[MH] Into the Veil [Te S2:4.5]

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I suppose even though you're pushing you can't quite place the moment of transition between the hospital hallways and the deep wood of the veil, but there it is, all the same. It is only a short time on the path between tall primordial trees and thinking about her (or are you calling?) that she comes. She steps out from between some trees to your left, her large liquid eyes following your progress toward her, her tall slender body in a pose of unconscious fluid elegance. Her face lit up by a warm, but not untroubled smile. You realize she can't have been far from you.

She bows her head for a moment when you draw close. "Hello, my love."


  • Myrii looks up and cocks her head, a smile still playing about her lips

    "Modern human expressions." She muses, shaking her head slightly. "But I believe I understand the question." She pauses, her golden eyes glittering. "I am very well... now. " She reaches and pulls you against her, unless you resist. She lets out a sigh. "Today has been something of a struggle, being away from you for so long. But touching you again makes it... irrelevant."
  • "The veil is in your blood. Assuming its mood isn't contrary, just trust it." Myrii says.

    It isn't long before you emerge near the apartment out of the small woods that boarder one side of the lot. I'm assuming you're headed inside? Myrii has been quiet up to now. She's following you inside. "Your lover will be well?" She asks suddenly, while waiting for you to unlock the door.
  • Myrii went in in front of you and turns back to answer, her face having gone more somber.

    "I do not follow him. I obey him. I obeyed both as best I could, before the queen was imprisoned. We obey them because they are the seeds that make us what we are... they are a fundamental part of our being. All faeries begin at least partially mortal. I was mortal once, myself. Either you are given a fairy heart by the king or queen as I was, and Nyx too, and must choose to embrace it and give up your mortal one, or you are born with a fairy heart, being the child of a powerful fairy and a mortal, and must choose between them. Two fairies, when they love, they do not mate, they..." she searches, "they merge... eventually becoming one being. The king and queen... they are the oldest and have been through many mergings to be as powerful as they are." She looks ill at ease, explaining this to you.

    She perches on the edge of the sofa. She shakes her head. "The trouble was quite long ago by your standards. The Queen may have called Ashley and the others her granddaughters, but I believe it is several generations, and the wishborn tend to live longer than most. I do not know all the details of what took place... only stories and rumor. There are some who say that the King wanted to merge, but the Queen wanted to keep herself as she was and it became a point of contention between them. And so, being equal in power, they duelled the only way available, through promises and deception."
  • She's quiet a moment.

    "It depends on how peevish he is." She says "I might not matter to him at all. Or he might be... unpleasant." She shakes her head. "It doesn't matter, our bond is paramount. I am with you, whatever you decide."
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  • She moves and sits next to you in that graceful way that she has, slipping an arm about you and hugging you against her.

    "I made my choice when I asked for and accepted your blood and the bond with it." She says. "Whether I knew the true consequences of that choice is irrelevant. It is the way of things. And when I am near you now it completes me in a way that... that I do not wish to deny."

    She reaches with her hand to gently caress your cheek and jaw, she continues to gaze into your eyes with her large glittery ones.

    "I can follow you anywhere, love. Indeed I have hardly been more than a few minutes away from you for some time now. My distress a few days ago was because you left suddenly and I was not prepared for how strong the bond had become. Mere sickness should not be a problem... but it is true that if you die then I shall as well. One cannot live with only half their soul. And if you were to perish I would not wish to remain. I can only hope that eventually you will accept a Fairy heart of your own...and then we can be as we ought.
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    She flows into a standing position next to you.

    "I shall. But Theodora..." She takes your arm looking down at you, pausing Your eyes are just at the impossibly delicate curves of her collarbones. "I want us to be one very much, but I cannot escape the knowing that this bond was an.... an accident. You must be sure. You must not choose this out of pity for my... difficulties. You must have no regrets. You must... you must want me. In your deepest heart." She places a long-fingered hand over your heart and pulls the one she took to rest on hers, keeping it covered with her hand.

    "You must consider your mortal lover." She says quietly. "She has suffered significant loss and... there is no way to know how our feelings will change when we join. Even if we continue to care for her... she will lose you as you are."
  • Before you get to far, Myrii grabs your shoulder roughly and turns you to face her. There's fire in her golden eyes now, anger.

    "It is a big loss! It would be to me!" She cries. "To others who love you too, would it not? Do not demean us and the realities of our hearts by diminishing yourself! You are not unworthy! You are the linchpin for that woman's heart, when so much else has been taken from her."

    There's a pause while you stare at each other. She lets you go, suddenly, turns away and take a couple of steps, as if to regain her composure. She's normally so serene, this agitation must be a little shocking.

    "I"m sorry..." She says. "I... require water." She moves to the kitchen and the sink, turning on the tap and immersing her hands in it, otherwise remaining still.

    Searching for the knife gives you space. As you said, it's not in your room. You find it nestled among Holly's dolls. How thorough did you have to get?
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  • Myrii comes to the doorway. She's clearly wet her face and hair as portions of them are damp.

    "Oh, my heart," She says gently. "Love is not deserved. It is a gift. We can only accept it with grace and honor it as well as we may. Take heart. We will find some solution to this difficulty. I will be with you."
  • End Scene
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