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  • Honestly, even on a 10+ the options are just kind of dull. Fiddly little behind-the-scenes mechanics, rather than things that really change the fiction. And the 7-9 result is a little weird for what the move is supposed to be (or at least for what the move calls itself). But, eh.

    How about Holly picks up another out-of-playbook move? Like, say, the witch's hex move (with the Binding hex). That's exactly what she's trying to do right now.
  • Posted By: Michael LoyHow about Holly picks up another out-of-playbook move? Like, say, the witch's hex move (with the Binding hex). That's exactly what she's trying to do right now.
    I think that's a great idea! If you're cool with it, MC, I'd buy:
    Hex-casting with the hexes of Binding and Illusions
  • I'm cool with it.
  • Is this maybe the last scene of the game? At least the big climax, right?

    /me grabs popcorn.
  • Yeah I think so. At least the climax.
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    I'm going out on a limb and assuming that I can't use my Infernal bargains against the King, as long as the King is my patron.

    I have no problem with this whole thing descending into violence, and I pretty much intend that - I've been keeping tabs on that knife and picking violence-oriented moves all season long. But I also blew that hold steady roll, and I know Holly now has a couple moves that are about protecting people, so go for it Rich!

    Though running does actually sound kind of fun - one assumes that turns into getting chased through the fairy woods by the wild hunt or what have you.
  • Oh, I keeping forgetting that gazing into the abyss requires that you pick things - I would've picked "the visions are lucid and detailed" and "the visions show you what you must do", which is what I got anyway. There'll be +1 forward if I act on it.

    Note that Teddy is now at 3-harm, so ... not great!
  • Ooh, the last Dora post to Gwynn is intriguing! !!
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    I'll point out that while Holly and the King are (I think) tapped out on Strings against Teddy, the Queen and Myrii should each have one String, if they have opinions on what's going on. It's probably spend-them-if-you-have-them time. And of course this would be a fine time for Holly to do one of her couple of violence-stopping moves, if she wants. I'm making it kind of difficult, but honestly it'd be a cool thing if she did.

    I might have been Shutting Down Holly just there, I don't know - I'm more thinking of that as reason to spend the String to block interference from Holly. But I can do it if you think I should.

    I'm also just idly noticing that all of Teddy's family, except her father but including Holly, is currently blamed by her for basically everything.

    And as long as I'm just commenting, I'm sad I didn't get the 7-9 result on that Lash Out roll. Going into the Infernal's Darkest Self right there would have been great!
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    Oh, I think there's another String in play, somewhere. I triggered Down the Rabbit Hole way back when Holly and Teddy broke into Marsha Cross' old house, and that gave someone a String. I think that went to the dark power that lived there ... but I don't know if that's technically distinct from the Queen or not. I'm pretty sure that String was never spent, so either the Queen has another String on Teddy, or the knife itself (basically) has a String on Teddy.
  • Posted By: Michael LoyHey, Holly, the xp offer was for the whole deal - force the Queen out into the King's body. Otherwise she's right, maybe, unless she's just lying a whole lot. Which is possible.
    I'm not sure how Holly is supposed to force the queen into the king's body?
  • Act of will, I guess. I imagine it becomes more obvious once you've stabbed someone in the heart like a crazy person. The Queen just described the process: "The pelydryn must be attached to the athame, and the athame must be driven into the heart of the body."

    The knife is a conduit, so once it's there it acts as a bridge and gives the Queen somewhere to go. She obviously doesn't intend to use that to be forced into a body she doesn't want, but that's explicitly something Holly can do. Teddy was told it as: "If you can plunge that blade into the Kings heart. Holly can give the jewel and, just maybe, push the queen out of her own soul and into the king, and things will be as they should have been."

    And how she conveyed that to Holly was: "... if you're strong, you can push her out. I've seen that. You can do what she just said, and force her out into him."
  • Yeah, in fictional terms it's pretty much an act of will. I'm not sure about the roll, if there is one. Should there be? Maybe Dark?

    Your other option is to let your Mom be the queen, or just try to live with her in you. That's legit.
  • Could just be Holding Steady. Or it could almost be a Shut Down. If it's a roll at all - it could also just be a cut-to-credits situation.

    Does Holly have a String on the Queen? Because just doing something to spend a String for the "flinch or hesitate" type option might also work - if the Queen does that while locked in a battle of wills, it probably wouldn't be good for her.
  • Holly has 0 strings on either the Fairy King or Queen. Fairy King has three on her. Fairy Queen has one.
  • Trevis, could you make a new thread for epilogues? We can do them both in one thread, obviously.
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    Honestly, I'm not sure I have anything for an epilogue, though I could definitely see something for Holly.

    I'm thinking about it, but in case a thumbnail helps you now, Rich:

    I think Teddy shows up at school for semester finals and is otherwise gone before Christmas, to live with her Dad. She probably sends something to Ashley, but doesn't visit the hospital again, and she avoids her mom and Holly ... comes home to pack a few things when she thinks she can avoid running into anyone. When she leaves, she takes Myrii with her. She's somewhere else now, off-screen.

    She's probably actually doing just fine - I think a clean cut would be good for her. Start of a new life.

    Years off, after graduating from high school and going on to college, she'll probably come back and reconcile with people. And she still has Myrii and some magic, so she'll be balancing a normal life with the supernatural world - I think she'll be doing it a lot better than she has been in the game. She's actually pretty powerful and knowledgable, and with a more mature attitude she'll be able to meet the supernatural on her own terms, but that's all a different story.
  • Keep in mind ash went home with her dad. Poor Ashley.
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    I guess no, I really don't have anything for an epilogue. Teddy goes off in the forest with Myrii, then leaves with her dad. She goes off screen for the setting, so it doesn't feel interesting to say how she's doing wherever she's gone. If we were doing another season, I wouldn't even be playing her ... it'd be like, maybe she shows up again in season four or five, when Holly and whatever new characters go off to college.
  • *Goes and buys a hard copy of Monsterhearts.*
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