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    Nice one Simon! The deviation from the formula was ok for that post, I think, as it feels like the buildup to a climax.
  • Did I deviate? I tried not to! Yeah, I've been storing that one up for a while. I thought it would be a nice change of pace.
  • Sorry it took me so long on that one, I've been mostly avoiding the internet for the last few days.
  • No worries!
  • Awesome! Thanks for playing Simon. It was fun.
  • Yeah, that was great. Thanks for pitching it!
  • Just to let you know, I've posted Actual Play over at the Forge and Story Games.
  • I just got back from vacation. I'll weigh in over the next few days.
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    Posted By: george
    It does seem like KKKKK is well suited to a fast pace, though in our game myself and the other player agreed at the beginning that just one post a day is the minimum, and it was OK to take a day off if we wanted to.
    (I'm george's partner in that game.)

    I think maybe it works better like that. We lengthened our 'deadline' and slowed the minimum posting rate for our second time around, and I think it didn't work out quite as well. The first time around, I did feel a little rushed, but I think that helped in some cases ... I threw down something solid when I'd otherwise have over-thought it, or I invented a deflection. Second time around seemed a little too leisurely, somehow. Something too do with creativity under pressure.

    And yeah, that game and this game were definitely different. We both started falling out of formal statement format early on - I actually took that cue from you, george. (c; I don't think that was a problem, though. So long as the basic structure of confirmations and compliments and questions and rhetorical questions is maintained, it works.

    And, holy crap, yeah, we're making larger posts. Stylistic thing, I guess - we both seem to have a tendency for elaborate language and situations.
  • That's interesting. I really enjoyed working within the restrictions, and breaking the mold would have felt really weird to me, kind of taking the wind out of the sails. I liked being able to rely on the structure, being able to throw something at Dave that would push him towards certain things because of the format of the reply. I also really enjoyed trying to fit as much information as possible into the limited number of sentances. I love some of the insane run-on sentances that it generates. I also liked keeping each post quite short. It made it a lot less work to play, and made the game (for me at least) much more about the interaction than about the language. I liked that the story came from the friction between our posts, rather than from the content of them.

    I hear what you're saying about the pacing though. I think keeping a strict deadline is a difficult thing, and I hate feeling like I have to post, making it more like work than fun. On the other hand, pacing is an important part of the game. It was definitely a different feeling at the start of the game where we were flinging posts back and forth every half hour, to later where we'd leave a couple of days between posts. I couldn't say if one was better than the other, but it was definitely different. It's an interesting field to explore since it's pretty much unique to PBP.
  • I liked sticking within the restrictions as well. Trying to fit detail into the limited structure is part of the challenge and fun for me. I agree with Simon that the game changed feel, when the posts got more spaced out. I think I disconnected with it a little more near the end, but that may have also been a sign of it winding down naturally.
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