[AW] Marlene - The Driver

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  • That's sweet. I particularly like the way you crafted the in-game tags into your narrative.
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    Marlene and Gritch:
    "If that man needs something sent or something brought, I'm more'n happy to deal with him; honest money what don't quibble's harder to come by than it ought to be, but he ain't welcome on my boat."

    Marlene and Navarre:
    Marlene's always been the brains of her family's river trading operation, but when Barney was around, he was good at making sure everybody paid on time and in full. Marlene won't disrespect his memory when the kids are around, but the Hardest guy in the room always has her eye.

    Marlene and Uncle:
    Dog Head's presence in this world clearly wasn't doing anybody a lot of good, so Marlene was happy to help Uncle get rid of him. She'd be quite pleased to pilot Barney into action against anyone who's disturbing the peace or crushing the little guy, but things would be a little less clear if Uncle were trying to put some fear in his vassals. She definitely sees him a force for order, so as long as he comes off as being fair, she'll be behind him. The fact that he's unusually hard, reasonably hot, and still has something between his ears doesn't hurt either.

    Marlene and Spector:
    If Spector does any business with people up or down the river, Marlene's probably offered to get involved. What's the word around the Chateau about him and kids? If Uncle trusted him enough to put his under Spector's tutelage, then Marlene would probably feel okay about doing the same, but if there are any whispers that things maybe aren't so wholesome, she'd keep her clan closer to home.
  • I didn't want to interrupt the tit-fancying retard scene, but it seemed really important to point out that it would be easy to keep waxed cheese in a metal box ten feet under the surface of the water.
  • ...tit-fancying retard scene...

  • Man, Gritch wants a tit-fancying retard scene!

    Wait, no, scratch that. Marlene can keep all the tit-fancying retards for herself.
  • Haha. You guys are killing me. :)
  • What is the Driver's sex move? Sorry, I don't have the book near me, and I'm kinda curious now.

    Also, I believe I should be the first to recommend the happy union between Marlene and the tit-fancying retard. I think her kids would take to him like the creepy, drooling dog they never had and never wanted.
  • Driver Special:

    If you and another character have sex, roll+cool. On a 10+, it’s
    cool, no big deal. On a 7–9, give them +1 to their Hx with you on
    their sheet, but give yourself -1 to your Hx with them on yours.
    On a miss, you gotta go: take -1 ongoing, until you prove that it’s
    not like they own you or nothing.
  • Can you tell me more about these "hellraisers" that you had the run-in with? Like, who of them is still alive, maybe leading them? And, a little about this town a few days away you come from?
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    Awesome. Great stuff. I love the jet ski gang.
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    Marlene, tell me a little bit more about Barney. Specifically, the seating arrangement.

    I've got about 8 guys + Spector that are riding with you to the hospital. Are some of them just hanging off the side or something? Can you fit that many? Or, is it part of a convoy with a couple of Uncle's smaller trucks?
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