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You all waited while Isobel called the other witches together. So in addition to Bernadette, both Lilly and Beth's moms show up. Aubrey's mother doesn't show, however, and neither does Jane though that's expected since she wasn't called. It's maybe an hour before everyone is there.

Then the ritual itself. Furniture was cleared and all of you form a circle in the main room with only you and Isobel in the center. Of the girls, only Ashley hangs back, uncertain of participating. All this is still very new. The older women undress, and looking at each other, your friends do too, since this is apparently how rituals are done.

Once everyone is ready Isobel begins saying things in a strange but beautiful language. She then takes your hand and with a sharp silver knife (and if you let her) places another small cut by the first one you have, then holding your hand over a chalice. Done with that she gives you a cloth to hold on the cut.

Bernadette steps forward with an ornate hand mirror, which Isobel takes, and pours the blood she gathered onto the center of it, says more words.

As you look on, an image forms in the mirror. The house. Your mom's house. She is pulling up to it in an old Ford sedan. Green. This isn't now. It's close though. Soon.

The image wavers and dissipates. Isobel is watching you carefully.

"Well, child? What did you see?"

To lie to her you'll have to hold steady.


  • [Holly]

    Holding Steady
    #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )

    (+1 XP)
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    The cut causes Holly to wince, to whimper quietly, even. But she suffers through, an participates in the ritual. She's sad that Ashley doesn't take part, but a guilt part of her realizes it's because she still likes thinking of her body sometimes.

    The ritual proceeds, and the spell takes hold, showing her the future. Holly's eyes widen in excitement as the image takes shape. She sees her mother, Ivy, and the house, the car as well. Holly licks her lips, swallows once, then says steadily, "I see her at the hospice. Soon. A few days maybe. She left something of the queen's... maybe the dagger? I'm not sure."

    That look into the future, at Ivy, Holly reaches through the veil with her mind and asks silently, "How can I get you to love me, Ivy?"

    It's a stretch, but I'm using the 10+ to ask the MC a question about the situation for Holly's question of Ivy. If the question isn't appropriate for that move, then I'll take +1 Forward. Cool either way.
  • She always loved you

    It's Renna's voice. But there are images too. Ivy in a dark place somewhere. A bedroom. She unclasps a silver pendant from her neck, opens it, looks inside. An image of you. After staring at it she closes it in her hand, closes her eyes and dips her chin as her closed hand comes to rest over her heart.

    Giving you to me was the hardest thing she ever did. She tried to make me promise that you would be happy and safe, but I could not. If you can forgive her, she will love you.

    Isobel searches your eyes, nods, convinced.

    "Very well. I know the place. We shall find her together. Days you said?" She glances around at the other witches who are quietly watching. "Perhaps you would like to stay with Winter for a few days? And the others, of course."
  • [Holly]

    Holly blinks, not sure if Isobel just offered Winter to her or if that was a casual acceptance of the new coven. "Yes... I would-would like that very much." The spell ended, Holly will make her way over to dress herself, checking in on Winter, and of course, the other girls.
  • The older witches get dressed as well and Isobel calls them together to confer, presumably about your mother. They move into the kitchen, leaving you alone. Your sisters are dressing themselves again, except Ashley, of course, who never was undressed. You see her looking though, covertly. She ends up meeting your eyes after scanning you, then diverts her memory-filled gaze. Riley seems completely unconcerned about her nudity where the others are all dressing with varying degrees of discomfort on their faces. I mean sure, you've all undressed in gym, but this is a little more intimate.

    Riley sidles up to you, still only half dressed. She speaks in a low, quiet voice. "Is that really what you saw?" Your other sisters are suddenly paying close attention.
  • [Holly]

    Holly dresses without much fanfare, but she grins when she notices Ashley watching. It's a girlish grin, not quite a "come hither", definitely not a wanton, lustful grin. More of a "I kinda caught you" grin. Riley moves up to Holly, asks if she lied. Holly looks to her, then all her sisters, and quietly shakes her head no.

    "We will find my mother, not them." Holly says it plainly, not with malice, simply explaining the truth of it. "Are you all with me?" She looks to each of them in turn.
  • They look around at each other. Nod. Give you murmured affirmations of support.

    "What's the plan?" Riley asks.
  • [Holly]

    "I saw where she will be, but not when." Holly explains quietly, looking to each girl. "I'll need your help to make sure we're there when she arrives." She then works to organize them into three girl teams, choosing Winter and Ashley on her team, suggesting Riley work with Lilly and Beth, since they've been a coven before.

    Am I missing anyone in the group?

    "In the vision, I saw Ivy arriving in darkness, so we need to cover nighttime. She'll drive in a green Ford, like a, uhm, a four door car. Let's finish up here, and meet at Riley's at say... 4?"

    If this concludes the meeting, Holly will try to pull Ashley aside, checking on her, "Are you, uhm, okay? I know it's kinda weird."
  • Nope, you have them all. Aubrey is the only one missing because she's in the hospital.

    When you pull her aside, Ashley won't hold your gaze. Her eyes seem shuttered, bleak. She half shrugs, fingers idly running over the bandage on her hand.

    "My whole life has been a big fat lie." she says, softly. "My parents are splitting up. My mother... hates me and tried to kill me. My dad...shit... I don't have a dad. Not really. My girlfriend...my best friend, doesn't trust me. And I'm supposed to be a witch and care about some crazy fairy queen and her fight with a crazy fairy king, I guess." She shakes her head. Her eyes are dry, her expression detached. "I won't ever be okay again."
  • [Holly]

    "I am your best good friend, Ashley." Holly says in an attempt to give her sister some sense of stability. "That will never change. We are your sisters, and we love and accept you. You may have been lied to, but now you know the truth." She fidgets, admitting, "At least, some of it. We, uhm, we're all still figuring this out. I just found out about my mommy... and my sisters, too."

    Holly pauses, bites her lower lip as she ponders how to phrase the next part. She puts a hand on Ashley's arm, feeling the taut muscles under her flawless skin, "I need your help with... with Dora." She drops her voice a little, "She has the dagger. She took it from the, uhm, policewoman. And she won't give it, uhm, to me. We need it to bring the queen out of her prison... and if Isobel finds it first." Holly's eyes flash with worry, "She might take it."
  • Ashley's eyebrows draw together.

    "The policewoman?... I... do you mean Marsha Cross?" Her eyes get wider. "Do you know what happened to Cross?"
  • [Holly]

    Holly pauses, fidgets a moment, looking at Ashley with uncertain eyes, "You should... talk to Dora about it."
  • Ashley deflates again.

    "No more secrets. Huh." She mutters to herself, again stroking her injured hand.

    She looks back up at you.

    "Why wouldn't Dora give you the dagger?"
  • [Holly]

    Sensing that she's losing her, Holly reaches out to touch her uninjured hand, "Miss Cross is dead, Ashley. Okay? She tried to kill Dora. That's the truth." Holly sighs, "I thought it would be easier to hear it from Dora, that's all."

    When Ashley asks about the dagger, Holly frowns, "Dora doesn't trust me. With it. She, uhm... she thinks it is bad, and it will make me do bad things. I didn't. Well, I didn't understand."
  • She looks surprised, and horrified, that Cross tried to kill Teddy, and at the subtext that Teddy killed her instead.

    After a moment.

    "I'm... I didn't mean you, Holly. I meant Dora. But honestly..." She scrubs at her eye a moment with her good hand. "I'm so tired of feeling like there's shit out there that's just waiting to fall on me. I...just want the truth."

    She sighs.

    "I'll help with the knife thing but... but I want to know one more thing." She glances down. "What's the deal with Teddy and that girl... the one staying with you. She's not human."
  • [Holly]

    Holly shakes her head, "No, she isn't. Myrii is a rusalka, a water fairy." Holly doesn't mention the darker side of the rusalka's creation and purpose. "They are not, uhm, together. Well, not a couple. Myrii isn't like that. She's bound to Dora, and I'm hoping to help her get free of it."

    She smiles at Ashley, "Then Dora can be all yours. That's... what you want, right?"
  • Ashley is still, looking down. as she listens to your answer. Face blank.

    "What I want. I... don't know. Have they... Are.." She seems to be finding it a little hard to breathe.

    She puts the heels of her hands over her eyes, calms.

    "Has... has Teddy been fucking her?"

    It's a pained whisper.
  • [Holly]

    "Ashley," Holly says quietly, her tone fringed with worry. "Do you think she doesn't love you?" She hesitates, realizing the answer isn't enough. "Dora hasn't been with Myrii since she started dating you. She hasn't been with anyone." Holly grips Ashley's arm, a kind of reassuring gesture. "She loves you. To her, you're much more than just okay." Holly adds a sweet smile at the end.

    Dear Diary,

    Ashley is worried that Dora is cheating on her. I wanted to make her feel better, to tell her trust Dora. I really want Ashley to be happy, especially since she's my sister now. But it hurts. Seeing how stupid she is over Dora. I will never forget when she told Dora I was "just okay". I shouldn't be mean, Diary. I know she is hurting. It hurts me to see her hurting. If she had chosen to be with me, she wouldn't be hurting. She has to know that now.

    Even though she didn't choose me, I should be nice to her. Winter is much better to me. Winter loves me. I should not be jealous. I cannot have everyone, that would be gross and too much work to keep up with anyway!

  • She pulls her hands down again, and looks at you when you speak. You can tell from her eyes that she still hears that Teddy has been with Myrii and she winces at your last statement. It's not huge, just a flicker.

    She's silent for a moment. Then:

    "I'll help you with Dora."
  • [Holly]

    Holly hugs Ashley warmly, then lets go to speak with the others. Her plan is to spend some time with Winter, bring Ashley along since she needs a friend. She picks up her mobile phone to send a text to Teddy.

    From Holly To: Dora
    Hi. This is Holly. Ashley is with me.
    Can we meet you somewhere for food
    or something?
  • Where are you planning to spend that time?

    So, how exactly is the lookout plan for your mom going to work then, or what are you thinking of? I know you said you'd be in teams. You, Ash and Winter in one and Riley, Lily, and Beth in the other.
  • [Holly]

    Dear Diary,

    I've never done anything like this - organizing people into teams and telling them what to do. I only have a vague idea when Ivy will show up, that it is soon and at night, she drives up in a green sedan. Since Marsha's home is still vacant, I plan on bringing Ashley and Winter back to my house to pack up for a sleepover. We can stay in Marsha's house together until Ivy shows up.

    This will give me some time to talk to Ashley, make sure she's okay. Plus, if we can have some alone time, I would like to kiss Winnie some more.

    But that's tonight, and it's still daylight. I hope Dora will call me back. I have no idea how to get the dagger. Maybe she will come with me to speak to my mommy?

  • --End Scene--
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