[Scarlet] Honor and Eta



  • Attack
    (Bonus +3, Str+2)
    #DiceRoller( 1d20+11)

    #DiceRoller( 1d8+2 )

    #DiceRoller( 1d8 )
  • I go to one knee and gently stake several arrows in front of me.

    I find my chi center and fire. With a single sweeping motion, I launch 3 more arrows, almost before the first one strikes.

    Each arrow finds it's mark. A throat, a chest, a head, and a back.
    Four bakemono fall to the ground.

    I pause, considering whether I should compose a poem, but then pull four more arrows from my quiver instead. I almost shout to get their attention, but something about those baskets is bothering me. I keep quite and prepare another volley.
  • To be clear, I was going to attack first to get their attention.
  • Ah, yes, true.

    The bakemono scramble to hide behind trees, cowering from what they assume is a small group of samurai firing on their position.

    Well, let's see your attack, Ba.
  • Attack (Bonus +2, Dex+2, AC+6)
    #DiceRoller( 1d20+10 )

    #DiceRoller( 1d8+2 )

    #DiceRoller( 1d6 )
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    As soon as I hear twang of Laughing Crane's bow I charge in. I am vengeance.

    By the time the first arrow strikes I have spotted the bakemono. My footfall is that of the panther- noiseless.

    The thud of an arrow. The scream as it pierces into flesh. I am mere feet behind my prey.

    The goblin turns to run away from Laughing Crane. I can see the terror in the eyes. The heavy breathing of panic. My sword cuts. Blood paints these pines a deep crimson.

    The last one is frozen in terror. Unsure where to run. Now he is the deer. He is the hunted.

    As my off hand blade hooks into his neck I whisper, "For you, Phra." Quickly I jerk my sword.
  • The wicker baskets contain the trinkets and items the bakemono have stolen recently.

    Basket #1: A block and tackle, a tiny silver gong (worth 10 gp), four paper lanterns, a piece of uncut jade (worth 100 gp).
    Basket #2: A tiny wooden box holding eight fish hooks with fleshy bits and blood on them, a block of incense, a wool blanket.
    Basket #3: A bronze bell, a folding paper fan, 23 sp, a full helmet with a grotesque ogre mask attachment (kawari kabuto), a wooden spoon, a ceramic urn.
    Basket #4: A biwa (oriental lute), a set of wooden prayer beads, a bamboo umbrella, two large radishes
  • I inspect the baskets and then look over the bakemono. Does this copse seem like a rendezvous or even a camp they regularly visited? What were they doing here, I wonder?

    "Unless something strikes you as immediately useful," I gesture to the baskets, "I say we string them up into the trees and retrieve them later."

    (Does the block and tackle have any rope?)
  • There is a line of thirty feet of dirty and slightly frayed silk rope with the block and tackle.
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    The trail of the man-eater abruptly ends in a small gravel filled hallow. In the center of the hallow is a small dome shaped hut made of clay smeared on a frame of bamboo. The outside of the hut has warnings and symbols of doom painted upon it with natural dyes. Before the hut lies a smoldering fire pit. Bones and other charred human remains can be seen amid the ash in the fire pit.

    To the left of the fire is a small, crude kamidana. The shrine is covered with white paper. Beside the shrine is a small table decorated with flowers, incense, and a single candle. The candle is new, but there is quite a bit of molten wax pooled around it. It is not the first candle to sit there.

    A woman emerges from the doorway of the mud hut. Her long, dark hair hangs down below her knees. The woman’s eyes are filled with bitterness and rage. She wears a faded cotton kimono. “Away with you!” The woman cries. “Be gone, you fat, rice-eating fools!” With that, she turns, pushes open the hide door flap, and enters the hut.
  • I gesture to Ba Jioa to fall back a little. I go back until we are out of view of the hut, then I take out the scroll and begin the process to imbue my sword with Hou-qong's martial spirit.
  • Magic weapon gives your weapon a +1 enhancement bonus on attack and damage rolls.
  • I follow the instructions and chant the prayer. I can't really be sure my sword has been blessed by Hou-qong, but I can't do much more.

    "Let's take a closer look at this hut."

    I'd like to make a circuit around it. Are they other paths? Any other details about the hut from other sides?
  • There are no other paths. It is a simple hut. One entrance, clay glommed onto a bamboo frame. The hut has several feet behind it, no obvious exit. You know she waits inside.

    What do you do?
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    "Ba? It looks like the path only goes one way."

    Unless he objects, I will approach the front doorway of the hut, sword drawn.
  • I move forward slowly and take a closer look at the small shrine (as best I can without letting down my guard).
    Is there anything about it that seems to indicate a connection with a cat-like beast?

    "Milady? I need to speak with you."
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    The shrine... it is a shrine for someone. The paper covering means the person recently died. The candle, probably have been burning off and on for many days.

    "If you want a word," she calls from inside the hut, unseen, "Then come in to speak with me."

    What do you do?
  • I cautiously draw the curtain aside with the tip of my sword.

    And enter.
  • As you step into the hut, at first, you don't see her. The woman from before is gone.

    Then, to your right, it's a huge, female tiger! Crouching on a table and ready to pounce. There's no chance to close the door and run.

    (Armor Class 6, she is not 3 Hit Dice, so no Fray Die)
  • Quick, think!
    Flat-footed. Much larger opponent, enclosed space.

    I collapse into the tortoise-stance with my sword in front of me. Then I quickly slide my left foot back and lunge of the beast.

    Level bonus+3, str+2, magic sword+1, opp AC +6)
    #DiceRoller( 1d20+12 )
  • Of course! This beast is much quicker than I anticipated. My thrust meets blank space and she's moved to change the angle on me. Is the confined space of the hut in my favor? Not sure, but I'm keeping my eye on the door in case a hasty retreat is called for.
  • A few paces behind Laughing Crane I am still outside the hut when I see him shift to his tortoise-stance. There isn't enough room between him and the doorway for me to squeeze in with him. I am not sure what else is in there with him in the darkness. However, curiosity always gets the better of me. I move in closer, standing at his back in the doorway.

    When he moves backwards he nearly bumps into me. Then he lunges! But at what? I still cannot see!
  • Tomie leaps off the table as you swipe at empty air, Laughing Crane. Once she hits the floor, she pivots gracefully to swipe at your legs.

    Ba Jiao, you see it now, a huge female tiger. The woman you saw enter the hut before is gone! Could she be hengeyokai of some kind?
  • Tomie's attack on LC:
    Claw (LC AC 3 + Attack Bonus 5)
    #DiceRoller( 1d20+8 )
  • I leap back, avoiding the swipe, Hou-qong help me! those claws!

    Let's try using the confines to my advantage.
    I spring to the left, against a beam, then use the beam as a spring board to launch an attack. I am trying to turn the tiger so that Ba Jiao can attack from behind.
    But mostly I'm just trying to attack the tiger!

    Level bonus+3, str+2, magic sword+1, opp AC +6)
    #DiceRoller( 1d20+12 )
  • Damage
    Str+2, magic+1
    #DiceRoller( 1d8+3 )
  • It worked! My jump the right and drew her well into striking range. And my immediate reverse of direction caught her off guard!
  • (Holy moley, that's a savage blow!)
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    Laughing Crane, your now-magical jian cuts deep into Tomie's outstretched right foreleg, slicing into bone and sinew. As you wrench it free, she howls as the limb hangs limp, barely still attached. Her fury isn't sated, however. This is her final stand, here in her home. She has laid a trail of misery and death to draw someone to put her grief to an end.

    Ba, you see this massive tiger moving in a blur. She is swiping at Laughing Crane, but her jaws are open for you.
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