[Ashen Snow] Jack's Home Court [Gr 7.1] [Al 7.1]

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Grekkor and Alonzo,

The two of you are heading into ShantyTown. Who's with you?

Zip Zip is outside the yurt that Jackabacka and Easton reside in. Most of his gang is in there. What did you tell Zip Zip, Grekkor?

You come into the yurt, which has heavy canvas instead of skins like pre-fall history books. The place is pretty large, there's a four poster bed in here, a ruined set of exercise equipment, like a multi-gym that someone recently destroyed for some reason. There's also a mini-fridge, gallon jugs of liquid and crates of various stuff. In the middle of the room sits a long table where Easton and Jackabacka are sitting with a girl, one of Domino's dancers called Tse Tse, pretty mixed-Asian girl with a pearl for her right eye and blue-green hair, plus Honk and yo Yo, who you recognize, Grekkor, form that confrontation with Camaro before, these were the two who witnessed it. There are a couple others around, plus a few of the ShantyTown elders, who give you two a nod of respect. Oh yeah, Vulture and Swoozie are here, too. Sitting right by Easton, chatting him up.

The air isn't hostile, not right now. But both of you know Jackabacka knows secrets that would help you defend the hold, and he's not been entirely forthcoming.

What do you do?


  • [Alonzo]
    Hoze has gone to consult with his "pride"? Is that what he called them? I didn't quite catch it. before he left, I made sure he knew how to find his way to the Gray's Haven.

    I was worried about the bad history former Horders might have, so I picked Jeff accompany me on this errand. Pace is also with us, he's young, but he has impressed me with his penetrating perception. He makes a great guard.I left Sails working with some of Lala's men, getting familiarized with normal Hold security. I'm hoping his outsiders eye might prove helpful in shoring up our defenses.

    I nod and say, "Jackabacka, Easton. Vulture. Greetings. The rest of you I do not know by name, my joys. Forgive me.
    "This is Jeff and Pace."

    I take a seat and Jeff sits beside me. Pace stands and finds a place where his back is against something, even if it's just the canvas of the yurt side.
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  • Vulture gives each of you a nod, as does Jackabacka and Easton. Easton stands, gives you welcome, asks you to sit and has one of his guys to get you some drinks.

    Grekkor, the girl Tse Tse comes over to you, stands really close to you, oblivious to your desire for space. She's a slight little thing, dressed in a tattered silk kimono that has no sleeves and is cut short, just above her knees. She has a k-bar in her sash and is odd how she's looking at you with her real eye and her pearl eye, not cocking her head to the side or anything. She casually reaches a hand up to your shoulder, just laying it there. She's got an interested smile, not provocative really, but she reminds you of someone, doesn't she? The ShantyTowner who joined you, his name Granary. He seems a little spooked by Tse Tse. He whispers in your ear, "Hey Greks, sir. Vulture and Jack aren't really friends, not sure why they're buddied up right now."
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  • Jackabacka nods at you, Grekkor, then says, "The issue is that the Element is about to be attacked and I know of a few places where you need help with your defenses, in case anyone is feeling left out. See, like I told Grekkor earlier, East and I scouted the hell out of this place before we came in with Domino's horde. Its one of the reasons we were able to bolster up ShantyTown so quick and ah, well, to be honest, take over security more or less."

    Tse Tse moves away from you, Grekkor, then slides over to put her chilly hands on your shoulder, Alonzo. You feel something in this girl, nothing terribly powerful, but something touched. She's more of a party favor than an official member of this impromptu pow wow, but Jackabacka put her here for a reason, he probably asked her to be friendly with both of you. You know Jackabacka pretty well, what's he trying to do?
  • It's an old tactic he learned from a warlord we both rode with as younkers. Bring in a pretty girl to seduce your opponents. I was always amazed at how well and how frequently it works. It turns a negotiation into an annoyance to be dismissed as quickly as possible because the mark starts thinking with his prick. It worked even better if the girl had the barest hint of brainer. Seems like this this girly has the knack.
    But Jackabacka's picked the wrong crowd for this schtick.
    "Jack, my old friend, did you forget I rode with Quartz? His old tricks aren't going to work here. Dismiss your distraction and let's get down to business."
  • Jackabacka chortles at your reaction, Alonzo. He gives Tse Tse a significant glance and she ducks her head and leaves the room, "Old habits, my friend. Old habits." He says as he dismisses her.

    Then Jackabacka says simply, "Half. That's what I want. Half of what The Element and the Baths produce for three years. I could give you the rundown of how much it would help ShantyTown grow and how it would eventually end up filling your coffers as well. Or I could whine on and on about how ShantyTown has been a bunch of second-class citizens from the get-go, slaves to the Element and all that. But I won't waste your time. Harridan is coming."

    He fixes you both with level stares, "I fix your gaping security holes, I pledge Vulture and my men," Vulture sits up at that one, a little surprised, perhaps, "And all we end Harridan and save your asses. That's my price."
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    "I believe you mean, 'Save our asses.' Because you are simply delusional if you think there's any way out of Harridan that involves Shantytowners getting off scot-free. The choice, whether you are in the Element or Shantytown, is the same. Defend, death, or slave. Imagine a megalomaniacal monster with all the scary powers people impute to Amiette but with none of the moral inclinations of self-control; that's Harridan."
    I hold up a hand as he begins to respond.
    "I'm not giving you an answer yet. I just want to make sure you realize that your bargaining position isn't as strong as you think it is. Even if you think you've made some contingency side-deal with Harridan...your only real options are to help us or flee."
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    Easton stands up beside his father, "Alonzo, my dad tells me you're wise, so you gotta see how your man Grekkor looks at the people here: the ShantyTowners. They're already second-class in his eyes. And he leads the Pryers, so how are they going to think any different? So how's Harridan any big change for them? One master for another?" Grekkor, Easton looks at you, not with hate or with challenge, but he's not afraid of you. He thinks he's calling you on your shit.
  • Easton glares at you, Grekkor and says with a low grumble, "The people? What are we then? Cattle?" The gang around him react, like they're following his lead, reaching for weapons, not drawing, but getting them handy. Holder has his half drawn. Alonzo, Jeff has her sawed-ff out under the table, you know Pace can draw in a blink.

    Jackabacka puts a hand in front of his son, like holding him from moving forward. He looks at you, Alonzo, he's looking for some help here, "Lonzo, we gotta make a better deal than this. We aren't asking to leech off the Element, we want an equal partnership. I offer half what we gain. A true partnership. I'm coming to you, hat in fucking hand here. This is the best I can offer."
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    I stand, calmly, and raise my hands. Someone says, "Here we go again," under their breath. Other chuckle.

    Instead of ignoring this jibe, I answer it. "No. No more preaching."
    I shake my head sadly. "The time for inspiration is over. Either you care to make a future here or you don't. We're all decided." I slowly look to everyone gathered.
    I step back from the table and nod to Jeff.
    "Now is the time for work. This is your last chance to save this place." I look Jackabacka squarely in the eyes and deliver a warning."Either you help us and we figure out recompense on the other side, or you don't and there is no other side. Goodbye Jackabacka."
    Barring violence, I turn and exit the tent, Jeff and Pace fall in right behind me.
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    Towering Presence
    Deliver a command or a warning

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+3 )

    Highlighted for XP
  • Pick one:

    # do it, following my order or heeding my warning.
    # freeze.
    # back away, hands where I can see them.
    # attack me.
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    Jackaback and Easton and Vulture all look pretty unhappy at that proclamation, but they don't attack you when you leave, they don't look like they're backing off, either.

    --END SCENE--
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