[AW] Marlene And The Dunce

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After trading away the meat, Marlene, you're headed back to the fat, hairy motherfucker in his wide pants and suspenders. After asking around, you've learned that the man is somehow related to Crutch, maybe his brother, and everyone calls him Boo. You've found out he's left the stump and was last seen heading toward the machine shop, where Daff and Wisher work.

You're there now, and you can hear Wisher's voice coming from inside. There's this huge barn door standing open, leading into the shop. Peering in, you don't see any sign of Daff, but Wisher is kind of yelling at Boo.

"Boo, now I don't care if you have a wrench now... You're getting in my way."

What do you do?


  • To Wisher: "I think I can help." To Boo: "Hey, Boo. I'm sorry if I was short with you earlier, I was just in a bit of a huff lookin' for my daughter. Can we talk?"
    Marlene would like to read Boo

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 ) (highlighted for experience)
  • Boo's kind of hanging off the side of this old 5-ton Army truck. The hood is popped off, leaning on the side of the truck and there are parts scattered across the top of the engine. Boo's got that wrench and he's jabbing it into the engine well.

    "Don't worry guys! I'll fix it!"

    Wisher is flummoxed. She throws her hands up in dismay and slaps them down on her greasy coveralls. She doesn't seem too relieved at your arrival.

    "Hey, Marlene. If you can get this nutjob outta here, man, I'll be in debt to yah."
  • Great roll. You get 3 Hold.
  • Boo doesn't seem to pay you no mind though, ignoring your question. He's biting his lip now, trying to fit the wrench onto a part that clearly doesn't fit.
  • Also, I'm guessing meat would be in demand, so Marlene traded a week of meat for two weeks of non-meat food, explaining to the people in the market that trying to cook the meat would be likely to catch the barge on fire. She's going to see about going vegetarian for a bit.
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    Sounds fair. What kind of non-meat stuff do people 'round here eat?
  • The chateau has light farming from the orchard, so there's some fruit, and a fair amount of the seasonal tribute is in food, so I'm thinking bread, maybe some cheese for today (hard to keep it cold longer than that on the boat,) and some nutritious vegetables. Nuts would be good for protein as well.

    She addresses Boo: "If you're looking to build something, I could use some help."
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    You've got Boo's attention, but he still clings to the truck, clanking the wrench haphazardly to the engine manifold.

    "You need help from Boo?"

    He seems hesitant, you might have to manipulate him. Tell him what you want, and what might be the leverage and show me the roll.
  • Let's use a hold to ask what Boo wishes Marlene would do, so we know what the right leverage is.
  • And I guess the most important question, how could Marlene get Boo to give the wrench back?
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    Sure. It's not your pleasant voice, or your kind words that have his attention. He's staring right at your tits, snug in the tank top under your coveralls. You can see some drool forming on Boo's lower lip, and his eyes are intense. He probably wishes you'd take him in the back of the machine shop and let him stuff his face with 'em. That might be a starting point.
  • She lightly clasps his hand that's on the wrench, and looks into his eyes. "Seeing you strong hands on that wrench reminds me of the last man to hold it. Why don't you and me take a walk, somewhere more private?"

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+1 ) (highlighted, I need one more)
  • Sensing his hesitation, she takes him by the hand, attempting to lead him out of the machine shop, and unzips her coveralls a bit with the other hand.
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    Boo's gonna need some concrete assurance you aren't just tricking him. So, he reaches out with the wrenchless hand, as if to latch onto one of those things (tits), and then looks at you for approval before doing so.
  • "There's a lot of people here, and I don't want them distractin' you. If you'd like t'be a gentleman, you could help carry my things for a minute." She offers the food bags that she wouldn't want to return home without, unsure if this will be sufficient.
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    He shakes his head, no. He's flexing his fingers on the outstretched hand, as if he's opening and closing his hand on something. He wants to feel those tits. And, that's going to be the thing that gets him somewhere more private (Where you plan on taking him anyways?).

    Wisher is just watching from a ways at this point. She's clearly interested in how things are about to go down.
  • Mental sigh. She puts his hands together around the wrench. "Y'see, this wrench used to belong to someone very special to me." She pulls him close. "You could say it's close to my heart." She pulls his hands near her heart with one hand, with the other open to catch the wrench, should his hands become occupied with something else.
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    Oh yeah. Boo's grip is tight on that wrench, he's not letting go. It's his. But, as you pull him close, his other hand latches onto one of your tits and he's squeezing the shit out of it. Drool slips from his lip, dripping onto his chest and the dirt floor. He's letting out slight grunts and short, breathy laughter. He grins at you, and up close, you can see his nostrils caked in dried up mucus.

    "Let's go somewhere private."

    He's fucking eager now.

    Wisher has her sleeve up, covering her chuckles.
  • She puts her hand over his squeezing hand, to keep it in place, and to try to massage it to loosen his grip a little. "I just need to have a word with Wisher first. You can come with if you want, or I can meet you back here in a minute."
  • He waits there. He's fondling the wrench now, obviously excited for what's to come.

    Wisher tries to bite her tongue, preventing her laughter as you approach.

    "I guess I owe you big time. What's with the wrench?"
  • "It was Barney's, and it's the last thing he gave to Vera before...well, you know. I'd be might appreciative if it didn't get around that this was how I got it back."
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    Wisher nods. She's younger, maybe nineteen or so. She's a thin girl, but she's got these rosy round cheeks that compliments her dirty blonde hair that looks like its been cut with a razor knife into a bob. She might even be pretty is she wasn't grimed up from the sweat and grease from working in the machine shop with Daff all the fucking time.

    "Your secret's safe with me. Like I said, I owe yah. Get that bozo out of here so I can get back to work."
  • Marlene leads Boo somewhere a little out of the way, not far enough that a yell wouldn't attract attention, but not close enough that anyone's likely to be watching. Somewhere with a tree, or something the can go behind without actually being particularly obscured. She asks him to wait a minute, then goes behind the tree and, facing away from him, removes her tank top without taking off the coveralls. She then zips the coveralls back up.

    She walks back over to him, dropping the tank top with the food. "I asked you out here because I have a problem I think you can help with. You see, I've been having some trouble lately with this zipper."

    Marlene's plan is: clasp his wrench hand. Bring it up so the wrench is around the zipper pull. Using her thumb, simultaneously stroke his hand and tighten the wrench so that it grips the zipper pull. Let me know if he doesn't go along with any of this.

    "Now I think we'll need a real delicate touch for this next part, so let's just take it slow." She attempts to guide his hand to unzip the coveralls using the wrench.
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    Boo is just nodding, taking it all in like he understands, but as you talk you can tell he's partly confused.

    "I can help with the zipper."

    He grins.

    Very, very slowly, he assists you at placing the wrench and positioning it so that it fits onto the zipper. He starts to pull down on the zipper, attempting to reveal more of your chest, his eyes going wider the further down it zips.

    As the zipper goes down, he starts pulling on hit harder and faster.

    What do you do?
  • The zipper only goes to the waist, so a little before that, Marlene indicates that he seems to have solved the problem, and attempts to give him a face full of what he's been looking for.
  • He thrusts his face into your chest and drops the wrench. He's feeling you up and starts making all kinds of fucking noise, slobbering on those tits.

    Unfortunately, you hear people coming across the way, down an alley in the Chateau, toward the clearing you're at with Boo. Sounds like three or four, but you can't be certain. If they catch you in the act, it might not be good for your reputation.

    What do you do?
  • "Shh, Boo, I think I hear some people coming. They'd probably be jealous if they saw us, and they might try to ruin the fun. One of us had better go see what they want." Let me know if this is manipulation or if she's acting under slobber.
  • What exactly are you trying to do? Keep him quiet, or get him to go confront them?
  • Preference would be him confronting them, but him staying put while Marlene goes to talk to them would work too. If Boo think she's just trying to keep him quiet, she might have to improvise.
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    Boo pulls his face out from being buried in your chest. This sad looks comes over his face; it's all covered in slobber. His wispy, balding hair is standing up everywhere now.

    "But, I don't wanna go. I'm having fun. Let's hide behind the tree. They won't see us. I promise. I'll be quiet."

    How do you plan to manipulate him into confronting them?
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