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Marlene is a woman in her 40s with a strong body and short, curly red hair. She typically wears coveralls (utility wear) that may be open on top with a tank top under them if she's not working on something. Her face is gorgeous, but for the sadness that pervades her eyes when she's not around her children.

Current stats:
Cool+2 Hard=0 Hot+2 Sharp+2 Weird=0
Original stats:
Cool=0 Hard-1 Hot+1 Sharp+2 Weird=0

Vera is 12, with her mother's face, and long, straight red hair. She's thin, but tall and strong for her age. Running things when Marlene's away has made her grow up fast.

Jimmy is 8, with his mother's hair, and freckles. His propensity for pointing a stick at things and yelling "BANG!" conceals his prodigious skill at defending the family when needed.

Timmy should be Jimmy's twin, but he's just an orphan Marlene picked up when Jimmy recognized their resemblance and brought him home as a joke. They've been inseparable since then.

Sarah is 6. She doesn't talk much since her dad was murdered before her eyes, and is never without the teddy bear that was his last gift to her. When she does speak, it's usually to report a keen observation.

They share a barge they just call Home. It's capacious, and the hand-crafted looks make it clear that it's easily repaired. Unfortunately, even on water, pushing around 2-armor loaded with cargo is a slow, sloppy affair.

Marlene keeps a magnum (3-harm close reload loud) now that she has to resolve disputes by herself, and she tries to keep at least 2-barter worth of trade-able goods on the ship as they make runs to different places. Right now it's tied up in crates of Spices: the difference between a cheap piece of meat and an exotic delicacy.

Marlene's a no shit driver, and her other car is a tank. Well, not really a tank, so much as an assault hovercraft. "Barney" is a fast machine with mounted grenade launchers (4-harm close area messy) and enough capacity to hold a small to medium sized gang. It's covered in spikes and plates (2-armor) but it guzzles gas pretty quickly.

Marlene stole it; inasmuch as you can steal something you built. Jimmy (or was it Timmy?) didn't come back from a port stop, and the next day the best organized of the local (where Marlene came from, off along the water a few days' travel) hellraisers said if she wanted him back, she was going to help them. They were tired of only being able to terrorize the people along the water, and wanted something to project their force inland, but they had to shoot the asshole who started putting it together when he fell behind schedule. Having learned from their mistakes, when Marlene ran into the same trouble, they shot her husband, Barney, instead of her. They didn't know that she had it working, and had just been sandbagging them until she could figure out a way to get her family out safely. Barney's death provided a name for the contraption and the motivation to take back Timmy herself; Vera manned the grenade launcher, and they tore the place to hell on their way out.

Marlene's been observing a lot lately. She's watched the maelstrom long enough to pick up a good weather eye, so she can interact with the spookies using her wits instead of her wackiness.

She's also watched a lot of people. She's learned how to manipulate them better, but realized that sometimes manipulation won't do it, and more toughness is required.

Over the course of the first Nimitz run, Marlene saw more action than she had in a while. Things were different when she was leading a squad instead of just dropping them off. She learned to keep it together under fire, and now enjoys the Coolness that comes from being a Combat Veteran.

When she first arrived at the Chateau, Omie was manning the hailing station, and connected her to Uncle. The Rough Riders held off the attack from what was left of Baby Duck's gang, and she joined the fight against Dog Head.


  • That's sweet. I particularly like the way you crafted the in-game tags into your narrative.
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    Marlene and Gritch:
    "If that man needs something sent or something brought, I'm more'n happy to deal with him; honest money what don't quibble's harder to come by than it ought to be, but he ain't welcome on my boat."

    Marlene and Navarre:
    Marlene's always been the brains of her family's river trading operation, but when Barney was around, he was good at making sure everybody paid on time and in full. Marlene won't disrespect his memory when the kids are around, but the Hardest guy in the room always has her eye.

    Marlene and Uncle:
    Dog Head's presence in this world clearly wasn't doing anybody a lot of good, so Marlene was happy to help Uncle get rid of him. She'd be quite pleased to pilot Barney into action against anyone who's disturbing the peace or crushing the little guy, but things would be a little less clear if Uncle were trying to put some fear in his vassals. She definitely sees him a force for order, so as long as he comes off as being fair, she'll be behind him. The fact that he's unusually hard, reasonably hot, and still has something between his ears doesn't hurt either.

    Marlene and Spector:
    If Spector does any business with people up or down the river, Marlene's probably offered to get involved. What's the word around the Chateau about him and kids? If Uncle trusted him enough to put his under Spector's tutelage, then Marlene would probably feel okay about doing the same, but if there are any whispers that things maybe aren't so wholesome, she'd keep her clan closer to home.
  • I didn't want to interrupt the tit-fancying retard scene, but it seemed really important to point out that it would be easy to keep waxed cheese in a metal box ten feet under the surface of the water.
  • Good point. Hooray cheese!
  • ...tit-fancying retard scene...

  • Man, Gritch wants a tit-fancying retard scene!

    Wait, no, scratch that. Marlene can keep all the tit-fancying retards for herself.
  • Haha. You guys are killing me. :)
  • Navarre aspires to be a tit-fancying retard, sometimes.
  • He wouldn't even need a wrench to strip her nuts.
  • Marlene's going to avoid that if at all possible, especially since hers isn't particularly helpful.
  • What is the Driver's sex move? Sorry, I don't have the book near me, and I'm kinda curious now.

    Also, I believe I should be the first to recommend the happy union between Marlene and the tit-fancying retard. I think her kids would take to him like the creepy, drooling dog they never had and never wanted.
  • Driver Special:

    If you and another character have sex, roll+cool. On a 10+, it’s
    cool, no big deal. On a 7–9, give them +1 to their Hx with you on
    their sheet, but give yourself -1 to your Hx with them on yours.
    On a miss, you gotta go: take -1 ongoing, until you prove that it’s
    not like they own you or nothing.
  • Driver sex move: If you and another character have sex, roll+cool. On a 10+, it’s cool, no big deal. On a 7–9, give them +1 to their Hx with you on their sheet, but give yourself -1 to your Hx with them on yours. On a miss, you gotta go: take -1 ongoing, until you prove that it’s not like they own you or nothing.
  • Helpfulness collision!
  • I've just been using the free pdf here:
    I should buy the book sometime and be less of a deadbeat.
  • Well yes, you should, but at the same time those things are posted for a reason.

    Someday (someday!) there will even be a proper player refbook, laid out a little more usefully.
  • Can you tell me more about these "hellraisers" that you had the run-in with? Like, who of them is still alive, maybe leading them? And, a little about this town a few days away you come from?
  • You mean Baby Duck's gang? Some people have all the luck. Not only did they find what must have been the only intact jetski dealership in the area, they had somehow setup camp in an old military base as well. Safe in their impregnable fortress, they started by raiding anyone passing by them on the river, and steadily branched out to hitting anyone with a few hours travel. Problem was, small arms fire from a bunch of fucking thieves on jetskis wasn't worth shit as soon as someone put up a decent wall. They had some military ordinance, but everybody on land was wise to them, so there was nowhere they could land to make an attack. Baby Duck didn't seize what he had by being a dumbass, so he started working on a way to project their power inland. They tried just mounting a cannon on whatever they had that could float, but even if they did punch a hole in a wall, that just made a nice choke point for his men to get picked off when they went in to raid. They needed something fast that could deliver troops and bring shock value, which is how the project got started that led to Barney. Marlene did her best to bring down the facility on her way out, killing as many thugs and blowing up as many watercraft as she could, but she didn't stick around to count the bodies. She's not sure who lived through her escape, or who made it out of the subsequent attack on the chateau. If Baby Duck was killed, the gang probably fell apart to infighting, but if he survived (and he probably did, what with the aforementiond brains) he probably found a new spot to rebuild.

    As far as towns, Marlene's not from any of the ones near here, but she used to bounce around a lot of them trading. Brockway was a farming town; they traded whatever they could grow for whatever they couldn't. Ogdenville used to have a mine, and nobody quite had the tech to run it anymore, but the old mine gift shop supplied shinies doled out very slowly in trade. You'd be amazed at what kind of Hocus Pocus people would make out of a cheap plastic toy, just because none will ever be manufactured again. North Haverbrook was mainly a source of metal, scraps and a lot of hardware. At one point, they had had an extensive public transportation system, but it hadn't even been functional for a good part of Before, and now it was slowly being re-purposed as bullets or whatever else people wanted from metal.
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    Awesome. Great stuff. I love the jet ski gang.
  • barge? (the middle one)
  • Looks good to me.
  • Just to clarify, good in the clinch only helps with acting under fire and not other cool-based moves, like moonlighting or the driver special?
  • Is the "change your character to a new type" advancement option detailed in the book? In the long run (or, at the rate we're going, early tomorrow morning in game time) it might make sense for Marlene to become an Operator instead of just picking up moonlighting, but I don't want to lose her stats or the moves she's picked up.
  • You pick a new playbook, and these happen:

    - You 'keep everything belonging to your intrinsic self', which explicitly include stats, moves, and improvements.

    - You 'leave behind everything belonging to your old life', for which an example is: a hardholder who becomes a driver leaves behind his hold.

    - You 'get everything belonging to your new life', including moves and gear and stuff (as if you were building the character new from that playbook).

    What belongs to your intrinsic self and what belongs to your old life is decided point-by-point between you and the MC. So you definitely get your stats and moves, but do you keep your boat, or do you leave it behind? Up for discussion, and probably dependent on the circumstances. If your new life is cruising up and down the coastline trading and doing odd jobs, then that life probably includes a boat.
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    Marlene, tell me a little bit more about Barney. Specifically, the seating arrangement.

    I've got about 8 guys + Spector that are riding with you to the hospital. Are some of them just hanging off the side or something? Can you fit that many? Or, is it part of a convoy with a couple of Uncle's smaller trucks?
  • There's seating for a driver, and at least one mounted grenade launcher position (I've always pictured two, but I don't know if that's kosher with the move as written. How about either I can't bring them both to bear at the same time, or I can, but they do 4 harm total and not each?) Another seat for a copilot would be reasonable, but after that, I figure it's standing room in the back/middle/main section. I figured it should hold a squad of armed and armored guys, with a ramp that pops down so they can rush out and fuck shit up. How big is a squad again? 8 people might be tight, but I think they should fit, it'll just be standing close together at worst. When they fill the thing with salvage, they may have to sit on the salvage for the ride home.
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