[AW] War Room Activities

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Some time has passed since the morning shootout.

Marlene, you're standing outside of Uncle's cottage. The place looks straight out of a war zone. It's been partially cleaned up, but the remains are still lying about. The once pristine cottage has been mangled by bullets. The facade has been littered with bullet holes, the roof on the porch is hardly standing, the porch has been shredded beyond belief, the windows shattered into millions of glass fragments, the floorboards stained with someone's blood and ammunition casings covering the floor like fallen autumn leaves. Something serious happened here, and from the tone of Uncle's voice coming from inside the cottage, it's something that is about to be dealt with. You need to deliver this note, and maybe get out of here and home without incident.

Who's inside with you Uncle? I'm imagining you've gathered your lieutenants and anyone else you deem important enough to be there when you hand out orders. Definitely Kirk and Mo. Anyone else? Princy has gone off to secure Violetta and Navarre to seek medical treatment.

You're all standing around the large war room table, the map etched into its surface. Seville is there, under your watchful eye. He's awakened now. Where is he? Is he bound? Gagged? Restrained somehow?

Gritch, are you here? Does Uncle want you here? If so, what are you doing? If not, where are you?


  • The door is wide open, hanging off its hinges where it was nearly taken down entirely. I'll let Uncle decide when the lull in conversation comes, but he definitely notices you peering in through the doorway.
  • Yeah, I'm here. Sittin' on the side. Waitin' my turn, an' keepin' my eyes on Seville.

    Does Uncle wan' me here? Probably not. I'm not part o' his Riders, not anymore, an' I'm not normally part o' his war councils an' strategy sessions. But I don' care. I'm not leavin' til I get to talk to the man, an' figure out what the hell is goin' on. I can wait my turn. So I sit, an' I listen, an' I watch.

    Jus' hope that the kid's gonna be okay, though. He weren't lookin' too good when he limped away, still bleedin'. Gotta talk to him, too, 'bout that poppet.

    One thing at a time, though.
  • All eyes are on you, Uncle.
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    Fleece is definitely the last lieutenant. You sent a runner to go get him. But, the runner hasn't come back, and there ain't no sign of Fleece. You're not sure what's up with that, but your patience has run dry and might be something you should deal with after the immediate orders of business. When the men were here earlier, before Princy left to take Violetta to the dungeon, he gave them an order to help clean up the mess. You noticed some of them grumbled, and even refused to work. You think Princy sorted it out without your intervention, after all, most of the mess got cleaned up. But, the men were from Fleece's platoon.

    As far as you can tell, you're still in control here. At least, you've got control of most of your men. You have your doubts about Fleece and his intentions. However, Mo's brought some more shit to your attention. The patrol that didn't return, well, it was scouting this old building - she thinks it used to be a prison of some sort. Most people that go up in that region don't come back, and she wanted to know why. She points it out on your map. Whatever there is NOT in your control, despite it falling under your wing span.

    Secondly, you know that someone was privy to the details of the shift change this morning. Meaning, someone within the compound is working for the other team. That doesn't make you feel happy. You can't decide on the details, or that if Fleece is the culprit for sure, but you know there is definitely enemies lurking within the Chateau.

    Last, but not least, if I were you, I'd be on the lookout for this device attached to Seville. You didn't find any sort of detonator. You're not sure how it works. It could go off any time. The only clue you have to its operation is the heartbeat monitor attached to it and Seville. It's some of the highest tech you've seen. Where the hell would someone get something like this?

    I'm not sure who you should talk to about the fucking thing though. Spector might be an option. He tends to be savvy about that kind of shit. But, bombs? Who the fuck knows?

    Seville's not explosive. He's restrained, gagged and he's keeping still. He's not trying anything. But, you can see him working through shit in his head. This ain't how he planned it to go down.

    I think this would be a good time for Marlene to come in if she wants. Or, Gritch to speak up.
  • Posted By: Christopher Weeks
    Lars, this morning finds me in an altogether unhappy situation. A ruffian and a hostage appeared at my place, claiming to be siblings, but clearly not. They were carrying a sick man on a litter. As it became clear that the ruffian is one of those who intends harm to all forms of order and beauty, I opted to take his life and rescue his hostage. As these things do sometimes, it went poorly. In our altercation, I killed the innocent and the ruffian fled. At least I took his pistol. I brought the bleeding victim, a girl named Matilda whom I believe was from Backwater and the unconscious man about whom I know nothing, to The Chateau. The girl died en route and I've left the diseased fellow in the care of your man Crutch.
    I hope that you will have the resources to devote attention to three things. First, the ruffian who fled my place is out and about, and likely to cause trouble for others -- and quite possibly, for me. I would rest easier knowing that one of your patrols had dispatched him. I am hoping that the ill man in the care of Crutch does not represent a new disease in our area. Some of these are quite damaging. It might be especially bad were he to find his way into the local food supply. Third, and I'll understand if it seems to be least important; if Backwater falls under your umbrella of governance, you may want to investigate whatever unrest or famine might be taking place that sent these kids wandering from their home to mine. And perhaps take the time to alert their kin that the two young, copper-haired travelers have met their end.
    On an unrelated note, Marlene and I have discussed mounting a salvage expedition to the old military hospital. I don't know the way, but she does. It appears, however, that there is a security issue and people who go there either never come back or when they do, are not quite right in the head. I like to imagine that there is equipment and supplies there that we -- as a greater community, might quite benefit from if we were able to bring it back. Is this something that you would be interested in sponsoring? A small security and labor detail would be quite welcome.
    I hope that this letter finds your day better than mine.


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  • I'm perfectly willin' to sit an' wait until I get a chance t'talk to Uncle. Alone.

    An' I'm eyin' Seville an' the doohickey on his body while I wait. Wouldn't mind messin' up this fucker a bit, either, but that's not a priority.
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  • That's directed at Marlene, yes?
  • It can be either/or. We can play out the scene and find out what Timmy knows, or you can find out later. What would you prefer?
  • Sure. I'll set up a scene for that.
  • Let's do it. Timmy just spilled his guts for the most part. ;)
  • Princy shows up before Marlene has a chance to finish and sort of interrupts.

    "Uncle, the bitch is secured. I've got my best men looking after her in the dungeon. You need me for anything else?"

    Princy looks tired as fuck. He's been up all night. Running around. He's covered in mud. It hasn't been a pleasant evening for him.
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  • Both!

    "His face is all swollen and waterlogged, but I think it's Eno from the night scouts we sent up to the region Mo was wanting to check out."

    He pauses waiting for further orders.
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