[Ashen Snow] One Day Left [Ami 7.5]

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Five days, you've been told five days was all you'd have. This is day five.

The experience at the church, saving Emmy and Jin, holding the maelstrom and Harridan at bay like that... word got around. In the past few days, your life has become quite different. You once craved attention and affection, now you're nearly overwhelmed with both. There are at least a couple folks begging to join you in your bed, risking the pain for the chance to fall into the smoke with you. Trundlerock showed up two days ago and started hanging out, mostly in the hallway, but you know, he would come in from time to time and lurk. You've got folks who want to be around you most of the time, how are you handling that? Do they just sleep in your flat or do you kick them out and choose a few to stay? Is there a rotation? You know someone suggested a roster, right?

Norvell has been deflecting complaints about your abilities to control folks and word has gotten around that you now have a throng of mindless slaves, some even say you're the real threat, not Harridan. He knows there are bigger fish to fry, worries about running out of food, the actual Harridan coming, that kind of thing. But people are more afraid of you than ever.

Let's see how things are going for you right now. Roll +Hard for the actions below. 7-9, choose two that are true, 10+ choose one that is true. On a miss, they're all true.

* Raven has felt neglected with all the other people vying for your attention and affection and started racking up debts at Red House with Big Daddy, she may never get out of it now and she's begging for you to get her out of it
* Wolf left with Sable and Jin this morning along with the rest of the pack to fight Harridan's forces before they began ascending the mountain to come down into your valley; which one won't be coming back - Sable or Jin?
* Lala is waiting outside the door with a summons for your arrest, he had to shoot Trundlerock to deliver it
* While mind-sharing/fucking Logic last night, you saw his sister Domino raping him again in a horrid nightmare, then you both discovered in the smoke that Harridan is actually his son; you just woke up


  • #DiceRoller(2d6+2)

  • which one won't be coming back - Sable or Jin?
  • Jin won't be coming back.
  • You woke with a start, of course. Possibly one of the worst things to dream about and Logic is right there, a look of shock in his eyes. He didn't even hear the gunshot. But you did.

    Raven's already gone, but Logic slept in with you. Now Lala is pushing open the door, "Ami! Girl, I gotta bring you in, don't make it no worse on yerself, alright?"

    Logic has no quips, no smart-aleck smiles, he's horrified at what he's seen, mouthing the words My son? over and over. He rolls over and away from you to stare at the concrete wall.

    What do you do?
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    Harridan is a child. Literally a child. An angry, monstrous child.

    I'm in nearly as much shock as Logic. I experienced it with him, I was him at his most terrible moment. The sense of violation by someone he loved is.... beyond awful. It resonates with what I felt from my own mother about me.

    You asked earlier how I've handled this... overwhelming presence of people suddenly in my life. Well the truth is I haven't begun to handle it at all. I've been claiming exhaustion from the augury at the church. I've been hiding, mostly in my room. I've been having sex with Raven and Logic, sometimes together, as a way to try and avoid and numb my wounded heart. I've... taken advantage of Roark's care for me too, and Chin came along with Raven at some point.

    I've never had people to drown myself in before. And my starved desire for being touched, my vulnerability for sensation... I've been on a sensual bender more or less. I know someone out there has taken charge. It might be Roark. Someone, anyway, stepped in to make some order of the people coming and going. I did hear something about a roster but I haven't said one way or the other.

    I've been fighting with myself about whether to have Logic strip this thing from me or to simply suffer it until it passes. On the one hand I want it to be gone, because it hurts. On on the other hand I want to suffer, to punish my heart for being so... so stupid. I'm angry at myself.

    They want me for... I don't know. I'm not sure it's me they want anyway. Not the real me. But they use me and I use them right back. Anything to avoid thought.

    Now the dream, the gunshot, Lala. I'm disoriented. Who has been killed because they want to be near me? Too many things to process. I just sit for what seems like a long time, but probably isn't. I get up.

    "Let me dress!" I shout, pulling on what I can find. A red top that only covers my meagre breasts, some kind of bathing costume. then frantically wrapping a long red cloth around my waist as a skirt, the rest draping up and over my shoulder.

    Someone... I don't know who or why... managed to dye all my clothes red actually. They're blotchy...darker where the old blood was, and the red varies wildly from fabric to fabric. I don't have any white anymore, but maybe a scrap or two.

    Dressed, I turn towards Logic for a moment, then I'm finger combing my tangled hair as I rush out into the main room to find out what's happened.

    "Mr. Lala? What is going on?" I'm looking around.
  • Lala says in his normal style, "Ami, I gotta bring ya in, Norvy sent for ya. Yer boy gave me some hell and I shot 'im in the leg. B'lieve I missed anything special, so Bones can fix him up. C'mon, don't make any trouble. Let's get this over with."

    He comes in the front room, walking towards you. He's got workman's gloves on, which he's never worn before.

    What do you do?
  • I give him a level look.

    "I have never made trouble, Mr. Lala. In the interest of continuing that behavior preventing an... unfortunate scene, may I please attend my friend's wound before we go?"

    Manipulating him. Let me see to Trundlerock and I won't cause him trouble.
  • #DiceRoller(2d6+3)
  • Lala nods, "Alright, do what you can. Be quick."

    Rock is lying on his side, bleeding out of his left thigh, grunting in pain. He looks up at you, angry at falling to Lala so easy, for letting him come for you.
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    "Shhh... Mr. Trundlerock." I say softly, kneeling beside him, touching his arm. "Now why are you going around standing in front of flying bullets?" I smile at him "Mr. Lala is only doing his job, if a tad rudely. I will be fine. Be still for me now."

    I touch the leg, and push the healing energy through it.
  • Healing Touch

  • The wound heals up, no problems. Rock eases up when you lay hands on him, even chuckles at your joke. He scoots up to sit and looks like he'll be ok.

    Lala escorts you to see Norvell, who is currently meeting with Alonzo.

    Join him here.
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