[MH] The Winter Surprise [Ho 4.2]

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You had left to room to find Peggy just coming home. You were probably headed to take a bus or something, right? But you explained where you wanted to go... what did you say? And Peggy grabbed her keys again, glanced at Teddy's bedroom door, then said she would take you. It looks like she has something serious on her mind.

It's maybe a 20 to 30 minute trip to Ellsworth.

She pulls out and starts the trip. It's maybe two or three minutes of you each wrapped in your own thoughts before she clears her thoat.

"Holly... do you like living with us?"


  • [Holly]

    Holly asked Peggy politely, "Peggy... I'm, uhm sorry to bother you. But I need to go see my friend Winter and she lives in Ellsworth. Would it, uhm, be okay if... if you took me, please?" She paused, then added, "If you're busy, I can. I can take the bus."

    On the way, Holly is sitting in the front, watching the world go by, her thoughts a mess of the events of the last twenty-four hours. Peggy's question startles her slightly. She turns, eyes widened slightly with alarm, "Yes, very much. I have my own room and new clothes and you are sweet and thoughtful to me and Dora is a wonderful sister and I'm ever so happy to have a safe place to live. You're a very nice mommy. I like it whole bunches!" She swallows, then asks a little softer, "Did I do something?"
  • She smiles softly at your praise of her and Teddy

    She can't help but chuckle a little at your distress. She reaches out and pats your knee.

    "No, honey, you haven't done anything wrong. You've been wonderful! You're so helpful and sweet. I just... I know I haven't been around as much as maybe I should have recently. I'm so glad you're there for Dora, and for me too." She pauses. "I... I know you don't really have family left, I mean aside from Dora and me." She says gently. "And I know you'll be legally an adult in not too long, but... well I was wondering how you would feel about us adopting you. Legally, I mean." She glances over at you. "Is that something you would like?"
  • [Holly]

    Peggy's compliments put a very wide grin on Holly's face, and she turns halfway in her car seat to face Peggy. "Oh. Oh that would be so nice. I would like for... you to be my mommy. Very much." Holly laughs happily for a moment.

    Then the laugh, like a fissure letting out unwanted things with it, becomes a sniffle. "Peggy... I need to tell you something. About, uhm, last night. And the. The dance." She swallows, steels herself, then continues, "Li-Liam came to the dance. He had a gun, and he tried to kidnap me, said he would... he would hurt you and Dora if I didn't, uhm, go with him. So.... uhm, I did. But then." Holly looks up, checking to make sure Peggy is listening.

    "When we got outside, I... I got away." Holly says with shaky words. "And I don't, uhm, know how. Or uhm, what happened. I just... I found Winter. Still in the girls' bathroom. She called the police. I told Officer Becky all about it. She said... she would take care of us."

    "I just. I wanted," Holly confides quietly, "I wanted you to know. I'm... dangerous to be around."
  • She sure is listening. Luckily you had just come to a light.

    "Oh my God... oh Holly. Why didn't you call me?" Her expression is horrified, then sad. She's stuck for a moment since you're on the road. "Oh, I'm so sorry, baby. Are you... did he hurt you? And of course you're not dangerous, sweetheart, he won't hurt us. Did you... do you need to see a doctor?" She looks around, maybe a little panicked. "We can stop by the emergency room."
  • [Holly]

    Peggy offers to take her to the hospital, and Holly raises her hands up, "No. No, I'm okay. Officer Becky had me, uhm, checked out. She said I am okay. And... he won't hurt you. Uhm, Officer Becky said so."

    Holly licks her lips, takes a breath to calm herself, "I'm sorry, Peggy, I didn't mean to startle you.I just wanted you to, uhm, to know. In case Officer Becky comes to talk to you." A thought strikes her and she frowns. "They won't... take me away, right?"
  • She had just started as the light turned green, but she pulls over to the shoulder of the road. She turns off the car and reaches for you, pulling you into a slightly awkward (the car and all) but firm hug. She kisses the side of your head and runs one hand over your hair.

    "I'm glad he didn't hurt you, baby. Nobody's going to take you away from us, okay? Not ever if I can help it. And If you need to talk about this you just let me know, okay? Anytime."
  • [Holly]

    Holly melts into the hug, pushing her face into Peggy's chest. She doesn't cry, but she sniffs a few times, she lets Peggy hold her without hesitation. Then the hug ends, and Holly pulls back reluctantly. Peggy, her soon-to-be mommy, tells her to talk whens he wants, but Holly just nods. It's enough.

    "I love you." Holly says quietly, not wanting to say "Peggy" at the end, afraid to say "mommy". A little smile, nervous and furtive, slides onto her face at that.
  • She reaches out and touches your chin.

    "I love you too, Holly." She smiles softly. "And... when you're ready, I'd love it if you would call me Mom."

    Change Scene...

    15 minutes later you're standing on the doorstep of a large, upper-middle-class suburban home, painted lavender with darker neutralized purple trim. It's smaller than Ashley's house, and maybe about on par with Nyx's house. Peggy dropped you off but not before giving you another hug and a kiss, and telling you to phone her if you need a ride home again. And to phone her anyway in a few hours to let her know you're okay.

    As she pulls out of the drive the door in answered by a dark-haired 10 year old boy holding some kind of action figure. He turns and calls "Mom!" and a woman who you recognize as being an older version of Winter comes to the door. It's the same almost willowy frame, the same brown hair, the same eyes and facial features, except for being older.

    She comes up to the door and freezes for a second, studying you intently. Then moves the rest of the way to the door.

    "H-Hello, dear, can I help you?"
  • [Holly]

    "Hello, Ms. Carmichael," Holly says, pushing the Z sound in Ms. to cover in case she is or isn't married. "My name is Holly. I'm... I'm best good friends with your daughter Winter!" She offers a polite smile, trying to use the gesture to disarm this woman.

    "I would like to see Winter, please." Holly says in that same light, happy tone. "Is she home?"

    Dear Diary,

    I met Winter's mommy today. She's a witch. When I first saw her, I know she knew who I was! She knew I was a Wishborn, just like hers. Her Winter.

    But then, they weren't supposed to have children, that's what Myrii said. And there is a boy, he calls her "Mom" right in front of me. This doesn't make sense, Diary!

    Did Myrii... lie to me?

  • "Yes, she is here... Holly, is it? You may call me Isobel. Please, come in."

    Despite her surprise and wary curiosity, you sense a bit of amusement... something about your name is funny to her.

    The house is beautiful. Not as fancy as Ashley's, of course, but it's clear someone really knows what they're doing with decoration. There are hardwood floors, and most of the furniture is some dark reddish wood.

    "Max, dear, would you go tell your sister that Holly is here to see her?"

    The boy nods and goes running off to the upper floor.

    Isobel leads you into a spacious and nicely finished kitchen.

    "I must say this is a surprise. I don't meet many of Winter's friends. Please, if you would, tell me about yourself. May I get you something to drink?"
  • [Holly]

    "Ooh, Isobel is a very pretty name," Holly rattles off with complete sincerity. "It's the name of Spanish royalty." She curtseys in thanks when invited inside and quickly enters, walking beside Winter's mother.

    Looking around the house, Holly says appreciatively, "You have a lovely home. Everything is just so, and very pretty. And I was named after a Holly Hobbie doll, who I look ever so much like." Holly answers the smirk of Isobel with as much truth as she can muster.

    In the kitchen, Holly stands perfectly still for a moment, looking at all the details - the large refrigerator, the island in the middle, the perfect order to everything. It's like a Food Network set, so proper. "Some water, please?" Holly answers the last question first.

    Then she speaks about Winter, "I met Winter at the dress shop, Isobel. She helped me pick out a dress for the, uhm, the dance at my school. I, uhm, I go to Mount Desert Island... and last night." Holly swallows, a little nervous, "Winter came to the dance with me. She is very nice and thoughtful and I trust her very much."

    Holly takes a sip of the water, then adds, "She is also very pretty, just like her mommy." She smiles, a little nervously, takes another drink of the water to hide it.
  • Isobel's eyebrow raises a little, and her lips quirk a bit. She seems about to say something when you hear Winter's voice call "Holly!"

    A second later her smiling face and twinkling eyes are at the door of the kitchen. "Hey girlfriend!" she says with a wink as she steps into the kitchen holding her arms out to hug you, which unless you stop her she does immediately, holding you tight for a moment. She turns you too, slightly, so that she's between you and her mother who watches the embrace.

    "Hey sweetie, it's so nice to see you!"

    It's pretty quick, maybe a tad on the lingering side. She rocks back and forth once. And she squeezes your butt with one hand. Then she turns to look between you and her Mom.

    "I see you've met! Cool!" She grabs your hand "Let's go up to my room! Bye mom!"

    Isobel waves as Winter leads you out of the kitchen and up the stairs. Down, then left and through a door. You don't get much of a chance to look before she shuts the door, pushes you against it, herself against you, and kisses you like she spent three days in a desert and your lips are water. She tastes all minty... like toothpaste.

    After a minute or two, unless you break earlier, she pulls back and grins at you from inches away her hands stroking your obliques and ribs on both sides as they've burrowed under your coat and shirt.

    "Hi. God I've missed you."
  • [Holly]

    Winter's demonstrative affection in front of her mother makes Holly more than a little nervous. She shies away a little bit, like Isobel is judging her, or Winter could get in trouble. Holly's eyes are wide when her butt is squeezed, but she doesn't say anything. She actually doesn't say a single word from the moment Winter comes in.

    Once Winter grabs Holly's hand and drags her off, Holly calls back, "It was very nice to meet you, Isobel, I don't need the water now, thank you so much!" Despite her nerves, she finds herself giggling when Winter pulls her down the hall do quick. The giggles turn into a surprised gasp right as Winter pushes herself into Holly's body, touching, kissing, groping her.

    There is no breaking the kiss, not for Holly. She is pliant, enjoying the urgency, happy to be wanted, now hidden away from the watchful eyes of Winter's mother, Holly is happy to make out with Winter. For once, she's no longer thinking about Liam, worrying about Myrii, just drifting along on the edges of pleasure and delirious lust.

    Holly recovers her breath, smirks, and replies, "I missed you, too, Winter." She leans up to kiss the tip of her nose, then places her own hands on Winter's lower back. "Your mommy looks so much like you. Is your brother adopted?"
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    She tilts her head her expression going to puzzled.

    "What a random question. No, he's not adopted, why? I mean, well, he isn't technically my brother at all. Mom wanted another kid but she has a medical thing where she can't have babies. At least not after me. They tried a buch of stuff. They put another lady's egg in her, you know, after it was fertilized. But it didn't make it. They were going to put her egg in another lady, but they couldn't get it to fertilize. At first we thought it was Dad, but they tried it with other, uh, donors and no luck. So they had to settle for dad fertilizing a donated egg and having another lady carry it."

    She smiles softer and shakes her head. "Kind of fries the brain but the little booger has 3 moms, like, out of the gate."

    She pauses, thinking. "Oh, and Dad isn't my biological. They haven't told me but I figured it out. It must've been the guy before him or whatever." She rolls her eyes. "Not that I care."
  • [Holly]

    "Wow, that is... really incredible," Holly says quietly in amazement. She smiles a little, "You're an only. Like me. And Riley, too." Holly leans in for a nip on Winter's lips, which dissolves into more of a mini make-out session. Holly doesn't progress any further than light petting and kissing, or that isn't her intention.

    When they come up for air, or when Winter pushes towards anything to escalate the passion, Holly interrupts with, "Winter, I have a little surprise for you. Do you want to see it?" She'll bring Winter over to her bed and sit down, patting the place beside her, then bring out the book. "There's a picture in here, you should see it." She opens straight to the picture of their three moms.
  • So it must be when she started pushing her hands into the waistband of your pants that you broke it off. You have to be a little insistent. She looks a little dazed, disappointed, her lips puffy from the kissing. But then you tell her you have a surprise and bring her to the bed. She likes that part.

    She smiles and follows you and sits down next to you when you ask her to.

    She looks at the picture of the seven women curiously, and gasps. "That's Mom! Wow... she said so but I really do look just like her don't..." Her eyes travel across the picture and she breaks off as she turns her head looking at it.

    "Is... is this your Mom? She looks just like you!"

    She looks up to meet your eyes.

    "They knew each other?"
  • [Holly]

    "I've never met her, Winter. But, uhm, she does look like me. And look," Holly says, pointing to Riley. "She looks just like the girl Riley, remember her from last night?" Holly gently rubs her finger across the picture, staring at it for a long moment.

    "I think this might be the one who made me." Holly says finally. She looks up into Winter's eyes, "Did your mommy talk about, uhm, how she had you? Because, uhm, if she couldn't have your brother... did she do anything special to make you?"
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    "To... make me?" Winter laughs, but it's uncertain. I mean, really, make?

    "Well obviously she screwed somebody, but I don't think there was a special, like, position or anything. Ugh... thanks. Now I'm thinking about my mom having sex. Ew." She laughs again. "You're going to owe me for that one. As for her." Winter points to the woman who looks like you. "What do you mean you think she made you? You're practically identical! Of course she's your mom!. I... I guess you want to find her right? You want to see if my Mom knows anything?"

    You can tell Winter's confusion is honest. She doesn't realize she wasn't born, not like regular people. She doesn't realize that there's a reason you look so dramatically similar to your 'mothers.' I mean, really, if you dressed in the right clothes, you could be these women, if a bit younger.
  • [Holly]

    Holly listens intently as Winter reacts to the picture and her questions, trusting that Winter is sincere. Her right hand moves over to Winter's thigh, and she rests it lightly, enjoying the comfort. Winter asks if Holly wants to speak with Isobel and Holly nods, "Yes, I do. I really do." She squeezes Winter's thigh.

    "Do you remember being a little girl?" Holly asks quietly, looking at Winter for her reaction. "What's your earliest memory, Winter? Did you ever have trouble fitting in?" Holly's tone is curious, not at all accusatory. It's obvious she's reaching out, hoping Winter is like her.
  • Winter's eyes widen slightly, and she withdraws a little, not so much a physical distance as her movement is small, but still. You've touched a nerve.

    There's a long pause as she looks at you before she speaks. She's a little freaked out, maybe ashamed.

    "Um.... I remember some of it. I... I fell. Off the porch and hit my head when I was about 8. And it kind of messed me up, because I don't remember anything before that. I didn't remember anything at all, even my name. Or like... basic stuff. I couldn't read people's expressions. I had to learn it all over again. Mom homeschooled me until seventh grade.

    I'm still.... a little intense for a lot of people. I mean I've got friends... but I learned to kind of hang back and be cool, you know."

    She looks down.

    "And I'm not that good with...um... relationships. I mean" she shrugs. "I... I've been dumped enough that I'm always scared it's going to happen again. I mean I tell myself not to get so, um... involved, but it's like I can't help it. It just happens. LIke the last guy... he broke up with be because I was so paranoid about him leaving, or other people taking him away."

    She sighs.

    "Are you going to tell me what this is really about? You don't know me, I mean... not that well. How do you know about that? What does it have to do with this?"
  • [Holly]

    Winter shares her childhood, Holly listens. Holly's eyes are wide with understanding, with compassion. She nods lightly when Winter admits her troubles with relationships, and people. When Winter sighs, asks what Holly's line of questioning means, Holly smiles, "Winter, you are wonderful and I feel very close to you. I like you whole bunches, ok? Don't worry." She squeezes Winter's thigh again, softly. "Think about this picture, what it means. Our... mommies were friends! I don't remember anything before a few years ago, too. Maybe... maybe we were friends? But really, it doesn't matter. Because we're friends now. Very good friends." Holly moves in to kiss Winter again, reaching up her free hand to stroke the girl's cheek lightly, to move her fingers into Winter's hair.

    "Can we show this picture to your mommy now?" Holly whisper-asks lightly. "I want to know about my mommy. And about us as kids. I bet your mommy would tell us, won't she?"

    If Winter is amenable, Holly wants to leave with her to go see Isobel.
  • She seems relieved at your acceptance. She smiles after you kiss though you can see a little fear behind her eyes. Fear of this mystery.

    She takes your hand and leads you to find her mother.

    --End Scene--
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