[MH]The Holly and the Ivy [Ho S2:4.10]



  • Holly
    Lashing Out:
    #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )
  • Holly
    Holly deals Isobel harm and Isobel needs to hold steady before she can retaliate (during this scene)

    Also, +1 XP
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    She'll actually be acting at a disadvantage.

    You barrel into Isobel, shoving as hard as you can and sending her sprawling through the archway into the kitchen colliding with an old table as she goes down. You almost go down too, but catch yourself on your hands and stand up again. Winter is still screaming so you begin to viciously kick at the black sprawl on the floor, catching her good in the side of the face. She cries out in pain, hands covering her head, trying to protect herself, then finally spits out some strange sounding word and Winter quiets into whimpers.

    A hand closes around your arm insistently pulling you away. It's Ivy, looking with horror at the woman on the floor even as she tries to get between you and her.

    You look back, Riley has already gone down on her knees next to the poor girl who is curled into a fetal position.

    Isobel pulls herself into a sitting position, rubbing at the blood dripping out of her nose and looking at it before looking up at you and your mother again, eyes icy with contempt.

    "A word." She hisses at you, as she stands. Once on her feet, she raises her chin as if she didn't have an ugly smear of blood over half her face, and glares. "All I have to do is say one word and she dies."
  • Holly
    Holly pulls the marble out of her pocket, her anger rising. She doesn't want Winter to be hurt, and she won't let Isobel have this power, she hurt her own daughter. Holly tries to draw something anything from the marble. IF she could shut Isobel off from her magic, or just... just stop her. She has to stop her.

    Could this be Gazing into the Abyss? Or Holding Steady, maybe?
  • Holly
    Bought Hex-Casting from Witch's playbook with an Advance. Using Binding to stop Isobel... or try

    Rolling with Dark:
    #DiceRoller( 2d6 )
  • Holly
    - the Hex has unexpected side effects.
  • At first there's nothing. It's something like pulling furiously on a locked door. Then you feel it give and you're inundated with power. Suddenly you're a freaking goddess. The power is a living thing, coiling out from you, surrounding Isobel, binding her, squeezing. Anger...such anger with her. Not yours, entirely. Mixing with yours. The power surges. It's... you're... killing her.

    You could stop it. You'd have to hold steady.

    Or not.
  • Holly
    Holly stands there, over Isobel, the marble clutched in her right hand, "I know you can hear me, Isobel." Her voice is cold. "I have the marble. It chose me. Not you. You will never, ever hurt Winnie again. Ever." For a long moment, Holly feels the power pulsing through her being, feels heady on this rush. She's always been the one hurting, always the one who's sorry, who's afraid, who "takes it".

    This time, she's dishing it out. She has Isobel's body at her feet, hurting her. Is this what Liam felt like? Is this what they feel like?

    Holly's going to try and Hold Steady and stop this.
  • Holly
    Holding Steady
    #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )

    +1 XP
  • The power surges again before you can master it. You're anger feeding her anger, and Isobel's eyes roll up, she makes a sound, low and incoherent, and she pitches forward to the floor at your feet and lies terribly still.

    The room is quiet but for tiny whimpering sounds from Winter and Riley whispering comforting words to her. Your mother comes up beside you and kneels to check Isobel. She feels her, then looks up at you with sad eyes and shakes her head. She stands again, still looking at her sister, her eyes suspiciously bright in the moonlight shining through the front window.

    "Oh, honey..."
  • Holly
    Holly stares at Isobel's body for several moments. The steel in her tone from earlier cracks, but she doesn't break. "We should go." She drops down to her knees to check on Winter, "Winnie, are you okay, baby? I stopped her. She won't hurt you anymore. I'm sorry."
  • Winter has calmed some, but she's a mess. You and Riley help her sit up and she stares at the body for a while before looking away. "I... can't believe she'd...she did that. I thought I was going to die. Holly... We have to stop this."

    What's your plan, Holly? Going to cross into the veil yourself?
  • Holly
    Holly remains with Winter while she and Riley help her up. She smooths her hair and kisses her girlfriend's temple. Winter's realization that it has to stop empowers her. She looks up to Ivy, "Mommy, we need to speak with the King. Help me cross into the veil. Riley, stay with Winnie, get her out of her, okay." She kisses Winter's cheek, "I will come home for you, Winnie. I promise."

    She stands when Winter agrees, and walks to take her mother's hand.
  • End Scene

    Go here, Holly
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