[MH]The Holly and the Ivy [Ho S2:4.10]

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It's a little bit later, about dusk. You're at your birth mother's old house. Did you decide to wait outside or inside? Who did you bring with you and what have you been doing to pass the time?


  • Holly
    Riley and Winter came to the house with Holly. All three girls waited inside. For the past hour or so, they've been quietly playing truth or dare, "the quiet version", which ended up with giggling, but no screaming or running outside. Holly got to make out with Winter, learned that Riley is double-jointed, and that Winter wants a nose job.
  • Riley is trying to think of a dare for you when you all hear the car outside. The engine stops and a door opens and shuts. Checking outside you see a small figure... well about your size, I guess, walking around the car. A woman with dark hair. Is the house lit? Where have you been playing?
  • Holly
    Holly quickly blows out their single candle when they hear the car outside. The dim light from the moon and scant streetlights outside are all the girls have to see by as they stand up. Holly whispers quietly, "I don't know if she will want to leave if I walk outside. Let's wait for her to come in. I will talk to her." She gives Winter a quick peck on the cheek, then reaches for Riley's hand to squeeze it. Then, she waits. Waits for her mother to come in.
  • For a few minutes all you can hear is your collective breathing.

    It isn't long. Cross must never have changed the locks because soon there's the brief rattle of a key in the lock and the front door opens, hesitantly, and a silhouette enters the front room. She turns, slightly, looking around, moonlight from outside catching her face. She looks like you, as you expect, but a little older. She's wearing a dark wool peacoat with a red scarf and jeans and hiking boots. She pulls some earmuffs off her ears.

    She doesn't see you three right away, right? You're off to the side, maybe a little hidden.

    She takes a few steps forward and stops, holding her hands slightly out from her sides, closing her eyes as if feeling the space.
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    Holly remains hidden in the kitchen for a few more moments. She sees her mother, so close. Holding her breath for long moments, she watches her enter the house, reach out. She looks so nice in her nice coat and scarf. Holly can't help but watch her in awe.

    She motions for Winter and Riley to stay back and steps into the short hall and pads into the living room. When she is in sight of Ivy, she says softly, "Hullo. I'm... uhm. I'm Holly. I'm your... well, your daughter. It's nice to meet you, Ivy." She offers a slightly nervous smile. "We need to talk about the Fairy Queen."
  • Her eyes were still closed when you started speaking. Her body goes stiff, her mouth opens in surprise, catching a sharp breath before her eyes open wide in the dim room and fall on you.

    "Holly..." She whispers, her hand reaching out, tentatively, as if she can't quite believe it's you. She takes a faltering step towards you, still reaching out. The moment she touches you, she pulls you into her arms, hugging you tightly against her.

    After a moment she leans back. "God... you've gotten so big. I'm sorry... I'm so sorry about... about all this."
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    Holly melts into the hug, feeling warmth she's ached for her entire life. When Ivy leans back, Holly straightens, peering at her mother in the dim light. Her eyes shine with glee and emotion, her face cracked with a nervous smile, a hopeful expression on her face. "I forgive you. I understand it was for the Fairy Queen. She treated me well... uhm, at least while she was Renna. I was lost for a... while. But it helped me find my Wishborn sisters!" She looks back to the kitchen, gesturing for Riley and Winter to come out. "Winter is my. My girlfriend, Ivy." She continues holding onto Ivy, unwilling to break the contact she's craved.

    "But, I need to know what to do with the marble and the blade." Holly says with a grave tone. "Can one save the Queen without the other? IS the magic damning up all, driving us, uhm, mad? How do we convince the King to forgive her and make the court whole?"
  • Winter comes out first, Riley right behind her.

    Ivy blinks at them, as if she's seeing ghosts and seems about to say something before you go on to talk about the marble and the blade and ask your questions. Her eyes snap back to you, looking horrified.

    "My god, you found them. You weren't ever supposed to ever... ever even come back here, much less find those things. Holly, you must give them to me." She starts to tear up. "You aren't safe."
  • Holly
    "They were protected by your blood." Holly answers softly. "And your blood... is, uhm, is my blood, too." She tries to read Ivy's expression for a moment, "I know we aren't safe. You can't... you can't hide them forever. What would you do with them? What should we do?"
  • "I can hide them again!" She says. "You don't understand. You aren't safe! It was why I hid those things. That was why I left and let... let strangers take you away."

    She steps back, clearly trying to gather herself. She looks upset and afraid mostly.

    "I... I wanted to help her escape too, once. I promised you to her, to give her a temporary place, but then I found out... I couldn't let it happen," She reaches out to you again. "not to my child. So I let you be taken away, and I took the athame and pelydryn to the best hiding place I could think of, and sealed it in and left. With myself as the key I never... I never expected anyone could get to it."
  • Holly
    "Why didn't you help her escape?" Holly asks with growing need. "I was drawn to it and now they are free from your hiding place. Can't we... can't we free the Queen and reunite her with the King? Why can't we fix it, uhm, Ivy?"
  • Your mother lets go and collapses onto a nearby chair.

    "Reunite them? Oh darling, they've been bitter rivals for over a thousand years." She says.

    She brings her hands up to her lips, folded together as if praying and rocks forward and back a couple of times. She lets out a slow breath.

    Riley and Winter have crept further in the room as they watch the exchange between you. As soon as Ivy lets go Winter slides her hand into yours.

    Finally she looks up.

    "I don't want to fix it because I would lose you." She drops her eyes. "Sometimes, even being descended from the fairies, we forget how... how tricky they can be. I thought... I didn't think she would ever be so... I couldn't..." She sighs, looks up again. "You're her chosen vessel, sweetheart. She needs your body to return. You... you wouldn't survive."

    Winter and Riley both gasp and Winter actually moves in front of you, still clutching your hand tightly, as if defending you from what your birth mother just said.
  • Holly
    Holly listens to Ivy explain the danger. "Renna said you gave me to her. She said I was hers. Was that... a lie? I thought fairies couldn't lie."
  • "They can't lie. But you have to be very specific when you make promises to them." She says. "I promised you to her before you were born. As a wishborn and my daughter you would already be attuned to her energy and make a suitable... and I thought temporary, place for her." She swallows. "It wasn't until after you were born and... things that she said made me realize what she intended, how much leeway I had left in our agreement. I trusted her, far more than I should have."

    "When I realized the truth... the only thing I could do, I thought, was to exploit it myself and scatter what she needed to complete her return. I kept watch on my blood wards, checking them, and when I found they were broken..." She looks at you. "I didn't expect it was you."
  • Holly
    "But, Ivy..." Holly says lightly, afraid to call her mother, worried it would not be accepted by Ivy. "All this for me? What if... what if the Queen could return? What would happen to all the Wishborn? Would they be accepted back into the realm? Would you... would they, uhm, be granted the chance to have children, to live happily... ever after? Would it fix things for our sisters?" Holly squeezes Winter's hand.
  • Winter gives you a look somewhere between worry and horror that you're even pursuing this line of questioning. She's squeezing back on your hand and about to say something when your mother interrupts.

    "I don't know." She pauses..."I don't care." She says, standing again. "I don't care what it might or might not do. I'm not letting my daughter die for it."

    She turns and walks a couple of steps away. "I never thought I would use the wishborn spell. I thought I didn't want that.... that responsibility. But when you came you were so sweet... so full of love, and I realized I must have wanted it after all or the spell wouldn't have worked. By then... it was too late. I couldn't risk the queen getting suspicious and doing something about it."
  • Holly
    When Ivy says the words: "I'm not letting my daughter die for it.", Holly's mouth opens slightly in surprise. She swallows a couple times as Ivy tells her how sweet and full of love she is, Holly squeezes Winter's hand, then releases it so she can close the distance to Ivy.

    Holly throws her arms around Ivy, hugging her fiercely, ducking her head against her mother's shoulder and holding her for a moment. Tears leak out of her eyes, emotion has overwhelmed her, the acceptance, the words my daughter, it is more than she'd imagined could really happen from this meeting. After a long, delightful moment embracing her mother, Holly says with her face pressed against her side, "I love you, mommy."

    It's all she can bear to choke out, but in her heart, she's decided. She won't die for the Fairy Queen, not now. She has so much to live for, her family is too wonderful. For the first time in her life, she has all that she'd ever dreamed.
  • She holds your close for several minutes.

    "Oh... my baby. I love you too." She coos.

    When you've gathered yourselves again, she says. "Holly, we need the athame and the pelydryn. We need to hide them again before anyone else knows where they are."
  • Holly
    A soft, satisfied smile spreads on Holly's face when her mother declares her love is returned. "I have the marble, but my sister has the dagger. I, uhm, made a promise to the king that I would with him before I would free the Queen. Which... I guess I won't be doing. But it just feels so wrong, mommy. Why can't we try to end the cycle? Why can't we restore the Queen without her magic? Can't we help... someone? Will this, uhm, petty fight between them last forever?"
  • "Oh, I don't know, sweetheart. Promises between faeries are difficult at best. And the King and Queen are both very stubborn creatures. When her spirit takes up residence in a body she doesn't leave, except by death. And she's already in you. The important part of her, anyway. If I knew another way to free the queen that didn't mean she would take your body and destroy you, I would do it in a moment."

    She looks around the darkened room.

    "We must fetch the athame and leave, as quickly as we can."

    "Leave?" Asks Winter, looking between you, "Holly?"
  • Holly
    "Uhm, mommy," Holly says, as if trying the word on for size. "What if? Uhm, Myrii and I join? She needs a fairy heart to pull her from the bargain she's struck with my, uhm, foster sister. She asked me to... uhm, do that for her. Could Myrii and I, well, uhm, survive? Could we save the queen together?" Holly throws up her last Hail Mary pass in hopes of saving this doomed situation, knowing in her heart it probably can't happen.

    Then Ivy talks about leaving and Winter asks Holly if they're leaving. Holly says sharply, "Winnie's coming. If we're going. I don't want to leave any of my sisters. Any of them. What if we make a stands? The magic marble is dangerous, right? What if we use it as a bargaining chip against the King? Force him to back down, to amend his punishment, if only to set a damn date. This can't last forever, we'll never be whole and always run and I want a life for us.... not just living."
  • It takes a little more explaining of who Myrii is and what the circumstances are.

    After she understands, your mother puts a hand on your arm. "The bond could be transferred to you, if your foster sister gave it to you, but the fairy wouldn't be able to join with you unless you became a fairy yourself. The only way to do that is if the King or Queen makes you one. That... that isn't something I would want for you."

    When you tell her that Winter, and all your sisters are coming with you, she looks at the other two girls and asks them to excuse the two of you, which they do reluctantly. When they've gone your mother looks at you. "Holly. Isobel... Winter's mother, she wants the Queen's power. It's part of why I left before. If we take Winter with us, Isobel can find us. We can't take the risk. It's best if we get the athame and go... Bargaining with the King is..."

    You could push her into it, Holly. You could push her into risking a confrontation with Isobel and Bargaining with the king. It's probably a Manipulate.
  • Holly
    Manipulating Ivy to support Holly's quest to save the queen. Giving her a string to use Bought Loyalty for a +2 and rulling with Hot +!.
    #DiceRoller( 2d6+3 )
  • Holly
    "I will not abandon Winter, mommy." Holly says this with clear intent. She isn't whining, and she isn't going to bend. "She's my best good friend, and my girlfriend. I love her. We can save the queen, mommy. We can." She looks to her mother's eyes, hopeful of some way to break this stalemate.
  • She looks back at you, your mother, searching your eyes, hearing the steel in your tone. She wilts a little, uncertain.

    She will do it, she will support you and try to save the Queen if you guilt trip her about abandoning you, and leaving you to the terrible life you had until just recently.
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    "Mommy," Holly said softly, reaching for Ivy's hand. "I was alone without the Queen. Or you. Then I was with, uhm, bad people. And finally, I have just found all I've wanted. Just now, after years of waiting and wishing. It has been, uhm," She squeezes Winter's hand for support, "It has been a hard road, Mommy. But I'm here. With you all. I don't want to run away. I want to change this. All of it. We can... we can fix it. I believe it with all my heart. Please. Please help us."
  • You can see how much it hurts her that she abandoned you. She looks away from you, the moon from outside the window glinting like silver off the water in her eyes.

    "Okay... okay, yes. Running from this never did anything but deprive me of you. We'll try. We'll pass into the veil and see if... if we can fix all this."

    She turns back to you with a small smile, then her eyes shift and go wide.

    "Indeed we shall." Another voice says, strong, and smooth. "It's time there was a Queen again."

    "Mother!" Winter gasps.

    When you turn to look, Isobel is standing in the archway of the kitchen. She's dressed all in black, beautiful and cold.

    "Hello, dear. Hello sister."

    She shifts her eyes to you Holly.

    "Give me the pleydryn, child." She says, holding a white, elegantly manicured hand towards you.
  • Holly
    Holly turns to Winter's mother, licking her lips and steeling herself. "Isobel, hello. It is time there is a Queen. And King. Together. I'm so happy you're with us, we can be so much stronger together. I appreciate all the help you've been to us. But... I can't give you the marble. It's my burden to carry."
  • Isobel's pretty eyes narrow and seem to harden at the same time, like chips of ice. She glides into the room toward you. Winter looks confused but intimidated. Riley shrinks back

    "Not anymore. Do not defy me, child." Her voice is a growl. Her eyes flick to Winter and her mouth quirks before she looks back at you. While holding your gaze, she says something under her breath.

    Winter gives an animal shriek of pain and she doubles over, collapsing to the floor and curls in on herself, still screaming.
  • Holly
    "Stop it! You're HURTING HER!" Holly screams as she sees the pain and fear on Winter's face. She charges straight ahead for Isobel, intent on shoving her to the ground violently. If Winter keeps hurting after that, Holly will start kicking Isobel. As hard as she can.

    Holly is lashing out physically. I'll roll it next post.
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