[SoY] A Whisper-Quiet Blade



  • I think we're over thinking this a bit. We should be more focused on playing the game, not how to play the game. How everything fits together is George's job. I've played with him before and I know he's very talented. We can certainly give him suggestions and let him know what we'd like to do with our characters, but we've been making a lot more posts in this thread than the actual game. Drenin and Helina can work out their plan in character. We can go back and forth a bit and hash out the details.
  • Yeah that's what I was thinking. :) I just wasn't sure if I should get it now or after the actual battle which is why I had not brought it up.
  • Well reading this over:

    Key of Love [one advancement]
    Your character has a deep love, whether friendly, erotic, or familial, for someone else. Gain 1 XP every time this character is present in a scene with your character. Gain 2 XP whenever your character has to make a decision that is influenced by them. Gain 5 XP every time your character puts herself in harm’s way or makes a sacrifice for them. Buyoff: Sever the relationship with this person.

    I would say I get 2XP for deciding to march off to battle and 5XP if the battle causes me harm like being captured. Sound right? Maybe 1XP for key of the tribe for raising morale and more if the battle actually goes well. How's that?
  • … so, with one or two players falling out, is there a spot open? I could take on Vesh as a PC, for instance…
  • Another player sounds cool to me.
  • I'm not married to Vesh, I can easily come up with a new character.
  • The more the merrier. Vesh sounds OK to me.
  • I'll reread the Threads over the weekend and will post an idea (either Vesh or something else) on sunday if you're OK with that. George, if you need Vesh before that time, that's OK as well.

    I begin to like this once-a-day-pace…
  • Ever play Pirates? Once your ship boards another the fight is won based on you defeating the enemy captain, but the longer it takes you the more wounded your crew is.

    So let's go with the Stealth followed by Spear-fighting and the more successful I am the less wounded my warrior's are when it is all said and done. And the reverse of course, the more the Ammeni leader beats my ass dictates how badly broken my warriors were before being killed or retreating.

    Sounds good.
  • You know, having the rulebook on the CRNGames wiki is so useful.

    Ok so one of these skills

    Battle (Reason)
    Battle is the basic skills and tactics known by any military commander. It is used for giving orders in combat and planning attacks, including ambushes.

    Guerilla Warfare (Instinct)
    Unlike Battle, which is standard military tactics knowledge, Guerilla Warfare is your character's knowledge of alternative tactics which give a smaller force a much greater advantage. It is used for coordinating quick and nasty attacks while hiding in the forest; using noise and trickery to appear to be a larger force, and eliminating your enemies one by one through ambushes.

    Looks like it should be involved here.

    I'm actually thinking along the lines of a Spear-fighting test against the enemy leader and let the dice from that affect the outcome of the overall battle using Battle or Guerilla Warfare. How does that sound?
  • Hi,
    I'm not gone. I'll post an idea later today.
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