[MH] Visiting Hours [Ho S2:4.9, Te 4.4]



  • [Holly]

    Holly produces it from her pants pocket, holding it out for both of them to look. If either want to hold it, she lets them.
  • Aubrey leans in too, eyes widening. Unlike Teddy's hesitation, she takes it into her hand. There is an unmistakable sense of power thrumming low around all of you, and a sense of darkness too, but it seems less intense than the malevolence of the blade.

    "Which is this?" Aubrey asks. "Is it the queen or her magic?"
  • [Holly]

    "I uhm..." Holly stammers uncertainly, "I don't know. Well, not for sure. But, I think it's the, uhm, the magic."
  • [Holly]

    Holly's mouth twitched slightly, "I didn't try... but, uhm, I bet you could, Aubrey." She seemed as eager as Teddy to see what could be done.
  • Aubrey's good hand is trembling a little with the sphere in it. The sphere itself is a strange unearthly blue with swirls of a deeper blue or a lighter blue twisting through it at a languid pace. It's slightly bigger than an inch in diameter. It reminds you a little of TV representations of Neptune on astronomy shows.

    "U-use it to do w-what?" Aubrey says. Her breathing has become more labored. "A-and how? God, just holding it I feel like I'm going to pop."
  • "T..take it. Just take it." She almost gasps.

    I'm assuming you do Teddy, since you seemed prepped to do that. Unless you want to do it first Holly.

    Once it's out of her hands she collapses back against the pillows, putting her good hand to her head.

    "God...I wouldn't want to... to try and use it. Not now. I don't know how and the... the power in that thing. It's too much."

    You can feel what she means, you think, but for you it doesn't seem so overwhelming. it does pulse with power. It doesn't feel as dark as the dagger does.
  • [Holly]

    "What could, uhm..." Holly asks lightly, looking at Teddy as she holds the marble. "What could you do?"
  • Aubrey shakes her head.

    "I don't know. A lot, maybe. If... if the power didn't take me over."
  • "Magic is alive, you know." Aubrey says quietly. "It's not just a... a force you use that's impartial. It has will of it's own. A lot of magic is a lot of will. The magic of a fairy Queen? It would eat you alive. It'd be like jumping from weed into hard core heroin or something. If it doesn't kill you, you're still in trouble."

    Teddy if you wish to commune with the Jewel, it's a dark roll. Holly, if you touch her when she does it, you can go too.

    If not, Winter will probably be in here looking for you soon.
  • [Holly]

    Holly looks to Teddy for direction. If she leads, Holly will follow.
  • Beyond the Veil counts, if you want that choice.
  • [Holly]

    Dark roll:
    #DiceRoller( 2d6 )
  • The strange thing, I suppose, is that you feel yourself reaching out for whatever is in the stone, but when you blink, nothing seems to have happened, except you know something has. Your eyes meet, then you both look around. You're still in the hospital. Still in Aubrey's room... only the girl regarding you both keenly from a cross-legged seat on the bed isn't Aubrey. And there's no casts.


    It takes you only a moment Holly but you recognize the girl, of course. It's Renna, but as she might appear if she were your age instead of six.

    She blinks at you a moment, Teddy, somewhat surprised maybe, but she recovers herself and looks at Holly.

    She smiles dazzlingly, bouncing on the bed a little.

    "You have found them then, Holly? Both parts? I knew you could!"
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    Holly only has eyes for her first friend. "...Renna?" Her voice is a whisper. She moves forward, arms outstretched, pulling her into a hug. "I've missed you. I never thought I'd see you again, and the wide world is ugly and awful, Renna." She kisses her cheek, then hugs her again. "I have a foster sister and a foster mommy and a girlfriend, too." She squeezes Renna once, then pulls back, "My sister Dora. She has the magic marble right now."
  • "My goodness. How wonderful. And of course I have missed you too."

    Renna hugs you back warmly.

    Then, when you pull away, she looks at Teddy thoughtfully.

    "You are the very image of Rosamund, excepting the hair." She says to you, Teddy. She smiles a somewhat sad smile. "Though I can't decide if it's fate or my Lord who chooses to present me with such a... vivid reminder. As for what's going on, I believe you reached for me. I am here."

    Holly the landscape seems to shift some. As if this were a merger of Aubrey's hospital room and Renna's.
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    The doorway to the room is weirdly blurred, like looking through it into the beyond is a little nauseating.

    She regards you steadily, Teddy. Gold flecks glinting like stars in the dark pools of her eyes.

    "You know precisely what I'm talking about. You reached for me. In the jewel. So," She motions around her. "here we are."

    "In terms of blood, I am certainly not her sister, though I am Renna, at least part of me. I'm just not only Renna." She turns to look at you again Holly, with a smile. "Just as Holly is not only my granddaughter."
  • Her lovely lips curl upward a fraction, but it's somewhat bitter looking.

    "Possession implies control. I am a passenger in Holly at best." Her face falls again. "A prisoner at worst. Part of me in any case. Another part of me you hold in your hand." She sighs. "It's been a long time since I knew so much of myself at once."

    She looks at you, Holly, somewhat sorrowfully.

    "I'm afraid you've had to endure much misery because of me, child."
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    Holly nods, agreeing things have been hard. "I love you, Renna. I will carry whatever you need me to carry. How can we help you?"
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    "Thank you, my love." She reaches out to you Holly, caressing a shoulder, even as her eyes flash at Teddy's statement.

    "Blame my counterpart and his hubris!" She snaps back. "If you could but see the blood that drenches him to his elbows, I think you would not be so willing a servant. He must find you amusing indeed."

    She pauses a moment, then begins again with her voice more level. "I warned him, you see. I warned him that without my will to control it, my magic would go feral, that it would... it would cause pain in the world. And so it has done!" Her eyes are shadowed. "But what does he care for mortals? Ridiculous, fragile creatures, unworthy of him except to slake his lust or amuse him with their folly. His petty vengeance is more important. His male pride." She shakes her head. "I... Why would I hurt Ashley or Aubrey... or Holly if I had the choice? They are the blood of my daughter. I love them in a way he is incapable of understanding. But the magic, my magic, it is will and power alone, and unchecked, it even begins to poison the gift I gave to my mortal children."

    Large tears have welled in those dark eyes and begin to roll over her cheeks.

    "He...he knew that. He knows it. And the pain pleases him, because it hurts me."
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    Holly nods along at Renna's story, completely sold on every word. At the end, she looks to Teddy, "See, Dora?"
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