what would be our next step?"

    He begins to walk while waiting for Arizona's answer. He walks toward Alonzo's spring.
  • The Pryers walk with you. There is a palpable excitement as they realize they are headed to the fabled spring. The entire gang has already breathed legends into this new wonder.

    In answer to your question, Arizona says quick and sure, "Fools they be, your words were true. Their shame made them angry. You spoke words of truth. Jingle is not worth their honor..."

    Trivette cuts in, out of turn, "Even a fool ken hold a gun. An them fellers ken do that damn well. Ah think we jest pissed em off. He up an said is sister wuz parta tha hold and we jest crapped in is cornflakes,,. Whoze is sister anyhow?"

    The other Pryers don't answer. You feel Holder's desire to shoot Trivette for speaking up, but he doesn't. You all continue walking to the spring, you can already hear the faint trickling of the water, you can practically taste it on your lips.

    What do you do?
  • [Grekkor]
    He takes a few more steps toward the spring, then stops.
    "Trivette, do not interrupt your superiors again. You're lucky. Rumors of mercy around here must have paused Holder's hand."

    He then takes them all to the spring to inspect the work.
  • I found a decent image of how I see the woods leading to the spring. I imagine the path is recently cleared by Tar Pit and the Pryers.

    Path to the Spring

    As you lead the Pryers along the path, Trivette skirts along through the woods, away from you, but obviously keeping watch. The man moves quick through the scraggly underbrush. One thing you notice is that there are tiny flecks of green along the way, something you haven't seen since... maybe never?

    You hear the sound of men working ahead of you, the sound of hammers, a saw, that kind of stuff. When you get closer, there are Pryers here along with folks from ShantyTown and the Element, all working together to build a small fortification to protect this. There are twelve folks here, just a couple aren't Pryers, so the forms are being held, but just barely.

    Then you see the spring, water bubbling up from the earth between brown wet stones, a true miracle in this bleak land. Its grown a bit wider since you were here. A patch of grass has grown up near the edge, like life cannot help but grow here. Nowhere near as thick as the grass near The Baths, but notable.

    Winkle is the eldest here. He is talking with a man named Imam, who you recall saw you murder Frost so long ago. He doesn't meet your gaze. Imam, I mean.

    The mood is odd, full of hard work and sweat, but somehow less perfunctory or mechanical, more... hopeful? Perhaps hopeful. Or perhaps the idea of taking a long drink of fresh water from the spring is motivation enough. By the way, you see a weathered man named Greer do just that as you walk up. Is that a bad thing? Winkle hasn't flinched to see this, but this Greer, he isn't a Pryer.

    What do you do?
  • [Grekkor]
    He gazes upon the work done and senses the mood of the workers. Where the baths are a place of cleansing and purifying, this place is . . . a place of transformation, hope, work, progress.

    Greer drinking from the spring seems natural, matter of course. Almost necessary to complete the circle.

    He addresses Winkle. He asks about the progress and about the people from Shanty Town.
    "Going to do a perimeter sweep. Anything we should be on the look-out for?"

    He waits until Trivette comes back to the group. "When we are finished we will return and then drink from the spring. Give to the spring before taking."
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    Winkle bows, "There are others about in the woods. Could be Ba's Kin, could be Harridan's, we've kept a tight perimeter and they're staying clear, but they're out there."

    Trivette waits until Winkle finishes speaking and adds, "Mah kin aint here, Graykor. Ah'd know it. Its summin else."

    What do you do?
  • [Grekkor]
    "We shall patrol the perimeter in a show of force. Count their numbers and warn them back."

    He un-slings his rifle into a more ready position and begins the patrol. Simple military actions like this tend to help him focus, keep him alert and engaged.
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    Ok Grekkor, you take up a small gang of Pryers and patrol the woods outside the Spring. Within a hundred yards of the spring, signs of life die off quickly. The ground turns from the softer earth near the water with flecks of growth and life into the pale dead petrified forest. The place smells of ash and sulphur now. Several members of your party slip scarves over their faces, Pretzel slips on her ragged gas mask.

    The ground slides from black clay an dry dirt to a smooth black rock that looks like someone mixed up a bunch of coal into a frosting and poured it out onto the ground. Most of the trees are still here, limbless and fixed in the ground like charcoal birthday candles. The ground is so smooth it is almost slippery. Evidently one of the volcanoes on the ridge erupted during the heavy ashen snow the past couple weeks.

    There are bubble holes and pock marks in points along the ground in places. You realize the few that are not unlike cave mouths would be good places to hide for an ambush. Arizona gives you a look and grips his rifle firmly, he's looking out at the way. You aren't alone...
  • Holder and Trivette split off and work ahead. Holder acts as the scout, to flush anything out.

    As you continue to work through the forest, eyes alert and ready, you catch sight of dark eyes in those pock marked caves. The eyes are wild slits, on bodies covered in black ash. There are a number of them spread out, you see crude weapons among them. They are dressed in skins and tattered clothing. Their number is unkempt, hungry and savage.

    Hard to get a quick count, but they outnumber you two to one. Are these... the escaped snow slaves from the revolt in Mesovin? How were you involved with that? Would they know you?

    What do you do?
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    Indeed, they are the same slaves that escaped from Mesovin. Always some squabbling and fighting between the merchants of Mesovin, but usually nothing extreme enough to interrupt business. One exception happened when all the merchants united and sacked the Llend compound, (who can compete against slave labor, sending those snowslaves out to the ash to do the worst of the scavenging), the slave chamber was blasted and used as an entry point-- the slaves, predicted to rise up and fight with their liberators, but they didn't. They fled. A leader rose from their masses, shouted something of the "promised Coal Fields-- a land of plenty." They followed him out into the wastes.

    Grekkor was a mercenary on that force. He roared at them to stand up and fight. But they simply marched past him. Already looking less human for their time in the ash. Half of them didn't even bother to take protective gear.
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    You see him, Grekkor, he meets your gaze when so few of the others in the pitch black will. There is something substantial about him. He rises up from his hidey hole and holds his pipe-spear tip pointed towards you, watching you warily.

    What do you do?
  • [Grekkor]
    "Bah, seems some scum has been attracted to our spring. Let's flush them out. These people are cowardly. I think I'll move in directly with Arizona and Pretzel. The rest of you flank to the left. If they offer any resistance that's when you strike from that flank." He's hoping his reputation and superior weaponry will be enough to drive them away. But with Harridan in the mix, perhaps they are strung. That would change things. He braces for a fight as he moves forward.

    Reading the Sitch
  • Reading
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  • [2XP]
    Who's in control here?
    Which enemy is most vulnerable to me?
    Enemy's true position?
  • Who's in control here?
    The coal-boy is in control, he has you outnumbered, if you weren't here, the Pryers would consider him an ill omen. But coal-boy is his own, you sense nothing moving him to action.
    Which enemy is most vulnerable to me?
    Again, coal-boy. The other are hidden, small targets, defensible positions.
    Enemy's true position?
    It is here, you're sure of it. While Harridan had no part in this, you have a feeling that Yurd might.
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