[Ashen Snow] All for a Bath? [All 7.0]

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It's the night before the third day. You must officially give answer to Harridan's demands at dawn. Wolf and his pack will take whatever you say back to Harridan and then the fearsome Puppetmaster and his horde will be coming.

The set-up for this meeting is pretty impressive. Firefly lights supplement the lanterns and candles, Pryers brought in buckets of water from the Spring, Shazza donated canned fruits and some other goodies so people had some food to munch on. Bendrix set up his picture machine and he's showing some pre-fall movie about a young baby that causes hilarious disasters for the three men trying to care for it. The ShantyTowners have a still near the bleachers and they're giving out drinks, small stuff, cutting folks off before they get rowdy, just enough to loosen folks up. Rum and River are playign tunes while everyone mills about talking, falling into little clumps of friends and people-you-know huddles.

It feels like all of the hold and most of ShantyTown has squeezed into The Gym, more than came to Domino's welcoming party. Alonzo, how many of your men are outside on security? More to the point, who is here with you now? Did you invite Vulture and his gang? They're here, with a very woozy Swoozie. What about Jackabacka, is he officially invited or just part of the crowd? Norvell left that to you.

Grekkor, I assume all the Pryers are here, on duty, looking sharp. Give me a Pack Alpha roll with a +1 for the situation to see how that shakes out. Are you having folks check their weapons or taking them on trust? Melody is with you, she worked all day with the Pryers to make this place look presentable.

Norvell and Corbett are moving among the people as a pair, mostly Corbett following and advising Norvell. They've just come up to you, Amiette, said their hellos. Did you get a chance to change? How do you look right now? It seems Corbett wants to talk with you. Bones is over there with her brother. Roark is here, standing with some ShantyTown folks and Imam, drinking shine and talking quietly, mostly people watching. He's trying not to people-watch you, but failing. Logic is here, but nobody sees him. He gives you a knowing wave and a smirk, he's walking between folks, eavesdropping and the like.

Wolf and his pack found a place near the door and have been keep to themselves. Bones/Emmy, are you sticking with them? By the by, give me a Weird roll for your check-up you gave everyone (checking for strings, one roll, 10+ means nobody is strung, soft hit means one is, you choose options from the custom move, failure means you're pretty sure nobody is strung). Chibi is here, she's found or made a white armband with a red cross on it. Manx is with her, but she looks uncomfortable, lost and sad.

Winter, whether he received an official invite or not, Easton is here. Are you on his arm? How are things between you two the past few hours? You made that seduction move, you aim to collect on that before now or was that a promise to be fulfilled later? Fitteen catches up to you here, you never showed up like you told her you would, did you? Not like Easton wanted you to go hang out with a little kid, right? So what did you tell Fitteen?

Alonzo, did Grekkor come with you to give Hoze a bath? His skin is still black and rough, like exposure to the snow has forced him to grow something akin to a hide. His nails are extremely tough, like a dog's nails. His time in the ashen snow changed him. He told yo there are others like him, they all stayed near a volcano, bleeding mountain he calls it, and they started to change, those who endured. How's that working out for you?

So everyone who is anyone in this twin-town is here. They're waiting for the good word from Alonzo, and to know if they're going to war.

What do you do?


  • Winter is totally on Easton's arm; and with a meeting as big as this, if it wasn't Easton, she's certain it would be some paying customer trying to look important. Showing up on Easton's arm was more a symbol that she's in the pockets of important people of the hold — though to people familiar with her work, it could just as easily be a show of Easton's rising presence. As for the last few hours: She's largely spent them listening to Easton. The poor boy was hit harder than she expected at the prospect of letting G-String's bastard* kid go; but she's been trained by her years as an escort to lend a sympathetic ear, and has been offering an encouraging word or two when needed. It's not the immediate passionate embrace she was hoping for, but she's sure Easton will find out what he needs from her — and when he does, she'll deliver.

    Entertaining Fitteen's weird, and pointed questions was unfortunately a lower priority on Winter's list than dealing with Easton's tragedy. She smacked herself when she spoted Fitteen approach her from across the room, remembering how she was supposed to meet with her earlier. She didn't dare tell her the full truth, but she did mention that a lot had happened since the last time she and Easton had been together, and it took longer than she thought it would to resolve itself. Presuming Fitteen's intending to continue following her around, Winter doesn't say anything as a peace-making measure... Though if she's going to keep following Winter around indefinitely, she'd have to have a chat with Grekkor.
  • [Bones]
    Checking the Pack for Strings
    #DiceRoller( 2d6+3 )
  • I am relying on Spurlock to help me keep an eye on what's going on. He knows these people, especially the remnants of Domino's Horde (like Vulture) better than I do. The rest of The Grays are stationed around the gym. Vulture wasn't strictly invited, but then once word spread it became an open invitation of sorts.

    Jackabacka did get a formal invite. I believe that the way forward is with cooperation and perhaps eventual assimilation between "holders" and "shantytowners".

    My heart is still raw from Hoze's bath. I had hoped he would look...more human. Grekkor was with me, I asked him to help us observe Pryer cultus. Jeannette was in tears for my sake. It was the first time we'd seen each other in a few days (these crazy, whirlwind days).

    Now Hoze is trailing (loping, more like) a half-step behind my right side. We are mingling and I am going amongst the people giving hope.
  • I am stickin' close to Wolf an' his pack. I'm more worried about what the people who live here than the pack itself. Although Jersey's still pissed enough that if anybody looks at him the wrong way, I'm a little afraid he might try to bash the poor soul's head in. I know some of the gangers who murdered Croc an' his crew are in this crowd an' I'm all tense from tryin' to watch everybody at once. I stay real close to Wolf.

    Checkin' everybody else for strings didn't go quite as well as it did with Wolf. I didn't have that huge relief of knowin' for absolute certain that all of 'em were not strung. I don't know how to explain it. Wolf thinks it's fine, that I should stop worryin' about it. But I think he was a tiny bit offended that I thought Harridan could have strung him or any of his pack without their knowing. I mean, I didn't find any strings. But I just feel weird about it. Maybe it's just me. I dunno.

    I see Manx an' the look on her face hurts. I kinda shift a little behind Wolf until I can't see her anymore. I gotta talk to her, I know that. I avoid lookin' at Sable. Sable knows too much. I catch a glimpse of Amiette an' that hurts too. I'm runnin' outta time to fix things. But I don't know if I can even fix things. An' now doesn't seem the time or place to try an' have a conversation. An' I'm a coward.

    I keep up a quiet commentary on the people showin' up for Wolf's benefit...an' anyone else in the pack who's listening. I'm just pointin' out the important people an' naming 'em an' sayin' what they do.
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    I did get a chance to change and wash again. Washed more blood out of my hair, off my skin. Emmy's blood. I changed too. All my gowns are bloodstained now. I found myself going through a parcel of my mother's things and found the red kimono with the blossoms all over it. The strong contrast of it showing off the paleness of my skin and hair. I've pulled my hair up, held in place by sticks, like I remember Mama did, which emphasizes the length and curve of my neck. The overall effect is pleasing, and I'm too vain not to admit it. Though, it does remind me how much I look like Mama, except my hair is so pale where hers was lush and dark.

    I've felt the eyes of Emmy, and of Roark, both pulling on my heart for different reasons. Perhaps I haven't actually looked at Roark much as he seems to be watching me quite a lot. I've made quite an effort not to look at Emmy, though I'm always aware of exactly where she is. Not that she would see any emotion in my eyes, but the instinct not to give myself away is strong, and it is so hard to think when I look at her. I give a half smile and the slightest nod to Logic. I've also been watching the people of the two towns, only a few of them coming closer than three feet from me. They flow around me like I'm a rock in the river.

    I bow slightly to Mr. Norvell and Mr. Corbett when they approach. Greet them politely as I always do. Only when I see them does it occur to me that my choice of clothing might give Mr. Corbett some pain. I pass on the information to Norvell of Harridan's intention to co-opt the Armory Boys to use against us, as well as Alonzo's sentencing of G-string without consulting him. If Norvell doesn't want to discuss that further, I turn my attention to Mr. Corbett who clearly wishes to speak to me.
  • Amiette,

    Norvell takes the information from you about the Armory Boys, its a shock, but he knows better than to doubt you. On the sentencing of G-String, Norvell says with sincerity, "We'll have a long talk bout that, Amyet." He means it, although the current situation makes it tricky.

    Then you turn to the old man. Corbett smiles sadly, "Oh, dear Amiette, you look so beautiful tonight. So much like your mother." He puts his hands on your shoulders and looks down at you, "Do you know who might stand for Harridan here? Who would want us to give in to his demands?"
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  • Opening my Brain

  • You feel The Smoke, it is very powerful here. The grass moves beneath your feet and you see the ghosts of Frost, Crackle, even Jojee here. You're drawn to Jojee, of course, and you notice that she's standing by Jackabacka. She has that intense ad fated look in her eyes and she looks at Jackabacka and mouths the word, "Traitor".

    Then Crackle moves to stand beside Vulture and he too mouths the word, "Traitor".

    There are other ghosts here, moving about... even your mother. She looks at you, really looks at you, it reminds you of those moments right before she fell asleep holding you. She mouths the words, "No escape."
  • Winter,

    Thatch and Ik mingle their way to you, from different directions, but it looks like they're working together. Thatch of course is all smiles, "We are so delighted to see you again, Easton. My, how good you look. Simply delectable. Winnie, is he for looking or for sharing?" She slides up in between both of you, not quite touching. Ik hangs back. Fitteen is underfoot and Thatch gives her an odd look.
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    As I mingle and give hope, I try to recapture those fleeting days in the wilderness--out of my mind from my isolation and ecstatically delirious from my fast--when I first felt my call. It wasn't Yurd who called me, of that I am sure. But she is a part of it. And so I try to reach out for some guidance about what my message should be tonight.

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  • Opening Brain

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    When you draw upon those feelings of being lost, you feel the power of the place where you stand, it infuses you with insight. You see the broken strings among some of the folk gathered here, Roark and Corbett. They are your strongest allies against Harridan. The Pryers are unwavering in their faith, they stand like clay soldiers, alike and unchanging. The ground beneath your feet emanates power, but the clay soldiers keep it under control, fenced or hemmed in. The people of the Element and ShantyTown don't understand the fight, the threat, the wonder that is right here. Regardless of the answer given, you know they will fight Harridan, he wants to exterminate them. The question is, will they fight on their toes or their heels?
  • Bones,

    Wolf asks a ton of questions. You two fall into a pattern where you're describing folks in the hold as if they were some of the people who you grew up with. Things like Roark and Imam work on the walls and the roof, like Walker used to always fix things around town, like that. It does double duty of giving you a communication shorthand and letting the two of you reminisce about your youth.

    Yes, Jersey is itching for a fight. Luckily, he doesn't know who killed Crocs and the others. If he did, you think he'd have words with them, at least. Sable is watching people like picking targets, which is unsettling. But then she fixes on a single space where nobody is, and starts tracking that. She butts into your conversation asking, "Emmy, do you see a handsome dark-skinned young man about forty paces that way, he's right beside the guy with the bat and the p-coat floozy?" She hasn't taken her eyes off that spot, but there's nobody there.


    Jackabacka intends on listening, giving full respect, but mostly to prove a point. He is going to have a long talk with Alonzo about his decision to kill G-String, he just doesn't see now as the right time, so he'll bide it. He has no intention of committing his gang to defending the baths and he thinks Harridan is a scary mo fo, but there's no reason to throw all this away for a man who is touched in the head.

    Jackabacka is worried about his son, he wants him to find someone more stable than G-String, maybe Winter. He's pissed at Alonzo for killing G, but he really hopes there was a good reason. If there wasn't, he'll have to kill Alonzo to save face with the gang, which makes him a little depressed.
  • Grekkor,

    The Pryers are working like a well-oiled machine, no problems, the crowd is pacified, even delighted at this oasis of protection that you provide them. This will go far in gaining their support when Harridan comes knocking.

    You see Norvell and Corbett talking with Amiette, Alonzo working through the crowd, Jackabacka near his son Easton, who is with Winter and Thatch.

    Fitteen sees you and quickly makes her way over, dropping to a knee, "Master Graykor, Ah'm still tryin ta get ta know Winner, sir. She's ah, well, she's a whore, but there's more to 'er. She's got the Shanntowners in er pocket already! Ah'm tryin ta learn 'er ways, sir. Ta unnerstand how she's important. Ah need more time... zat okay?"
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    I glare in the direction Sable directs me. "No, I can't see him, but that'd be Logic. He's somehow figured out how to make himself invisible, but only to certain people. If you can see him, keep an eye on him, will you?" It bugs me more than I'd care to admit that I can't see Logic, but Amiette an' now Sable can.

    Speakin' of Amiette, I catch a flash of her red dress again an' can't help but look at her. She looks stunning. There's no other word for it really. I wonder why she's switched to red. She hasn't looked at me, not once. Least not that I've seen. I know I deserve it. I deserve that an' more, but it still makes my chest feel tight.

    An' then Grekkor's here, an' I immediately glance anxiously at Jersey before swingin' my gaze back to Grekkor. Shit. What does he want? He just stands there, not sayin' anything. So I start talkin' nervously. "Um, hey Grekkor. Looks like a lot of people showed up. That's good right?"
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    Now here's an interesting turn of events... Winter's been with several clients who weren't interested in Thatch before, but she's never been with someone she wasn't interested in sharing before. "Looking," she answers unapologetically, her tone almost that of a Stepford wife, "Easton and I are trying something a bit different from my usual gig — something a little, longer term." Over the years they've been together, Thatch and Winter have developed an eerie, almost psychic, connection when it comes to understanding each other that involves a series of eyebrow twitches and head tilts. She smiles back at Ik and beckons him towards the group. If she and Easton were going to be an item, it was best he know her crew — though she's a little curious at Easton's reaction to Thatch's suggestion that Winter share him with her.
  • Bones and Grekkor,

    Wolf is calm and relaxed about the meeting, playing it casual. Bones, you know he's tense from the way his jaw is set, but he's keeping an air of civility. Jersey, however, he cuts in, "Emmy is nobody's servant, Grekkor. She's part of our pack now, so whatever hold you think you have, it is over."

    Jin sighs quietly, you can almost hear him flinch in expectation of something going down. Sable tries to change the subject, "Emmy, you say there's an INVISIBLE MAN sneaking around here? You don't think this Logic kid would be trying to sneak into The Baths or anything, do you?" Then Sable feigns shock, even putting a delicate hand over her mouth.
  • Winter,

    Thatch blinks in surprise. You knew the sharing/looking question was merely a formality, something to spice things up with the client, to 'drive up the price' possibly. So the answer, and the follow-up nonverbals are a bit unexpected for her. But as with many things, she takes it in stride, sliding over to stand near you, not Easton.

    Easton, for his part, looked a little taken aback, but well, he's a guy, Thatch is supremely hot, so no, he didn't look like he objected exactly, but he didn't start drooling. He also smirked a bit when you said 'Looking' real fast. that puffed up his ego.

    Ik comes up, and while he looks like he's 'on duty' with his posture, he says, "Hey there, Winnie. Thatch, you look great. Easton. So, Winnie, everything copacetic?"
  • Grekkor,

    What did you say to Fitteen earlier? Leave her on a knee, beneath your notice? We can jump back for a flash for that, I'm curious.
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