[AW] Revving Up For 2nd Session

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I'm going to work on some Fronts and try to get all of these NPCs somewhat organized for the Act 2.

I like how some of you made a short list of things you might want to accomplish in the coming session. Can you post those lists in this thread and make a note of anything else we want to discuss, touch on that we haven't, focus on more, etc...?


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    - Deal with that fustercluck at the end of last session. Specifically, ask Uncle what happened and why, perhaps interrogate Seville, and somewhat tangentially, heal the wounded.
    - Make damn sure that Mimi follows up on her end of the deal.
    - Have another sit-down with Navarre to talk about the poppet, and to talk about Ruby a bit, perhaps.

    Edited: I, the player, think that because Gritch interacted with Marlene not at all last session, I am interested in seeing some interaction there.
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  • I was hoping that Marlene would deliver my note to Lars at some totally inappropriate time -- immediately following the bloodbath, for instance.

    Spector's immediate wants revolve around Pamming. He wants to pamper her. He want to make sure she's safe at home when he's gone -- Frankie is still out there. And he wants to find out if she's knocked up.

    He also wants to go get some high-tech hospital equipment from Before.

    If it ever works out, he'd like to get down to Backwater and see about the red-haired family's situation.

    I want to see a scene where Gritch confronts Navarre about the possessed doll and Navarre thanks him for making it.

    I expect that shooting the retard will bite me in the ass (though it's not clear whether I was identified) and Crutch already gives me the creeps. So that could be good stuff.

    Are we re-highlighting stats?
  • If you guys want to re-highlight stats, just say so in the end of session thread and we'll do it again.
  • It's up to you. We can say the barter you received from the first roll was hoarded barter from before the 1st session and the barter from this roll comes from the tribute coming in during the market today.

    Do you feel your rule is challenged? Personally, if it was, I don't see it now.

    I'm inclined to let you go ahead and roll. Reprisals have come and gone, although, there's more to the story and still much to be investigated.
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  • Hey, I would just like to point out that Gritch inflicted no physical harm on any one of the Riders.

    Also, if your rule is gonna be challenged, maybe having 'allies' particularly adept at collateral damage is a good thing. "Oops, so sad that Fleece took one of the many, many bullets that Navarre fired. Oh well."
  • I can't wait for Fleece to get some screen time. :)
  • What do you think this is...Snail's Pace? Oh, wait...
  • No prob. I might not get around to posting the opening scenes for session two till the afternoon anyways.
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