[Ashen Snow] Childish Questions [W 6.6]

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You've made it out of the hold and are in between the Element and ShantyTown when this takes place...
Winter's on her way out, and doesn't even notice Fitteen at first. She stops a moment after she's cleared the courtyard to consider where to go next, and that's when she spots the rather unlucky young lady following her. She raises an eyebrow, uncertain of what Fitteen wants, so she looks at her expectantly and asks,"What's on your mind?"
Fitteen licks her lips and says, "Your name's Winter, right?" She's nervous, you're bigger than her and she's obviously seen better days, but she's making herself stay focused, this is important to her.


  • Winter's eyes narrow, and she's more than a little concerned with this girl's demeanor. "Yeah," she answers, letting the word drag on a little too long — It's both a prompt for Fitteen to speak, and a verbal queue that she'd better start talking business if she expects Winter to listen to her. Fitteen's demeanor is a concern to her, and nervousness means she's afraid she's about to do something stupid — now would not be the time to test Winter's patience.
  • Fitteen gets the gist, which only serves to worsen her nerves. She pushes her bit-down nails into her palms and says, "Mah leader wants ta know about ya. An he sent me. I think he don't see me as a threat an maybe he thinks you won't either. But I need to do mah job right, Winter. Can I walk with ya?"
  • Another leader that wants to size her up? Winter shakes her head, disappointed with how uncomfortably public her ventures have recently become. It all seems too convenient to her that Crackle's death would bring this down on her — she's worried something much larger than her is at play... "Whatever," she says, resolved to get this all over with, "Who's your 'leader', and what does he want to know?"
  • Fitteen huffs out a relieves breath and walks with you, "His name's Grekkor an he runs tha Baths. I just joined im bout a month ago. Afore that I was with mah kin up in tha ridge. So I don't know him so well, but he's a hard man and he controls a wondrous place. We got grass, Winter. Real live grass! An a spring, too! Its real nice. An the baths, they're real super nice." She sounds genuinely impressed with her station now, this isn't so much a sales pitch as much as honest expression of enjoyment.

    "I heard ya came in with Thatch, right? Fuse said Thatch drove in last night an I saw y'all dancin last night together. Yer a real nice dancer." You don't think that was a come on, but it was a pretty blatant compliment.
  • Ok, this is downright confusing... Winter looks over to Fitteen, completely uncertain of what the young girl wants from her. "Uh, thanks? Practice makes perfect..." Winter's history with Grekkor was quite limited. It was back in the day when he was a roving warrior, so she's a little surprised when she hears he's in control of a local gang. She's not surprised, however, that he's managed to hold this beautiful place Fitteen's describing. "I know Grekkor — seems he's doing quite well for himself." She'd heard of the Baths in passing; but only knew of the Pryers for their very strict lifestyle — not exactly prospective clients. "What does Grekkor want, Fitteen? I didn't think we'd parted company on bad terms before, he knows I'd have a drink with him and discuss business any day."
  • You enter the exterior shacks of ShantyTown. Fitteen is following your lead. Where are you headed, to see Easton? She blinks when you ask what Grekkor wants, "I didn't know you knew im. I think he wanted to see if I could find out why you're here, see if you're a threat? I'm not sure. I was just excited to have a job, to prove my worth. I'm not as big as the rest. Nobody's taught me how to fight. Or anything, really. I pick up what I can. What, uhhh, what do you do, Winter?"
  • Winter sighs with a shake of her head when Fitteen asks her if she's a threat. "You too, Grekkor?" She asks, to nobody in particular. There's a brief silence between them as she slowly continues the walk to Easton's pad — she's searching for words to best describe what she does. It's always a challenge... I guess Swoozie had it best, when you think about it, but "I fuck people to death" is a horrible way to introduce yourself to somebody. "I provide services to people of high-stature — usually sexual, but sometimes a bit more... Uh, varied? I guess? Maybe secretive..." She stops a moment and looks down at Fitteen, trying to size up whether or not she should sugar coat it... She seems like she's trying to act grown up; but being a woman that was once her age, she knows rushing these things can be a painful experience.

    "It's kind of complicated. Frankly if Grekkor's worried that I'm a threat to him, then tell him he's got two options: he can not piss off rich people, or he can just hire me as an 'olive branch' to the rich people he pisses off." She actually makes the two-fingered air-quotes on that last bit. "I tend to stay pretty conflict-neutral otherwise, and Grekkor's name is enough to give even me pause about taking a job."
  • Fitteen blinks a couple times at your frank explanation, but she doesn't look away or throw up any walls. In fact, she seems more eager, "How did ya, uhm, get into this? Do you like it - The sex an all? Are ya a spy or somethin? Melody tole me men'll talk an talk after ya lie with em."

    Ahead and past a few interconnected shacks, you see Zip Zip, he looks up from a table where he was standing over an older lady while she as writing and gives you a nod.
  • Kids...

    Winter shifts into a more relaxed pose when Fitteen expresses interest in her trade. Frankly, if Grekkor is currious about Winter's job, then she's got no problem obliging — sadly, she suspects there's something deeper at play. "Well," she starts, "I've always had a thing for richer men, and my Mom always told me all the tricks about how she got my Dad to do stuff for her. When my parents died, the only thing I could do to keep up my lifestyle was to whore myself out to the richest men in the cities. It kept me fed until Domino offered me a boatload of jingle to fuck this big Operator that had the hardholder of Nokes in his pocket, and convince him to stop dealing dope to the hardholder." The lie of omission is that she was asked to kill him, rather than convince him to stop. "I made so much jingle it just made sense to add that to my list of services, among other things."

    She keeps walking and talking, though her pace has slowed noticeably. "I'm really good at my job — I can fuck the wallet out of the stingiest man in the cities, and I've come to appreciate the lifestyle that comes from that. The sex varies, but I've since learned how to take care of myself... Enjoying yourself is a prerequisite for the job, so I take steps to do just that. What I don't like is this weird state of transition going on here at Evan's — there are some new players here that are high on some fucked up kind of power, and they're talking about things that are way over my head... Some magic, or shit like that... I dunno." She stops just far enough from Zip Zip to give him a bashful wave, "This weird shit that Amiette and Harridan do is beyond me, and the people that trust in them are equally hard to understand... They have their own motivations, you know? How do you draw the line between what they say and what is real?"

    Winter gives Zip Zip a warm smile and approaches him. "Easton in his hut?" She asks in a warm, inviting voice.
  • As you share your trade with Fitteen, she is rapt with attention, drinking in each word, fascination on her young face. You've seen admiration before, but this feels akin to awe. You know she admires how in control you are, how much of your life is your choice. When you mention Amiette and Harridan, she says, "Amiette saved mah life... she aint like Harridan, Ah don't think. Ah felt her, in mah head. She's powerfully sad."

    Then you walk up to Zip Zip and she follows. You ask about Easton and he nods, then opens the door for you. You enter and Easton is there with Jackabacka, they're talking with a couple ShantyTowners. Its obvious there's some kind of dispute between the two ShantyTowners and Jackabacka and Easton are trying to work something out. When Jackabacka sees you, he waves them off, "Let's take a break, fellas, pretty, uhm, well pretty ladies are here. I was gonna say pretty lady, but you got a lil friend, Winter. C'mere you!" Jackabacka holds out his arms to you, beckoning you to come up and hug him. Is he being real here? Are you two friendly? Or is this some show for Easton that you two put on?
  • Winter shrugs at the thought of Amiette being different from Harridan — that could be true, but it wasn't really Winter's concern. That somebody could do those horrible things at all was more her concern than anything else. She pays lip service to Fitteen as she describes feeling Amiette in her head; but when Fitteen mentions that Amiette is "powerfully sad", it gives her pause — now that was true. Winter can't help but envision Amiette cradling Bones' bleeding body in desperation, only to be left dejected by Bones' rejection moments later. Winter would never feel truly at ease in Amiette's presence ever again, and Ami would know that. The thought actually depressed her a bit, and she felt sad for Amiette. She'd lead a very solitary life because of her powers. Winter could never do that.

    Winter finally comes back to reality when Zip Zip acknowledges that Easton was in. It gives her no small measure of relief to know she was welcome in his presence: so much so that her mood actually picks up noticeably. She smiles genuinely, and gently brushes Zip Zip's cheek. "Thank you, Sweetie!" Zip Zip sure is a quiet fellow... She secretly wonders how he got his name as she passes by him. Was he a quick birth? Or was he perhaps plagued by an "abundance of passion" (as Winter had taken to calling it). Her thoughts on the matter are rushed to the back of her head when she spots Easton and Jackabacka looking all authoritative with the locals. She can't help but crack a smile and sheepishly accept his embrace when Jackabacka holds out his arms and invites her into a hug.

    Jackabacka and Winter almost have a father/daughter in-law relationship. They were always friendly (being close to Easton growing up), but it evolved into a more familial relationship as she and Easton matured into adults, and Winter's parents passed. Jackabacka was the reason Domino had come to use Winter's services, and he'd always been very supportive of her aspirations. The only point they ever really disagreed on was Easton's role in it all, but Jackabacka won that dispute — if only because Winter knew Easton wanted to please his dad more than anything. "It's good to see you, Jack!" She says as he gives her a big ol' bear hug, "You're lookin' good!" She spots Easton over Jackabacka's shoulder, and offers him a silent smile just before Jackabacka lets her go. "I'm not interrupting something important, am I? Cause I can wait. I could use a chat with the barons of ShantyTown."
  • Jackabacka beams when he gets a warm hug from you. He steps back and checks you out, "I'm sure we won't be long, darlin. Feel free to take a seat and have a lil somethin to eat, just traded for some fruit from Shazza. You two ladies are welcome to have some." Easton watches you, but Jackabacka is back to business.

    I assume you don't mind waiting. There's Easton's bed, his weight bench, a couple chairs over near the place where he stores food. The fruit Shazza mentioned, it is some kind of plantain, a long green-skinned fruit. Fitteen greedily takes one and bites right into it, chewing hard on the skin, then pulling it out of her mouth comically after making a face at the bitterness. She ends up watching you peel the fruit and then mimics your actions slowly.

    Jackabacka and Easton end up working with both men through their issue, which seems to be about whether to sell at the Market at the Element or set up their own shop. Jackabacka gets both of them to agree with setting up at the hold's Market to get some regulars, then they can talk about setting up a separate market to avoid the jingle they would have to pay the hold.

    Fitteen spends her time watching you eat, then she busies herself with a small butterfly knife that she carries. The click clack of it is annoying. She doesn't seem to get that the others are bothered by it, she's just flipping it around.
  • OOC: Ok, really? Plantain while Easton watches? You're just setting me up, aren't you?"

    Winter obliges as Jackabacka gets back to business, but she notices Easton's gaze from across the room. She smiles as she turns to pick up one of the plantains, and she was about to give Easton a little show, but she's mortified by the look of complete disgust Fitteen just leveled on her as she attempted to eat the plantain whole. She can't help but chuckle to herself — she often forgets that not everyone can afford real fruit, and how the luxury of knowing how to eat them is sometimes lost on the uninitiated. She shows Fitteen how to peel and eat the damn thing, and finds a place to sit while Jack and Easton go about their business.

    Winter's first weapon was a switchblade. She liked the portability and versatility of it more than anything else — it was one of those tools that were good for both business and show. To a certain extent, she was tickled by Fitteen pulling out her butterfly knife and flicking it about, practicing her draw — but about four flips in, it started to get annoying. Even the other people in the room have starting looking over out of the corner of their eyes — this wouldn't do. The mighty Winter, now reduced to a babysitter, she thinks to herself as she reaches down and places her hand gently on Fitteen's forearm. "Rule #1 of polite company with important people: never show them what you're packing." The tone of her voice is instructive, but the look on her face read more like, "do you need to do that here?"

    Jack and Easton are wrapping up the conversation with the two locals, but with Fitteen still here Winter can't help but feel like their conversation would be limited. She turns to her, "I have some important, private business to talk about with these people. I know Grekkor wants you to follow me, but is there any chance we could call it quits here? Or at least pause, and pick up later if you didn't get the info you need?"
  • Fitteen looks a little amazed at the idea of peeling the fruit, but when she bits into the mushy middle, her eyes light up. And yes, she puts the butterfly knife away at your urging. Then when you ask her to go, she looks a little worried that you're trying to get rid of her.

    Let's see you Manipulate her into leaving you alone (the promise of a meet up later would be what she'd want).
  • OOC: One Manip coming up! *Easy to trust means I'm rolling Cool*
    Roll+Cool*: Manipulate Fitteen to let the grownups talk in private. +1 XP
    #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )
  • Fitteen whispers quietly, "Ah can pause. Ah don't wanna be underfoot. But Ah don't think Ah learned enough. Where should Ah wait for ya?" Assuming you give her somewhere to go, she leaves.

    The ShantyTown folk filter out shortly after Fitteen and then its you, Jackabacka and Easton. Easton moves over near you, like he's drawn in. He doesn't exactly touch you, though, which is a bit odd, right? Jackabacka grabs a warm bottle of beer and opens it with his teeth, taking a drink, "Alright, Winter. What did you want to talk about?"
  • Winter nods when Fitteen claims she hasn't learned enough — It's a shame she's about to leave really, because what Winter's about to discuss would probably fill her quota a thousand times over. "Meet me where you saw me dance yesterday. I'll go there as soon as I'm done here." She pauses a moment, and looks over to the father and son duo discussing politics, "It may be a while... But I'll be there before long." She nods to Fitteen reassuringly as she leaves the room, and Winter's defenses drop as soon as she's out of sight — she's relaxed, but her defenses are still up. She looks over to Easton as he saddles up near her — close, but not too close. She's seen this side of Easton before. It worries her.

    She waits for Jackabacka to crack open his beer, and address her before even considering what it is she needs to say here. What could she say? That every major player in the hold suspected her of nefarious doings? That she just witnessed who she suspects is the new head of the security at Evans drop a death sentence on a whim? That the biggest bad of the nine cities wants to fuck her, and possibly turn her into a fuck puppet? Where the hell do you start here? She takes a deep breath to calm herself, but her fear betrays her. She shivers noticeably when she breathes out. "I'm in way over my head," she says, her voice cracking right out of the gate, "I don't know what the fuck is going on in Evan's Element, but there is some freaky fucking shit going down." She stops a moment to take another breath.

    "Look — this Harridan guy is the biggest bad the nine cities has seen in forever, and I thought he was all talk. I set up a meeting with him, and now he wants to fuck me. Now normally I wouldn't give that creeper a second thought, but that weird girl that knows things? Amiette? I don't know how, but she wised up to my last job and bursts in on me and Bones while she's fixing this chick I was getting fucked up with, and starts accusing me of murder." She's a little worked up recounting the tale, and she catches her heart racing. She stops a moment to take a breath and calm herself down. "Now Bones was blabbing about how she was getting the Hold ready for war with Harridan, and to pay for her services I offered my usual package — but then Ami demands to "know" I'm not working for Harridan, and ... And..." Winter's eyes dart vacantly around the room, looking for the words to describe what happened to her, "Fuck, I dunno... Whatever the fuck Ami does to people. She touched me and found something Harridan put in my head — these things that could make me his slave. What's worse, this bitch G-String comes crashing into the courtyard, waiving her guns around, shoots Bones, and fuckin' bolts!"

    Winter laughs at that last bit, almost as if she didn't believe it really happened. "Ami did this weird thing that fixed Bones, and Fitteen, and I grabbed G-String — thinkin' the locals would lock her down a bit, maybe smack her around a bit to teach her a lesson about shootin' people — but then Ami goes up and touches her, and she goes limp — like fuckin' dead limp, an empty husk. Then people show up, Ami tells them what happened, and this big-shot with a superiority complex just announces, "she's being executed," like it's no big deal. Says, "she'd been warned," and ignores an input from anyone else. Fuckin Ami took shit out of my head that could have made me a prisoner in my own body, and then it occurs to me: Fuckin' Harridan could do that to me! I could be this fuck puppet Harridan leaves on a shelf, or Ami could do the same damn thing and turn me over to the new hold security! What the fuck good am I here?"

    She shakes her head in refusal, "I don't want no part in this bullshit. There's a world of fuckin' hurt about to come here, and I don't know who's going to survive it; but I care about you guys — you're pretty much the only family I have — I wanna pack up and run the fuck away from this crap. Go somewhere else. Never look back..." She's lost in a dream world, and it's a conversation she's had with both Easton and Jackabacka before (though not at the same time). There's a pregnant pause in the air as Winter gradually comes back to reality, "I know you guys are setting up shop here, and I know you won't come with me... So... Can I come along for the ride with you?"
  • When you drop the bomb about G-String, you see Easton get pissed, his eyes narrow, his fists clench and he sets his jaw. Jackabacka gives a what-in-the-hell look and he's intently staring at you, too. They've got some connection to G-String. You're not sure how much they heard after that one. Easton actually steps back and pulls out his handgun, pops the clip and checks it, the slams it back in and pulls back the action to make sure it is ready, safety off.

    Jackaback says, "East, go get Zips and a couple others. We need to go NOW, this can't lie." Then he looks to you and says firmly, "Winter, stay here. You're under our protection now, nobody in ShantyTown will fuck with you, I promise. Who, uh, who's the big shot? The one who pronounced her death sentence?"

    Easton says with pitiful, barely controlled words,"Winnie... I think she's carrying my kid."
  • Winter looks a little confused when Jackabacka starts barking orders, and asking her about the "big shot". In the rush of it all, she never actually heard the guy's name... "I, uh... Oh crap. I know his name," she frantically searches her head for Alonzo's name, "Big old guy, carries a machete... Alonzo? That sounds right. Ami or Lala were there, they'd know for sure." The frantic actions of Easton and Jack have her concerned that something much deeper is going on here, and Jack's promise that Winter's under "their protection", what fucking good would that be if Jack and Easton got killed cause they pissed this guy off? Winter cocks her head, and was about to plead they don't start a war over this when Easton drops his bomb. Winter's jaw drops and she chokes on her words.

    Easton and G-String? She goes as pale as a sheet. A baby? There's that nausea again...

    Her shoulders slump and she stares down at her feet, lost in thought. How could she have been so fucking stupid as to think she could come back here and think Easton would be the same people she left to find her fortune.

    A baby?

    Winter's face goes sour, and she tries to stand up, but she loses her balance and collapses back into her chair. "Oh," she says, barely holding back tears, "uh... OK." She looks over to Easton, there's a legitimate pain in her eyes. Not betrayal, but as though she's just lost her best friend. She needs to know what he's thinking.
  • OOC: Read Easton.
    Roll+Sharp: Read a Person.
    #DiceRoller( 2d6 )
  • Jackabacka hisses a curse, "That damned old man. Why the hell did he send her to us and then up an kill her? Sunnuva bitch. Shit, this is a slap in the face, it has to be answered. This baby thing. It doesn't leave this place. Word gets out and we will be forced to take steps that can't be taken back. Get me, son? I'm sorry, alright? But you knew she was effed in the head. She shot our fucken Angel, the girl who risked her life to stop the plague. Think of that, alright? You can- shit, you can be with Winter now, she won't shackle you. This could be a good thing..."

    Easton walks over to pick up his bat while his father talks to him, he's avoiding your gaze, too. He turns on Jackabacka, "A good thing?!? What. The. Fuck!" He takes his bat and wails on a metal weight machine a couple times, it falls apart under his hammer blows, the metal rings out like fucking John Henry and Easton turns red. He drops his voice low, barely suppressing the desire to scream, "You told me my mom was a fucking snow slave. If she'd died before she had me and you weren't shackled to ME, would that be a good thing?"

    What do you do?
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    Winter watches as the conversation transpires. Easton is losing his shit — but is it G-String or the baby that means something to him? She can't tell... But Jack sure as shit isn't helping, and that crap he's saying about substituting Winter for G-String? Not how she wanted this to go down. Her legs are still weak, and her head still a bit foggy from Easton's admission, but this demands action. She struggles to get to her feet, and walks over to him as he wails on his workout bench. She gently places a hand on his arm without invading his personal space. "East," she says gently, some of her composure finally returning to her, "East... Tell me what you want more than anything in the world right now."

    OOC: This was a hard choice, but I think this is as good as I can get right now.
    • What does Easton wish Winter would do?
  • Easton is heaving deep breaths now and he almost shirks away from your touch, but then you're you, right? He blinks a couple times, trying to bring himself back and answers, "I want Alonzo dead. He killed my kid."

    Jackabacka bellows, "Fucking stow that shit right now, Easton! You said yourself you didn't even know if it was yours! That G bitch was trash, a little skanky whore. You know she was fucking Turk, even Spurlock before the dumb fuck found out he was her half-brother. Then she came onto him AGAIN after! Yeah, you two partied, she was a pretty piece of snatch, no lie. But the bitch was effed in the head, it prolly wasn't even yours, and even if it was, it might have been just as fucked up as she was. You want THAT in this world?"

    Easton's eyes grow a bit wild again and he steps past you, Winter. He drops his bat low and stalks towards Jackabacka. His father is sure this is bravado, but you think you know better.

    Right now, Easton wants you to help him kill Jackabacka and then Alonzo.

    What do you do?
  • Winter doesn't move when Easton walks past her. She stares vacantly at the wall, silently contemplating her options as Easton threatens his father in the name of "his" unborn son.Winter knows enough about the world to know that pregnancy doesn't mean shit in the world anymore... Not a hell of a lot of people survive childbirth anymore; but it would seem Easton wants this pretty bad, if he's willing to kill his own dad, and start a over this bitch's baby. Something didn't strike her just right though... Did he say "killed"? Did Winter say G-String was dead? Oops... That would be an opening.

    Winter casually circumnavigates the conflict, passing through Easton's peripheral, and stopping beside Jack as if she was backing him up; but there's a dead look in her eyes — a look Easton would see and recognize — this is the look of a desperate woman. She wasn't sure why, but something deep inside her wanted to please Easton. She needed him to be happy, and if this is what he really wanted, then she would do anything for him...

    "East, baby — we don't need to start a war over this. Spurlock's carrying out the sentence. He's probably dragging her out of the city as we speak to do the job. We don't need to kill Alonzo, we just need to make his words not worth shit. Come with me, and we can lay this shit to rest..."
  • Easton's anger simmers into a look of desperation, he stops moving up to Jackabacka and slides over towards the door, "Let's go." He doesn't even acknowledge his father, he's ready to up and go. He's speed walking, almost to a jog. He calls to Zip Zip to follow and he falls in (without saying a word, of course).

    When you come to the courtyard, there's nobody there, really. Chibi is probably in the infirmary, but the door is closed. Nobody in the yard.

    What do you do?
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    Fuck... this isn't the response she was hoping for. Winter follows Easton out into the alleyway, looking back with concern to Jackabacka. He'd just lost a very important argument with his son — she wondered if he'd realized it.

    Winter darts out of Easton's place and doesn't stop running until she arrives in the courtyard with Easton and Zip Zip. She frantically looks around for anyone left over who might have seen something. That dispersed quickly for a crime scene, she thinks to herself. She knows that in a high-traffic area such as this, sniffing out Spurlock's trail would be a feat of pure luck. They're going to have to canvas the area for anyone that might have seen where Spurlock and G-String were heading, and that could take forever... With Spurlock's head start, even if they bolted at full speed it was unlikely they'd catch up to them in time for anything more meaningful than another rage-dump. Barring some sort of unexpected miracle, G-String — and Easton's potential child — would be dead and rotting by the time they picked up the trail. Winter wasn't even sure finding her alive was the right thing to do. It wasn't what she had in mind when she suggested they "lay this shit to rest".

    Winter spends her life under pressure to perform, and so she is calm and collected under the circumstances. This kind of problem is much more her forte — something grounded in politics and emotion that she could exploit. It was quickly becoming obvious that G-String was a lost cause; but unless Winter could convince him otherwise, Easton would probably blame her (even if only indirectly) for failing to deliver his child to him. This worried her. Easton was her ticket to a safe new life with influence and stature in the cities, and this obsession with that crazy bitch bearing a child that might be his had to stop. Unfortunately Jackabacka had been particularly cruel to Easton, and so she wouldn't have a lot of recourse if she started suggesting Easton listen to his father. There was only one option... She needed to convince him to be with her — more than that, she needed him to believe everything she did was for him. She needed to take the wheel.

    "Zip, can you ask Chibi if she heard anything else about which way Spurlock headed off? I'm going to help Easton canvas the area..." It was an excuse to get Easton alone a moment. She had no idea when she messed around with Easton earlier today she'd be so deeply intertwined in this mess — she'd fucked her way into a business arrangement before, but this was bordering her personal space entirely too closely. Presuming Zip obliges, Winter summons Easton away from the shack, and into a secluded corner of the courtyard. She knows he doesn't want to talk right now — but he needs to listen.

    "East, you can't know how sorry I am that I didn't know about G-String... Had I known earlier, I'd have said something and it could be we wouldn't be in this mess right now..." She pauses a moment and examines Easton's face — she's got a very sincere, but troubled look on her face. Before Easton can reply she moves in, "Jack was unreasonably cruel to you. It hurt me to hear him insult you like that, like you didn't understand what you were saying. East, I understand." she stabs indignantly at her chest as she speaks, "I know exactly what you're going through. You're the biggest thing to walk into ShantyTown since the damn world fell apart, and you're kind, and smart, and fucking hot to boot..." She moves in a little closer, "G may be carrying your kid, but she damn well didn't understand what it was you could give her. She didn't respect you. The bitch walked in here with a death wish, waiving her gun around at the damn doctor of Evan's Element — she killed your kid, East, not anyone else in this whole place. She did. You'd make a great Dad one day, but you know as well as I do that she'd make a horrible fuckin' mom. Even if she lived, she'd be nothing but a burden on you, and dangerous to that kid..."

    Winter bites her lips, and takes Easton's hands, rubbing his fingers and looking up at him with a sad, but seductive look. "East, I must have been crazy to leave you. I'd do anything for you. You've got to believe me when I say that G and Alonzo are small fish in a pond that won't matter very soon — and fuck, even I can give you a kid if you want."

    She moves in close to him, pressing her breasts against his body and kissing his hands gently, "Fuck these guys East — come build a legacy with me."
  • OOC: Seducing Easton: Roll+Cool* (Easy to trust) +1 XP.
    #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )
  • Easton's face runs through a number of emotions, but he looks at you, drinking your words. He's too torn up with worry to just lay one on you in this courtyard, but you got to him. He finally says, "You and me? Yeah, just you and just me. I like the idea of my kid having a mom like you, Winter." He kisses you, but its more of a cry for support than passion. He wants to give you his heart, this you know.

    --END SCENE--
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