[Ashen Snow] Two Wolves Meet [Gr 6.6]



  • "The bleeding mountains have made this ground fresh and it is ours now," Coal-boy says as he comes close enough to be heard, but not so close to be easily flanked and dispatched. Then he accuses, "You took our spring."

    As you get a closer look, you think you know him, his blue eyes are remarkable. He's very young, his muscles still finding definition. Perhaps fifteen years or so.
  • Coal-Boy takes a couple steps closer, padding lightly on bare feet. He holds your eyes and there is no fear in his. There is, however, some intelligence, "We endure."

    The other escaped snow slaves hear this on the wind and start rising up out of their little pock-mark caves and igneous bubble gaps. Some of them are in defensive stances, others simply stand up. Half of them are armed with sticks or makeshift weapons, bone daggers, the like.

    What do you do?
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    Coal-boy comes ever closer, the pipe-spear tip pointed at the ground. The pitch on his skin makes his teeth look unearthly white. He looks up at you, "There isn't enough. There is never enough."
  • Coal-boy is a few feet away now. The other snow slaves are moving closer. Trivette has slunk back a bit, the other Pryers are waiting for the order to fire. He answers simply, "Yes."
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    Coal-Boy looks back at the other escaped snow slaves and then skulk back. The Pryers watch them warily. You head to the spring and Coal-Boy walks beside and slightly behind you. You have to turn a bit to regard or speak with him, but he stays close, almost in your blind spot. He walks with an animalistic grace, almost a lope. He's quiet, too. The trip is taken in quiet reflection.

    When you reach the spring, all the non-Pryers stop working for a few moments and gawk. Winkle reaches for his gun, even though you both came here pretty much together.

    What do you do?
  • Coal-Boy paces a bit while the others drink. He gauges everyone's silence, their apprehension. The Pryers get the import of this impromptu ritual here, the workers are clueless, just nervous for a bit. A couple get back to quiet work, unsure of anything else to do.

    When you finally hand the cup to Coal-Boy, he takes it, turns it in his hand, rotating the cup slightly. He looks down at the water in the cup as if it were magical. A moment of indecision crosses his face, then he hands the cup to you. The look on his face isn't one of distrust in the water. Its obvious that he doesn't suspect it to be poison. For some odd reason, he's offering it to you.

    What do you do?
  • You see this boy, a few years ago, fully a snow slave, body broken by his work, numb and barely human. His will, unbroken, though, he followed the others who rose up. He walked right past you then, he knows you, in his heart, he recognizes you. He thinks you helped him escape, he remembers your guns and your orders. It took the walk to the spring for him to remember you. That's why he gave you the water.

    Then you see him much younger, left by his father although he begged to ride off with him, taken away by a motorocycle gang, sold for a pittance to the Llender's. His childhood stripped away, his nimble fingers put to painstaking labor, his eager eyes dulled and worn down. Sometimes you use sandpaper to wear away unwanted bits on a piece of wood. Other times, you use it to find the beautiful work of art within.

    Coal-Boy, he cares for those slaves, they look to him young and old, they look to him for guidance and food and sometimes for just someone to follow. They are barely recognizable as people anymore, falling into base instincts like cavemen, barely using language anymore. So much lost in the snow, burned away. But he keeps them real, he won't let them die or give up hope.

    You realize his name, like a whisper from the spring. His name is Hoze.

    So tell me, Grekkor, what are your hopes for your child?
  • Sounds like you're trying to Manipulate an oath out of Hoze. Let's see some dice.
  • It applies< that's awesome! Don't have my book here in the office, will reply later unless you can quote advanced in OCC or whisper
  • Using Hoze's name when he never gave it surprises him, but he squints for a second, searching your eyes. Then he says quietly, almost with reverence, "Did you say Alonzo? Gentle-eyed old man, calls people... joys?" You see this powerful emotion wash over him. You recognize it as the hope you felt when you first saw Yurd and she revealed herself to you.
  • --END SCENE--
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