[Ashen Snow] Two Dogs [W 7.3] [Gr 7.4]

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You slept in the nude, right? So Zip Zip gets an eyeful when he and Honk come into the yurt to wake Easton.

Honk goes all booby-mezzed (mesmerized by a pretty naked girl) while Zip Zip says, "East! Hey man, fight outside!" Easton struggles to consciousness, muttering as he tries to rise, but he's a little zonked.

Honk blinks himself away from staring and adds, "Some Pryers came around, asking for the Angel. We told her we hadn't seen her and they decided to be assholes so we told them to get stuffed. They started punching. No guns yet, but they're getting some more folks."


  • Few "ladies of the evening" are fortunate enough to sleep clothed, and so Winter's kind of become accustomed to sleeping nude. She's cuddling with Easton when Zip Zip and Honk come bursting through the door; and while startled into grabbing a sheet to cover herself with, there wasn't much sheet to grab. The "eyeful" that they gets is quite substantive. She was awake, and resting quite comfortably before they came in. She isn't initially interested in the cat-fight outside, so she rolls over and gently wakes her man. "Rise and shine sweetie, your subjects come calling." She rubs his arm, and kisses his cheek as she reaches for her clothes strewn about the room — ignoring the news until the mention of the Pryers and Bones jar her from ignorance. Easton seems half-asleep still, so she grabs the ball and runs with it.

    "Are they still outside? Or did they run off to get their friends?"
  • Honk answers, evidently the eyeful makes him quite compliant and helpful, "Two are still fighting, I think. Its sort of gotten crazy, some running and alot of shit talking."

    Easton's up, grabbing his bat, stepping into a set of red basketball shorts and he's leaving. He glances at you, "Hustle up, baby. I'm going on. Zip Zip, stay with Winter and bring her with." Then he's stalking out, Honk leading the way.

    Zip Zip is there, watching you dress. He has a sly grin when he says, "Thanks for getting Tse Tse all worked up. I got to be the rebound man, heh"
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    Winter listens to Honk and Easton as she gather's her clothes, she blows Easton a kiss as he heads out into the thoroughfare — leaving her alone with Zip Zip, who seems to be very chatty all of a sudden. She turns her back to him as she picks up the last of her clothes — specifically her frilly white garter, currently resting on the floor of the yurt — consciously unaware of the fact that she's giving him a perfect view of her ass (among other things) as she bends over. Old habits die hard. She catches herself mid-grab, recalling that she doesn't have to flirt with every man in the nine cities anymore, and quickly shoots up. She turns and looks back over her shoulder to Zip Zip, blushing a little with a guilty, but apologetic smile.

    Old habits indeed.

    "My pleasure sweetie," she calls back, pulling her dress down over her head. She turns back to him as she slips into her coat, flinging her hair out from underneath. "Any time," she adds with a wink. "Can you fill me in on the details of this little scuffle on the way out? I get tensions are high between us and the Pryers, but why would they come here looking for Bones?"
  • Yeah, Zip Zip was watching. He was poilte enough to look away when you shot the guilty look. When you tell him 'any time', he chews on that for a bit, almost misses when you ask for an update. The pair of you are walking towards the scuffle, there's some shouting, some ShantyTowners shouting back to tell them to shut up, the sound of breaking glass, like a bottle maybe. Zip Zip says, "They said Norvell was looking for her. Yoyo said she wasn't here, to fuck off. They demanded respect. He uh, disagreed. They started beating him and then some of our boys jumped them."

    You come up on the fight. Easton and his bat has escalated the conflict at this point, the Pryers have backed up off the three gangers they were fighting. Yoyo looks jacked up, face bleeding, he spits out a tooth.

    What do you do?
  • It's pretty obvious that this is Zip Zip's biased interpretation of how things went down, but it's all she has to go on until she spots Easton standing between his men and the Pryers. The man has a temper... Not that she blames him, considering what just happened to his men.

    She quickly tries to size up the situation as she circles the battered men in the streets, and makes her way up to Easton.
  • OOC: Reading the Sitch, Roll+Sharp. +1XP.
    #DiceRoller( 2d6+1 )
  • OOC: Sweet! Let's talk business now...
    • which enemy is most vulnerable to me?
    • where’s my best way in?
    • what should I be on the lookout for?
  • There's a teenager among them, his name is Omie. He's scared and now he sees you and he's completely distracted, out of his element, lost, eyes wide and gaping. You get the feeling he has a more personal connection to Bones, whereas the rest of them are acting out against ShantyTowners.

    Your best way in is to de-escalate, to appeal to the Pryers sense of honor. Easton broke up the fight right now, but this is just the calm before a storm. Grekkor is a trump card, too.

    Honk mentioned some of the Pryers went for reinforcements. If they come in before this is over, that would thrown this out of control, putting Easton's guys into the position of having to draw out guns or be overwhelmed.
  • Winter finishes frantically scanning the scene, and takes her place alongside Easton. She rubs his back a moment, eyeing the Pryers with a detached look on her face. "That's my man," she whispers comfortingly to him, "If you can keep them quiet, I'll talk some sense into them." She calmly walks into the center of the circle, keeping a respectful distance from the Pryers. She brushes a lock of hair back behind her ear as she searches for the right words to help diffuse this powder keg. Fortunately she has a few insights into the Pryer mind from dealing with Grekor all these years — command respect, and be direct.

    Her eyes fix on Omie, and she addresses him personally — her tone that of a mediator, rather than condescending. "Your name's Omie, right?" She raises her voice a little, still addressing Omie personally, but broadening the conversation to the Pryers as a whole, "would you mind telling me why you think getting in a fist fight with a bunch of Towners raises the Pryers up in the eyes of the people?" She pauses a moment, appealing to their sense of honor, "this is the behavior of a group of common thugs — surely the Pryers are above such nonsense. I hear you're here looking for the Angel, right? Bones? Tell me why you think she's here, and we can try talking this through — this time as reasonable people, with mutual respect."
  • Sounds like you're trying to Manipulate the Pryers to back off, using their sense of honor as leverage.

    Roll the manipulation, take a +1 for acting on info from reading the sitch.
  • Winter's well known for dealing with the upper crust of society, and being Easy to trust. Hopefully that will help enough here...
    OOC: Roll+Cool*, Manipulate the Pryers. +1XP.
    #DiceRoller( 2d6+4 )
  • Omie hesitates, everyone is looking at him. He's maybe fifteen or so. Then he realizes he's the figurehead now. He licks his lips, glancing at the older Pryer named Holder, a sadistic lecherous prick as you recall, then back to you. He says with as strong a voice as he can muster, "ShantyTowners have to apologize for disrespecting the Pryers and the Bondservant. They're... they're lucky we didn't kill them all, we have orders to not take any disrespect. But we didn't kill them and if they want to live, they have to apologize!"

    Easton bristles at that, but he's trying to back your play here, Winter. You can sense he just wants to bash a few of them and then see if they want their damn apology.
  • Winter chuckles once under her breath, impressed at just how into the scent of their own shit the Pryers are — but Omie's probably referring to some stupid sarcastic statement one of the gangers said that incited all this. Sadly it's not her Gang, it's Easton's... "Who wronged you?" she asks, demanding the names of people specifically who should pay the penance.
  • Omie points to Yoyo, says, "I don't know his name, the one in the helmet, on the ground there. When we asked where Bones was, he said she'd just..." He looks around, unsure, then blurts out, "He said she'd just finished sucking his... his dick. Chack told him to shut his fucking mouth and then they started hitting each other. And then more guys came" He points to Chime and J-Bay. "They jumped Chack and so Arizona and me we jumped them."

    Yoyo is too messed up to speak right now, or at least he's playing hurt real well. Chime and J-Bay, other guys in Jackabacka's crew, they don't object.
  • Grekkor,

    As you're coming up on this, you see your Pryers beaten a bit, the ganger named Yoyo lying on the ground pretty messed up with some others near him, Easton and Winter standing between the ShantyTown gang and your men.

    You're able to overhear what Omie just said, he was saying it loud enough.

    What do you do?


    As Omie is finishing up, Grekkor and about a dozen Pryers show up from the hold.
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    Winter looks back down over her shoulder at poor Yoyo, who is clearly too fucked up to speak, and spots Grekkor walking up the road — this isn't the best time for the Pryers to show up with reinforcements... Damn it. So Yoyo let his tongue wag a little too loosely at someone who could take him on — making him apologize wouldn't make him regret it, and killing him wouldn't solve anything. She shakes her head and responds dryly, "You beat him pretty badly — he might be able to talk had you not, but I think you got a fair amount of retribution out of him already..." She paces back and forth a moment, clearly contemplating her next move, before she raises a finger asking Omie for a brief pause. She walks back over to Easton and leans in close, "This is stupid," she whispers, "any other day of the week and we could hold Grekkor's feet to the fire over this, but we need him to play ball. Let's make a demonstration that we can be civilized: take responsibility for Yoyo's actions and promise to discipline him — if we're going to run this place, he can't be mouthing off to random people on the street. None of us can. If you ignore the fact that he mouthed off to a Pryer, this would still be necessary if we want to command respect."

    She looks back over to the Pryers, and Grekkor — this could end badly if it didn't resolve now. "The Pryers may think they're better than us, for whatever reason; but actions speak louder than words. So let's be better. I'll apologize and promise discipline if you want, but it would mean a lot more coming from you..." She leads Easton over towards Omie, making sure Grekkor is within earshot of what goes down next... She takes her time walking him over, in case Easton wants to object.
  • Winter,

    Easton relaxes when you talked to him, winter. But he's not sure about accusing one of his men of being strung just because he made a dirty joke. Plus, this kills his "be a better man than Grekkor" bit. But it sure does halt a bloodbath, which with his men outnumbered two to one, it would be. It looks like Easton wants to see your reaction and he'll back it up.

    What do you do?
  • Winter walks over to Grekkor as he lifts Yoyo off the ground, and announces his intentions. "Grekkor," she calls out, "we'd like to join you — we're responsible for his actions, and given this new information it's only fitting we make sure he's not a danger to anyone."
  • Easton breaks off, tells Honk and Zip Zip to get up a few more, arm up, since Harridan is about "causing trouble". It's obviously a ruse to get them moving without giving up ground.
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  • Don't have time to fully post, but Easton is NOT going to let Grekkor touch or pick up Yoyo.

    Will post in an hour or so, but Easton will go to conflict over Grekkor picking up one of his guys like a sack of potatoes.
  • Grekkor,

    When you step to Yoyo, Easton sees this and tries to get in your way, "I'll carry my man, Grekkor. We're just joining you on this one."
  • Winter keeps her eye on Grekkor as he talks through her. She's seemingly unphased by the obvious prod to Jack and Easton, and watches nervously as Easton steps between Grekkor and Yoyo — though she's a little relieved when Easton approaches the situation calmly. That's more the Easton she's familiar with — level headed. To accent Easton's answer she adds, "Right now I'm here because Yoyo and ShantyTown need me," and Easton, she thinks to herself — though that's more mutual, "and I'm here to talk sense, yes. Let's deal with Yoyo first, and then we can revisit the pissing match that's become the defense of our homes." Her tone is noncommittal, so as not to disrupt Jack and Easton's plan, but diplomatic — addressing her disappointment in the breakdown of communication to both of them equally. She looks back and forth between Grekkor and Easton, hoping they can recognize the shit they've been flinging around this essential task — but she's not hoping for much.
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  • Winter's not going to interfere — she has faith that you two have the greater good in mind, though you may not agree whole heartedly on what the greater good is. In fact she'd sooner assist, since she wants you two to understand each other. (Though it's a bit late for that)
  • Easton gives you a level look as he pulls Yoyo up. "We're a team, Grekkor. You don't understand us at all. Let's.... let's just go, alright?"

    Easton wants Grekkor to lay off, to walk away for a bit, then drop this whole bullshit about Yoyo being strung (he doesn't believe it AT ALL).
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  • Easton helps Yoyo walk, although really, he's doing an impression of Weekend at Bernie's and side-carrying him, this boy is jacked up. He looks over to you, Winter, making sure you're both still on the same page.

    Easton and his father are inseparable. If Jackabacka came over, he'd go, too.
    Or, if there was a serious rift between them, if his father fucked him over with Winter, if he had incontrovertible proof of something that heinous, he'd join the Pryers to spite him. But that second path, he would absolutely hate himself and seek a quick death.
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