[Thou Art But A Warrior] Playtest of a Polaris Suppliment



  • Ok, yeah, how about I try to get by with what's online, until I can get a physical copy? Those resources are really good. I'm keen to get things rolling.

    Who's still around? Christopher?
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    Listening to Paul Tevis' actual play report recordings of Polaris could also help - though I think they exhaust themes incorrectly (they were exhausting Aspects by the sound of it, and not Themes, but its hard to tell).


    PbP posts of my Polaris game are also on that wiki that I linked to before, and show the mechanics in use if that helps.
  • Are you still looking for players? I would be interested. I own a copy of Polaris, but I have yet to play. Let me know and I will e-mail Anna for a playtest copy.
  • Sweet! Yeah, we still need two players, you and one more. So it's me, Rich, Dave, and.....
  • I'm still here.
    rugrsi (at) hotmail if you have the play test doc. Otherwise I'll request it from akreider.
  • Ok! That's four of us! Anna's asked that we get everything set in ston as far as how we're going to play and with whom before she sends out anymore playtest documents. I think she wants to limit the number of unfinished copies of the rules there are floating around, which is fair. Tomorrow I'll start an OOC thread where we can discuss protocols and things. I'll read up on all the other threads that have been linked here, and see what works. How does that sound?
  • Sounds good to me. I got my playtest copy this morning, so I'm going to take a look sometime today.
  • I've had mine for awhile and read through it so I am ready to roll when you guys are.
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