[High Valor] Reclaiming Revehald Characters

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    Thorkell, expedition leader, Dverg

    Valor 4
    Will 3
    Faith 1

    Kinship (All Lesser) -Tireless, Root of the earth, Family kit.
    Profession – Battlemaster (Greater), Tactical mind (Lesser)
    Free – Duty (Greater), Unshakable (Lesser)
    Racial – Heart of iron and bones of stone (Greater)

    Challenges: Haunted, Pebble's Burden

    Family: Asbjorn, Einarr, Snorri.


    I)Leader of the Reclaimers
    II)Beat the Bandits
    III)Loyal to the Cause
    IV)Taught a Valuable Lesson
    V)Unsleeping Sentinel
    VI)Reliable as Clockwork


    VII)Confronted by a Dragon
  • Tabitha the Silvered

    Valor 2 Faith 2 Will 4

    Kinship: The Silvered's Vassal (Greater)

    Heir to the Silvered (Lesser)
    Gentle Demeanor (Lesser)
    Spiritual (Lesser)

    Sorcerer (Greater)
    "High Magic" Lore (Lesser)

    Adept at Enchantment (Heroic)

    New to the Faith

    Triumphs: Member of the Reclaimers; Led a successful rescue attempt; Saved a village from destruction; Consoled a friend; Recalled knowledge about a young dragon; Maternal instincts;

    Dooms: Confronted by a dragon

    Of middling height, Tabitha has the silver colored hair from which her family has taken their name and title, and, in the family tradition, grows it as long as she can handle. For ease of care on the road, she usually wears it in pigtails or a ponytail, but when not traveling, it is let free.

    Her eyes are rather less spectacular, being brown. Though some might call them amber.
  • Adathur of the Empty Plains

    Kinship: Fomoradgh

    Will 4 Faith 1 Valor 3

    Beast of the Fens and Moors (Greater)
    Tracker (Greater)
    Tactical Mind (Lesser)
    Savage Fighter (Lesser)
    Tireless (Lesser)
    Huntsman (Lesser)
    Archer (Lesser)
    Low Magic Lore (Lesser)
    Keen Senses (Lesser)

    Once Bitten, Twice Shy

    1. Member of the Reclaimers
    2. Sensed Danger at a Distance
    3. Defeat a Group of Bandits
    4. Saved a Village from Destruction
    5. Controlled Feral Nature
    6. Successfully Found Animal Tracks
    7. Found Dragon Tracks
    8. Successful Hunt
    9. Reliable as Clockwork


    Description: Adathur is tall, typical of Fomoradgh, standing at a lanky eight foot and ten inches in height with a lithe build. He has a distinctive coloration, a red-gold coat not common amongst the plains where once he lived. Even stranger is a long black swath of fur that runs from the tip of his left ear across his muzzle, and from there down his neck to his left hand. His cat-pupiled eyes are a luminous amber color. Adathur eschews more protective forms of armor in favor of a set of simple cured hides, a vest and pants for modesty, as well as leather vambrances and leg guards. Over the vest he does wear a simple leather plate covering the left side of his chest, a typical archer’s guard. His weaponry consists of a simple, well balanced iron spear, and a more elaborate ebony longbow. The quiver is worn over his right shoulder, a fairly well made leather piece with tooling in the style of a fox, which matches the carvings on his longbow.
  • Galus

    Valor 4 Will 2 Faith 2

    Reliable as the Rain (Greater +4)
    Beat my plowshare into a spear (Greater +4)
    Resolve through bad seasons (Lesser +2)
    Farmer (Greater +4)
    Landed (Lesser +2)
    Silver-Tongued (Greater +4)
    Direction Sense (Lesser +2)

    Reputation: Childish Braggart

    1. Member of the Reclaimers
    2. Keeping the pace despite weakness
    3. Slain an Ember Bearer
    4. Saved a village from destruction
    5. Faithful to the cause

    1. Saved by Tabitha's construct
    2. Gained a reputation as a childish braggart
  • Marie Caristhe

    Heritage: Poetic Gift (Legendary)
    Profession of Record: Wizard (Greater), Quick-witted (Lesser)
    Kinship: Sidhain; Dragon's Voice (Greater), Ardor
    General: Agile (Lesser), Unshakeable (Lesser), Obsession (Lesser)
    Challenge: Hidebound

    3 Valor 4 Will 1 Faith

    Dragonflame - Angry flame of dragon's kind, bend thy will unto my mind! Seek my enemies, find them all, dragonflame answer to my call!

    1. Member of the Reclaimers
    2. Keeping the pace despite weakness.
    3. Called magic rain
    4. Saved a village from destruction
    5. Shared a small intimate moment with an object of your lust
    6. Surprisingly adept at cross-species courtship.

    1. A drunken mess you made
    2. Caprice of fate
    3. The object of your affections was utterly unimpressed by your advances.
    4. Confronted by a dragon
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