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  • She narrows her eyes at you.

    "It isn't my knife." She says, anger simmering under her voice. "I did not choose to make it. And the pelydryn and the athame are of a piece. The athame is the channel, though, where the pelydryn is the the wellspring that it draws from."

    She looks between you.

    "This ongoing misery is the reason you must restore me. It's true that my magic has been turning, but there is still time. I can pull it back, control it, prevent it from hurting anyone else."
  • She looks down, wiping at her cheeks.

    "You care about my granddaughters. This one your adopted sister, and Ashley, your lover." She says. "Part of what is happening to Ashley is the feral magic."

    She glances at you, Holly. "It will begin to affect you all, more and more. How you respond will vary, somewhat, but the magic uncontrolled is invariably destructive. If you restore me, all of you are saved."

    She looks back to you, Teddy.

    "I can help Ashley find herself again, and I shall if I am freed. Go and talk to the Nudd and ask him to promise to save her, to save all of them. He will not. Because to control that magic, he would have to free me, which would break our foolish oaths from so long ago."

    She reaches out a hand to caress Holly's cheek. "And he knows it will pain me to see them destroyed. His objective is to break my will, my heart, and let my magic turn so foul that it cannot be retrieved, so that he is the only power left."

    She sighs, dropping the hand.

    "And it seems he might succeed." She looks away. "I am weary."

    Your names are called behind you. Your turning is automatic and in that moment the world shifts again

    Winter is standing in the doorway, blinking at you both.

    "Are you guys okay? Did you hear what I said? Ashley's dad is here... um.. and your mom."
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  • You did. I'm sure the string the queen got is probably a kind of terror at the scale of the forces here, as well as the seeming pettiness involved. Where the string you got on her maybe has to do with desperation and near despair.

    It doesn't take long for either of you to realize that the whole vision was nigh on instantaneous. Aubrey is exactly where she was a moment ago, casts and all, looking tired and concerned.
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    Holly looks over at Teddy, "Yes, of course. May I have the marble back, please?"
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  • Sure Teddy, though it's a little harder here in the hospital. Around a corner and you're gone, though. To talk to the king then? Or are you just getting away? (In any case we'll change scenes when you're back.


    You, Aubrey, and Winter watch Teddy run off.

    "You saw her, didn't you?" Aubrey asks. "I felt... something."

    Winter moves into the room, slipping an arm around your waist. "That's the second time," she observes.
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    Holly watches Teddy leave, nearly going after her foster sister. She stays, then happily accepts Winter's companionship. When Aubrey asks her about her, Holly nods, "Yes. She lives in us all. The marble helps her show herself. The magic is tainting things because it is unchecked. The Fairy King doesn't care. I mean, if, uhm, we trust her side of the story."

    She peers at Aubrey, "What did it feel like?"
  • Aubrey's lips twitch up.

    "Kind of like heartburn, I guess... except, um, magical. But I am on a few painkillers."

    "Holly?" Winter speaks up. "Um... are you sure she's in all of us? I've... well I've never felt anything. Are you sure she's not...just in you?"

    Aubrey frowns slightly, considering that.
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    "I'm... I'm nothing special." Holly answers reflexively. Then, she adds, "No more special than you. Or Aubrey, or Ashley, Beth or Riley. We're all descended from her. All of us." She squeezes Winter's hand, "I've known for months. You just started understanding things, Winter. And Aubrey, you know magic, so you're already seeing what we're learning. We're in this together."

    For a moment, Holly looks at each of them silently. Then, she licks her lips and says, "We're all sisters. I love you."
  • Aubrey smiles. "You're such a sweetheart, Holly. It... it is nice to finally know. To have other people understand."

    "Sisters in spirit I guess." Winter says, nuzzling you a little and grinning. "I think we're like... third or fourth cousins, maybe, Which is good because if we really were sisters, this would be weird." She squeezes and then kisses you. Then looking you right in the eye, "I love you too, and you are special, Holly. I'm not putting down the rest of us... but you, there's something really special about you."

    Aubrey giggles. "God, if you guys get any sweeter, you're going to make me diabetic."
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    For a moment, Holly considered pointing out that the main objection to incest was the offspring, and since she and Winter couldn't reproduce, there's nothing reprehensible about their love. But Winter giggles, and kisses her, and all the arguments fall away. The point of tension between her eyes evaporates and she smiles at her girlfriend, hugging her. To Aubrey, she says, "Aubrey, you are a best good friend. Thank you for your help and understanding. I will come visit you often until you are better and can leave this place."

    She turns to Winter, kissing her cheek, "Winnie, let's go check on Ashley now." She takes Winter's hand and walks with her back to check on their other sister. On the way, Holly says, "Winnie, you make me so happy. Are you happy? Is there anything you need? Anything I should, uhm, do for you?"
  • "Just don't leave me." Winter smiles, but it doesn't quite hit her eyes, her hand tightens on yours. "Promise you'll stay with me, no matter what."
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    At Winter's request, Holly slows her walking pace, holding her girlfriend's hand as they walk down thr hallway. She smiles and looks over at her, "I will never ever leave you, Winnie. You are so very special."

    Holly licks her lips, then softly sings a song she'd heard on the radio that reminded her of Winter:

    "How long will I love you?
    As long as stars are above you
    And longer, if I can.
    How long will I need you?
    As long as the seasons need to
    Follow their plan.

    How long will I be with you?
    As long as the sea is bound to
    Wash upon the sand.

    How long will I want you?
    As long as you want me to
    And longer by far.
    How long will I hold you?
    As long as your father told you,
    As long as you can.

    How long will I give to you?
    As long as I live through you
    However long you say.

    How long will I love you?
    As long as stars are above you
    And longer, if I may."
  • [Holly]

    Holly is trying to Make Winter Feel Beautiful:
    #DiceRoller( 2d6+1 )
  • Winter smiles, but you suddenly have the very strong feeling you're being watched. A flicker of a vision. A figure... Isobel you think... watching you in a mirror.

    Then you're in the waiting area for the ER. Ashley is just coming out, Martin just behind her and Peggy just behind both of them. Martin looks grim and guilty. Peggy looks worried and guilty too. Ashley's face is pretty masklike, neutral. She's looking around the waiting area, probably for Teddy.
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    Holly moves up to Ashley, hugging her gently. "Hey, Ashley. Dora needed to go home to take care of some, uhm, stuff. How are, uhm, how are you feeling?" She looks at her friend with concern, hoping that Teddy's disappearing act doesn't send her into a depression or rage.
  • Ashley nods, a flicker of disappointment in her eyes.

    "Dad's taking me to his house. His secret house." There's a hard edge of bitterness to the second sentence and both Martin and Peggy flinch.

    "I really want to lie down." She continues. "If... if you guys... or Dora... needs me. Well... just call your Mom. She can tell you how to get there. You're still going to meet... um, Ivy?"

    Martin gets alert at the name, glancing between the two of you. Do you recall the vision you had when he first met you, Holly? He missed his chance with a girl that looked like you. Exactly like you.
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    Holly quirks a little frown at the secret house mention. She sees the hurt in Ashley's eyes, feels bad that Peggy is "the other woman". She nods at Ashley's question, "Uh huh, we're going to see... my mom." She looks over at Martin, offers a shy little smile, then nods, as if to say, yes, the same one.
  • Martin understands. His eyes go distant for a moment... wistful. Then he glances at Peggy, then away.

    Peggy doesn't notice, since her gaze locked on you when you said you were visiting your mom. She comes around Ashley, her face a mix of warring emotions. Guilt over Ashley and this whole sordid affair, and with what you just revealed... a little uncertain, worried. She puts a hand on your shoulder, rubs it.

    "You're... meeting with your birth mother? She's in town? How... how wonderful for you, sweetheart. I mean... I hope it will be."
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    Holly offers a small smile to Peggy. "I hope so, too. I'm not... I'm not going anywhere. I still, uhm, want to... stay. I like my room. And. I love you." She takes a small breath, "Sometimes, it's not easy, loving who you love. But that doesn't mean. That, uhm, you should stop."
  • "Oh, sweetheart." Peggy says, getting a little misty. She pulls you into a hug. "I love you too."

    She kisses your cheek, "I'll be home later, okay? You be safe." She turns back to Martin and Ashley and they head out the door.

    "C'mon." Winter says softly, taking your hand again. "Let's go find your Mom."

    --End Scene--
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