[SoY] A Whisper-Quiet Blade



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    From the IC thread:Yosol and his companions sit around the glowing embers of a fire, speaking of the attack on the Ammenites trying to steal the moon-metal. Pretty much everyone knew the metal was kept hidden around the city, some tribes worked it into their spears, others wanted to put it on boats and let it float out to sea, as far as it would go. As the conversation progresses, Yosol notes that even this group seems divided on whether or not to use it.
    George: do you mean that Yosol and his gang currently possess some moon-metal? Or that the Khaleans have or know the locations of collective stores of moon-metal in the city?
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  • I apologize for my absence. I was out of town for the Labor Day weekend. I will catch up very soon!
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  • George: when you post a dice roll for an Ability Check, can you please include the target Success Level? I'm just learning TSoY, so I'm unsure if my character failed or succeeded (or by how much) when I see a dice roll result such as:
    Does Yosol tell a good story?

    Roll on Story-tell (Reason), Competent:
    #DiceRoller( 3d3 )2, 1, 3
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    I'm back. Sorry for the delay. This PbP is fun, but a surprising amount of bookkeeping. <:)
  • Posted By: Chris PetersonI'm back. Sorry for the delay. This PbP is fun, but a surprising amount of bookkeeping. <:)</p>
    This is what surprised me too. Anyone can bug me about keeping track of stuff, if they think it's getting confusing.

    Now I'm worried I have too many things going on. Maybe a Relationship Map would help... except I've never made one! Maybe I will give it a shot tomorrow.
  • Here are my Relationship Map-like notes. I almost posted these earlier, but I didn't want to put any words in other players' characters' mouths. <:)

    * Celie wants Helina to assassinate someone (Foussaine?) from House Ruman
    * Helina wants Drenin to hire her as a bodyguard, so she can get into House Ruman
    * Drenin wants to sell his information on the Ruman/Duval dinner to the Mercar Mechants—hopefully for more information rather than gold.
    * Kerrik wants to teach Lassul the respect Kerrick and his tribe should be shown.
    * Yosol wants to find his old wartime buddy Lassul and convince his gang to track down some moon-metal
  • George: since I've used my Key of the Lost Child, I'm thinking about "buying it off". The price is: Join another tribe. That might dovetail nicely with Lassul's comments about marrying into a Khalean girl's tribe, but do you think the conceptual leap is too big (since I have not yet introduced any love interests for Yosol)? Do you have any suggestions?
  • Well, it's up to you of course. Buying off a key is typically a 90 degree turn for a character. When I imagine it, a character typically has some speed in a Key, so that when it's bought off, it's a sharp turn at high speed, rather than a sharp turn at low speed... which isn't as holy-shit-awesome.

    When I was thinking about what to do in the game, I thought of Yosol forming his OWN tribe, using the gang. I was going to bring that up, but of course, if you'd rather Yosol's story was about reintegrating into greater Khalean culture, that's cool. Buying off a Key doesn't have to be momentous, just important.

    This is a one-shot, so if you want to go for it, now's the time. I actually thought Yosol would roll his eyes at someone saying "You should just marry a nice Khalean girl, dearie."
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    Unfortunately, I too have become very busy with Work and Life. I don't think I'll have the time to continue. sorry.. :\

    I think the story is going well, but I didn't realize how much bookkeeping a PbP game required!

    George: good luck with your PhD work! :)
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    Posted By: George ShannonSorry to hear it, Chris. But I'm not sure what bookkeeping you meant. Just about relationships and whatnot?
    Just the amount of time it takes (me) to read and keep up with all the PCs and NPCs (compared to playing a game around a table). :\
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  • I think setting it up so that Drenin's brothers take the blame is the best idea. Leaving a window open, a pair of servants clothes out, and innocently distracting a few key people at key moments is the best way to do it. If Drenin directly introduces her into the house it'll be hard for him to avoid implication in the scheme. Even if he was innocent he'd still be in trouble.
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