[MH] Into the veil... again. (Te S2:4.6 Ho S2:4.11)



  • Holly
    Giving Fairy King a string on Holly to use Bought Loyalty for a +2
    Manipulating Gwynn:
    #DiceRoller( 2d6+3 )
  • The dogs pause, Gwyn's eyes shift to you, Holly, studying your face. In this moment you can remember quite clearly the experience between you earlier in the apartment.

    "You will agree to take your sister's debt?" He asks softly. If you do, he will listen.
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    Holly hesitates for a moment, then nods until she finds her voice. "Yes. I'll take her debt. But please, Dora, don't go!"
  • Gwyn nods his acceptance, and the dogs lay down again. The amount of threat in the air recedes a great deal. Teddy you hadn't actually started to run yet, so I think Holly must've gotten in your way.
  • Hey, Holly - I guess you don't have any Strings or anything on me right now, but if you phrase this as a request to stay and do something, instead of just not leaving, I'll stay.
  • Holly
    "Dora," Holly continues, seeing Teddy's hesitation. "Help me fix this. We can heal the Queen and the King. We can do it together." Her voice falls slightly, "I can't. I can't do it alone."
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    So, I've stopped, super tense - I'm gripping Myrri's hand, a trickle of blood all wet between our palms. I've opened up a little bit, holding the knife more sensibly, more of the blood just kind of a wet glisten on the dark blade. I'm a little wild-eyed, too. You don't know what I know, but to me this is like, fight or flight situation here, and staying means, you know: bloody knives. And that's if we're lucky - at least, I mean, that's what I think.

    "What? What are you going to do?"
  • Holly
    Holding Teddy's eyes, Holly explains quickly, "The Queen can return through me, Dora. She's chosen me as a Vessel. If... if Myrii bonds with me, then we should be strong enough to survive the Queen's return together. We know the marble and the dagger are two halves, one is the Queen, the other is her Magic. Her Magic has soured." She looks to the King, "If you would forgive her, my lord, we could reunite you. Acadia is broken when you two are apart. Your grace can make it right."
  • I look past you, at Him, but talking to you:

    "He wants to join with her - he wants her power. She didn't. What makes you think that's going to change? What makes you think she'll forgive him?"

    I've edged closer to Myrii, brushing hips. My grip tightening.
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    "He'll tell her," Holly says softly, turning to look at Gwynn. "He'll tell her he loves her."
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    Gwynn raises an eyebrow, cooly, standing with his feet apart, lifting his chin and crossing his arms.

    "Promises were made. Promises were broken." He says darkly. "Recompense must be made."

    Teddy, Myrii grips your hand tightly in return, she's keeping her eyes averted from the king though, her head tilted towards you.

    Holly, your mother steps up behind you. "Holly, no, I didn't do this just to lose you."
  • Holly
    Holly looks to her mother, then to Teddy. "I think.... it's the only way." She returns her gaze to the Fairy King, "What is fair recompense, my King?"
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    The entire forest is eerily quiet. Your collective breathing the loudest thing.

    "She must admit her fault, and beg my pardon for it." Gwyn says softly, evenly. "And fulfil the promise of joining with me, as we were destined."

    Holly, a figure flickers into being next to you, even as something deep inside you pulses in a similar way. The figure is ghostly, transparent. It's Renna. Child Renna, as she was when she died, and she's glaring at Gwyn.

    "My fault?" She says coldly.
  • Holly
    Holly looks at Renna, a look of wonder slips onto her face, even now. "Yes, my Queen. That is the last hurdle. If you will make amends, you can be free of your prison, Arcadia can be free. Please, Renna. We all suffer for this separation. He wants to... to be with you."
  • "He wants to consume me." Renna says, looking at you with big brown eyes. "It has never been about an equal joining. He manipulates me into promises, locks me away, divides me from my magic, and torments my descendents: a strange way to engage my affection. If an apology is owed, it is not mine."

    She looks to where you are, Teddy.

    "You, child, give Holly the athame."
  • I blink, like, kind of mind racing but pulled up short. I'm almost refusing, out of reflex, but then I'm like:

    "What? No. Why? For what?"
  • She looks at you for a moment. She has a six year-old's face, but her eyes are bottomless.

    "Because it is mine, and so is she, and she has already accepted your obligation, much as I would prefer otherwise."
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    I look back, and yeah, I know. This little girl ghost thing, it's a false face, just like sexy pretty-boy "Gwen" over there. They're both so much more - Holly doesn't have any idea. And God, you really are just getting more and more tangled up in these things, aren't you Holly? Wish I could just get rid of both of them.

    "... No. It's not yours. That's what you told me just a while ago, isn't it? And neither is she, whatever her mother told you."

    I'm kind of remembering things, putting them together in my head, and I look back to the King.

    "And ... look. Grandfather, forget about Holly. You don't want to destroy this thing - not really. You want her power, and this is the, uh, the channel for that. If you destroy it, it'll just keep spoiling, and I bet eventually it won't be any good to you, will it? Kind like, if you can't have it, nobody can - but you can have it. I'm ... I'm sorry, I wasn't thinking earlier. I know I promised you something, it's just when the magic goes bad, it'll hurt people I love. But we don't have to do that. We can use this, you know? Use it to give you the power. I can help! I do know things: I've talked to you, I've talked to her, and I've seen things in the forest - in the Veil. It wants your power to be combined with hers, and it showed me how to do it."

    "Let me show you. Just ... promise you'll forget about the obligation, if it works. It won't even matter then."
  • That sounds like a manipulate to me, Teddy.
  • Alrighty - is is a roll I feel pretty good about. +1 forward from the Abyss, and another +1 because he's blamed and I mostly mean to shiv him.

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+5 )
  • Teddy,

    Myrii squeezes your hand, her fear bumping up a notch through the bond.

    Gwyn contemplates you with dark, glittering eyes, then nods, slightly, smiling as if he' s won. "Very well, granddaughter. I promise. Show me."
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    I'm stepping toward him: past you, Holly, and away from Myrii. I hold Myrri's hand until it's too far, and my blood-slick grip goes and slips. I guess she knows what I'm thinking, at least a little bit - that's why she's afraid. But now I'm kind of letting her be afraid for the both of us. There's something down in my gut, growing now and rising up. It's like anger, or something ... he used me, when I thought he loved me, and he tried to get me to do something that would hurt Ashley, and also you, Holly. I had to lie to Ashley, she feels so betrayed, and my mom, my whole family keeps falling apart. It's all his fault.

    Or ... maybe that didn't all make sense. I'm kind of having trouble stringing thoughts together - I've lost a lot of blood. His blood, that runs in my family. If it weren't for that, for the fairy blood, me, my mom, we'd be different people - everything would be different. So it's all his fault, he's to blame. I don't like the Queen, I don't care about the stupid forest, but he's to blame and he has to pay for it. I can't let him just get whatever he wants. Maybe that runs in his blood, too.

    Hey, I shoot you a look, Holly, when I'm passing you. It's not really the kind of look that can tell you a lot, but you see this kind of wild edge in my eye, and you're at least more human than the King: it's pretty obvious to you that I'm unpredictable, kind of backed into a corner. I'll spend a String - mark xp if you guess it and watch my back for a minute here. Watch those dogs.

    But what do I do then? I don't know. I'm like closer to him, and on some random impulse I raise the knife, right? And my other hand - the one without the knife - is already smeared with blood from the trickle down my arm, but I still take the knife and cut myself just a little ... just a little scratch on the ball of my thumb, hardly any kind of cut at all. I don't have any reason to think doing that means anything (though I guess my blood definitely meant something to Myrii, when I brought her back from the brink), but it's ... I don't know. It's a good show. Fairies seem to respect blood. Maybe it'll make him buy it for a second longer, and lean in or whatever so he doesn't miss the secret.

    (Funny how I don't flinch at cutting myself. I've always had to force myself to do it, before.)

    Then I stab him, and twist the knife. It's not in the heart, though, like the forest wanted. I didn't even really try for that - it's just, like, in the gut somewhere. That wasn't really a decision I stopped and thought out or anything, it's just like ... what he wants is to become one with the Queen. Why would I give him that? I mean, I don't know, I probably don't really have a choice, but I have some kind of vague idea that maybe I'll just hurt him, first. I know that sounds kind of sick, but ... well. Look, the Queen did say something about how he wanted an unequal bond, so he could swallow her up and have all the power for himself. Maybe if he's hurt, and then someone puts them together, maybe then it'll be uneven the other way around.
  • Going with the assumption of Lashing Out Physically, it's +1 for blamed and I roll using Dark because of Vengeful:

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+4 )

    I threaten harm equal to whatever a magic athame does, +1 because of Vengeful.

    •On a 10+, I deal him harm, he loses a String on me, and he needs to hold steady to retaliate.

    •On a 7-9, I deal him harm and become my Darkest Self. He will make some open-ended demands of me, and he'll promise me some lucrative (and perhaps volatile) things in return!
  • He apparently believes you’re on his side up until the last moment. When you cut your thumb on the approach his focus intensifies. You’re right of course about the fairy relationship with blood. The idea that this thing is some kind of blood ritual only makes sense, and he extends his own hand towards you, thinking, since you are moving towards him that you probably need his blood too to do whatever it is you are doing.

    Then you stab him, like you said, right through the gut and twist. There’s a short almost scream from Myrii, and certainly a cry from Holly’s mother. And there’s a reverberation, like a deep gong being struck. The shock on Gwyn’s face is almost comic. The athame is powerful. It has some of the power of an almost godlike being inside of it, and the King has been careful about not touching it himself up to now. The kings own blood, an unnaturally rich red, wells up around the blade. He touches the blood with a hand and holds that hand up in wonder to dazed and suddenly strangely vulnerable eyes as he begins to stagger backward, collapsing awkwardly to his butt on the ground. The dogs… they whine seemingly unsure what to do.

    None of you are sure he’s going to die, or anything like that, but it’s bad. This would certainly have killed a lesser being immediately. You remember shooting Marsha, right Teddy? That look she had after you shot her, you’re seeing it again here. Holly, you too, when you killed Liam.

    ”What have… you… done, you foolish creature.” He gasps out, his abdomen turning into something of a horror show as he shudders.

    Uncertain figures creep from the edge of the woods, watching only. All kinds of human and inhuman shapes.

    Renna goes over by Gwyn and kneels next to him, sighing ”You’re the foolish one.” She says, in a gentler voice than you expected maybe. ”I warned you that treating mortals the way you do would be your undoing.”

    She looks up and behind, at you Holly.

    ”I need to incarnate, Holly. It is time.”

  • I'm kind of almost hauled down with him - I've got the knife in a death grip, but it won't come at first. Then it does, and I stumble away.

    At her, at "Renna", I call out kind of panicky: "Why?! Why should any of us ..."
  • Holly
    Holly watches the macabre scene, sees Teddy stab Gwyn, watches him fall, his shock plain. It's all so sudden, Holly gasps in surprise, hands over her mouth.

    Then, Renna is there, demanding that Holly allow herself to be subsumed, to die for her as she was promised. "I... I have a sister, and a mommy. And-and a lover, now. I don't want to leave them, Renna." Her voice wasn't pleading, it was emotional, but certain. "Gwynn, my King." she said, facing the fairy on the ground, looking down at him with respect, "You should, uhm, take another Queen. Renna will never forgive, I see that now. But there is a fairy who is tied to a mortal and the mortal won't join with her. She's loyal and true, loving and kind. She serves you well, and would be your best good Queen. Join with Myrii, my King. Make Arcadia whole!"
  • And that is a manipulate from you, Holly. Roll it please.

    Renna stands to face you. "And you can have them all, Holly. We can have them together, together with more power than you can possibly imagine."

    She looks at Myrii, who shrinks back wringing her hands that are slick with Teddy's blood.

    "Do you think this stripling can take my place?" The queen continues calmly, turning back to you and tilting her chin in contempt at the notion. "Do you think she can take my power? Forgiveness is very much beside the point. I have won the game. Do you think I have played with every shred of cunning at my disposal to be displaced by a child? " She laughs a child's laugh as if he heard the funniest knock knock joke ever. " It's ridiculous! Inconceivable. The merge will be on my terms, his body is no longer suitable, and I do not yet have one again. Besides, that one." She indicates Myrii again with a contemptuous wave, " She is bound to merge, unless your beloved sister gives her up which she does not look wont to do. I have won."

    She kneels again, reaching out to stroke Gwyn's face, down his chest, her fingers trailing through the gore without disturbing it, and speaks like an excited child. "I have won, haven't I, my love? Concede that I have won and we can finally have an end to this business." She glances down his body. "Oh, to have a form... how I ache to taste you again."
  • Holly
    Giving the King another String for +2 for Bought Loyalty.
    Manipulating Gwyn:
    #DiceRoller( 2d6+3 )
  • Holly
    "Dora," Holly says urgently, "Please, let Myrii go. She'll die with you."
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    "You don't know what you're talking about!"

    And then, I'm more ... collected, sort of. Or maybe just distant-seeming, straightening up and going kind of cold all of a sudden. Come to think of it, I think I'd blamed you for some of this, too.

    "That won't happen. I'm willing to do what I have to do, and ... I won't let them - or you - take her. You want to give her up to save yourself? Fuck you, Holly. All of you."

    A flourish with the bloody fucking knife, there, making sure to encompass you, your mom, the King and Queen, the creeping-in fairies. I'm speaking kind of slow, a little loopy, almost tipsy. I'm light-headed from, I don't know, blood-loss, shock, whatever? And ... so I staggered away from the King when we broke apart, but he's still basically right there, so I'm looking at him:

    "... I thought you were my grandfather. I thought ... God. What was I thinking? Family sucks."

    And I start crossing that little distance again, probably to stab him again, the way I was supposed to do in the first place.
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