[MH] Into the veil... again. (Te S2:4.6 Ho S2:4.11)



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    Holly, I'm spending a String on you. If you interfere with me here, you first have to Hold Steady. I'm hostile and obviously erratic, and my angry response has set you back on your heels. I also have a scary magic knife, and - for what it's worth - you think I mean it when I say I'm going to take care of Myrii.
  • It's Myrii who grabs hold of you Teddy, from behind her slender arms come around your waist, trying to restrain you. She is very strong. Her voice is in your ear.

    "No... my love, please. Please listen! They cannot take me from you. Not unless you give me up. Don't do this."

    Not that it means much at this late date, but she'll spend her string to persuade you.

    Renna stands. "She is right, child. We cannot take her. You can have her. I can even give you the means to join her, if you wish, your own fairy heart. But I need the athame and a body to do it."

    Holly, the King's voice rings in your ears... your head. *"I would do it... take the young one as the queen. But she can only be such with the power of the queen. It's not an office... it's a state of being. A state of power. But if you can make it come about, I will win."

    Then you hear your mother say as she stands up next to you. "Take my body, my Queen. Leave my daughter to her life... you know I will suit you just as well."
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    Are you offering Holly an XP to not interfere? Or are you saying she has to Hold Steady to do it?
  • I retract the String, since the situation is different enough that I might not even be doing that. This kind of thing is weird in play by post.
  • I probably sway pretty bad when Myrii grabs me. She's pretty strong, yeah, and I'm - huh - I guess still bleeding. Not in good shape, anyway. And I hear her, but she doesn't understand, that's not what I'm doing this for. I need to do this because the Veil wanted ... the King and the Queen? Or it was to save Holly?

    I'm leaning forward a little, but not really pulling against Myrii - just kind of staring at the Queen. Her offer takes way longer than it should take before it gets through to my brain, and then I'm trying to -

    "... He's my grandfather, great-grandfather. That isn't enough? I still need ... a heart?"

    Is that what Myrii said about it? It doesn't sound wrong. But God, I'd hoped his blood would offer something good ... stupid.

    Yeah, definitely no String, Holly. I'm still behaving pretty erratically over here, but I'm kind of caught on this - not really dangerous right this second.
  • Renna shakes her head.

    "Your blood has power, coming from him, but you are not fae. Not yet. If you wish to join with her in our way, in the way she needs, you must be fae. Otherwise your lover is bound without hope."

    Myrii whispers in your ear.

    "You need not do it, Love."
  • Yeah, I don't know. What are you doing, Holly?

    I'm like, kind of pathetically, "I do, I want to. I have to. And she ... she'll protect ..."

    She'll protect Ashley? Why? Because Ashley's her great-whatever granddaughter? I'm the King's granddaughter, and what good has that done me? But she'll control the power that was once hers, and that would be good enough ... though it would be good enough to have anyone who could do that, control the power.
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    Hey, MC:
    Strings Attached: You can ask the dark power for something that you really, really want. The MC will attach a price to the thing you want, and hint at an undesired twist in its nature. If you pay the price, you’ll get what you’re after.
    I understand if the King doesn't want to bargain under the circumstances, I mean really I do. But what I really want is, you know, a fey heart. Just saying.
  • Holly
    "Do you want to be the Fairy Queen, Dora?" Holly asks, seeing what Teddy is considering. "Your mommy would be so sad. I-I would miss you. Myrii could be the queen. Right now. She would still love you. She could help Ashley."
  • "Don't be -"

    I'm shaking my head, like shaking off a distraction: "Nobody wants to be queen, nobody but them. And he - he doesn't deserve -"

    To the Queen: "... I don't even know what you want me to do."
  • Teddy,

    You're asking him then? Because so far it doesn't quite sound like it.

    "For a heart, my dear? It is simple. I must be restored." Renna says. "The athame" she points to the knife. "The pelydryn." She looks at you, Holly. "And a body." She turns back to you Teddy. "The pelydryn must be attached to the athame, and the athame must be driven into the heart of the body. I will then gain embodiment once again, the magic will be controlled, and you shall have your heart."
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    I automatically look down at the knife, when she says the marble has to be attached to it. Is it obvious how that works? Is there a socket or something? Do I use duct tape? I guess it isn't a precise thing. The forest just wanted Holly to give over the marble after the stabbing part, so ...

    And I look around, a little lost. This was all a lot simpler just a minute ago, and I'm in no shape to ... anything, really. But maybe that's right, in its own way. I try to catch my breath and find my balance, bracing against Myrii.

    "I think ... this is stupid. All of this, all of it, is because the two of you couldn't act like, like adults. You play around and mess with people's emotions and act like a couple of ... a couple of petty vindictive kids, hurting the people you loved. And who loved you. And now he's bleeding and you're a ghost, and I don't really want to help either of you. I think me and ... I think Myrii and I will be fine. I think you - there's a big world out there, and you can't possibly be all there is, all that's best and greatest about the fae. I think we'll find someone else. And just hope they're not as messed up as you two."

    It's an effort, but I drop the knife. The athame. Just drop it down to the ground at my feet. My fingers are cramped and shaking.

    "Your magic ... your magic needs someone to control it. But I think you - all of you - can figure that out without us."

    That last part is inclusive of, you know, the whole room, and I'm looking at you now, Holly, and I guess that lady's your mom.

    "She doesn't actually have any hold on you, you know? She wants you to think she's in control, but if you're strong, you can push her out. I've seen that. You can do, do what she just said, and force her out and into him. Don't make any more sacrifices for them - that's stupid too. Let them deal with each other. It might kill them, but ... they're powerful. Together, they'll probably be fine. And if they aren't, it's their own damn fault. But ... whatever. If one of you wants to be the Faery Queen - sort of - knock yourself out."

    And to you Holly, specifically, with kind of a hard look: "And you don't owe her anything. She's not Renna, not any more than she's you right now. She's just been using you - she said that just a minute ago. She just wanted this, this situation, so she could take your body and go free. So ... well whatever. You deal with it however you want. But you can't give them Myrii."

    And like, I'm ready to go. I've lost so much blood, I'm so unsteady, I'm not running away or really going anywhere fast if anyone has any points they want to make to me. But I'm pretty much done here.
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    I take Myrri's xp (1), because of course I do, even if it doesn't technically matter this late in the game.

    I spend a String to offer you xp to do that thing I said, Holly, even if it doesn't technically matter this late in the game. Otherwise, if you become the Faery Queen at some point, call me up and let me know if you want to be my Infernal patron. I think I've burnt my bridges with the current one.

    And I'd be glad to roll to Shut Down the Queen, if you think it's called for, MC. Actually, to heck with it, don't I have a String on her? I do. I use my words to spend a String to call her petty. Maybe it'll help Holly if Holly decides to stand up to her.
  • Holly
    Holly listens to Teddy the words shocking to her core. It's as if she'd spent all this time trying to work the puzzle "just so", only to have Teddy sweep all the jigsaw pieces off into the floor and tell her, "You don't have to play this game, dummy!"

    A soft breath escapes her lips, followed by a barely audible, "Hunh." She blinks, looking at Renna and her imperious expression. At Ivy, ready to die for her sake. At Gwynn, lying there in his own blood. Then finally Teddy, her sister by choice, not by blood.

    She looks to Renna. "You were my best good friend, Renna." She says this with complete sincerity. "But sometimes, friends... they, uhm, they stop being friends. And. I don't want to die. I don't want my mommy to die. Or Dora. Or any of my sisters. I... I want to go home now. So, uhm, goodbye. And good luck with," she waves her hand at Gwynn, her ghostly image, "all of this. I'm going now." She looks to Ivy, "Mommy, please come with me."

    As she reaches for Ivy's hand, Holly takes the marble out of her pocket, and lets it drop to the soft earth.

    Holly will take that XP, thanks.
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    "NO!" Renna all but screams.

    All through Teddy's speech and then yours her expressions shifted from one of calm superiority, to anger to fear... now? Now it's rage.


    She stomps furiously to face you, Holly.

    "YOU are MINE! That woman gave you to me to be my vessel. I shaped you, molded you to withstand any misery. I made you strong! You think those people would have made you strong if I had not encouraged the darkness in their hearts? Do you think that you would have learned to kill, if I had not encouraged that boy's ridiculous fantasies? If you think you can just leave here... well..." She folds her arms petulantly. "The magic will get worse. It will drive them all mad. Winter. Ashley" She stares daggers at Ivy. "Your mother." She lifts her chin. "And I am still inside you. If you thought your life was terrible before, you have seen but a small example of what I can do."

    Her expression changes completely. She smiles. It's almost beatific.

    "But it doesn't have to be like that. Become part of me, and you will have power and whatever you desire. And your loved ones will be safe."
  • Hey, Holly, the xp offer was for the whole deal - force the Queen out into the King's body. Otherwise she's right, maybe, unless she's just lying a whole lot. Which is possible.
  • Holly
    The Queen's outburst unleashes something in Holly. What was a choice to walk away denied. She sees her foster sister leaning on Myrii, sees her mother's eyes, Renna's unearthly smile.

    "There is no other way... is there?" Holly says, dropping her hand, the one she'd offered to her mommy. She stoops to pick up the pelydryn. "I must complete the ritual, or it will haunt everyone I love." Her tone is even, almost detached as she pads over to pick up the knife Teddy discarded "The only path is to use the athame to drive into the heart of the chosen, to use the pelydryn to give you a new home. Yes?"

    Holly grips the knife in her right hand, the marble in her left. "Renna, you took my happiness. You took my mommy. You made people hurt me. Made them hate me. You want me to die now. That's... really shitty." She walks towards Gwynn. "I think you deserve better than me, Renna. I think you deserve someone as strong as you. And if you two can't make up and love each other. Then.... well, it's your fucking problem." She drops to a knee, taking Gwyn's beautiful hair in her hand, holding his head like a farmer might hold a sheep's. Then, with all her might, she drives the knife's point for the Fairy King's heart.
  • You're plunging for the heart when your momentum stops, the point of the black gleaming blade barely scratching Gwyns heaving chest. He's looking at you with a helpless horror, but you're busy, fighting for control of the knife. It's blade is turning... turning towards you. Time slows to a crawl around you. The sounds... screaming maybe...singing... have faded into distant echoes as you feel the will of the Queen, a juggernaught, willing the knife into your heart instead of Gwynns. If she wins, Holly...

    You must hold steady to push the blade into him. To push her out of you.
  • Holly
    Holding Steady:
    #DiceRoller( 2d6+2 )

    (+1 XP for rolling Cold)
  • Holly
    I'll choose to have Holly hold steady.
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    You push with everything inside of you. You push afraid that you can't hold on.

    Then something happens in that moment, Holly... what is it, what do you think of?

    The opposing force collapses, the polished black blade of the knife slides into Gwyn's chest like a whisper. Fresh blood begins to flow from the wound. His body shudders once... twice, then lies still. Finally a golden wispy mist starts to trail up out of his mouth... coalescing into a golden cloud above his face.

    The veil itself collapses around you... the primordial trees fade into the normal trees of the Islands woods, near the pond. Gwyn's body is replaced by a new fallen tree.

    You can feel it though, like fresh air that you didn't know wasn't fresh until you smelled it. You are free. The magic in you is no longer poisonous. Your mother embraces you fiercely. She's crying in happiness. In relief.

    It fades for you too, Teddy. And you feel it too, don't you? Your dark power is gone. The weight is no longer there, but there is a hole of sorts. While Myrii gasped when you watched Holly drive the knife into the king's heart, and new tears flowed from her, after the veil fades away she embraces you. At once relieved and terribly sad.
  • One post tie up if you want it, then eplilogues?
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    "Mommy," Holly says as she pulls back from Ivy's hug. "We're free." A genuine, heartfelt, hard-won smile crosses her face. "Let's go home. I want to see Winnie."

    A few steps later, her arm around her birthmother, Holly looks to Myrii and Teddy. "I love you both. Thank you for helping me. Especially you, Dora. I... I was ready to die, and you showed me, uhm, how to live. Thank you."
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    Cold again - I'm here in the winter forest again, and not dressed for it at all. Where's my coat? I must've left it in Aubrey's hospital room? Something like that. I'm looking for that zombie Che Guevara hoodie, but I don't see it. Maybe it unraveled with the Veil ... or it's just lost behind a bush, somewhere 'round here. I'm too sick to look for it. Sick with, I don't know, a lot of it's just blood loss, I know, but not all of it.

    I'm pretty much brushing you off, Holly. I wasn't really watching - I was already going while you were dealing with this whole thing. Just, I didn't make it very far. I stop for a second:

    "Yeah ... good for you."

    Then keeping going, into the woods. I'll go to the school. I know the way through the trees so fucking well by now ... though maybe this is the last time I'll ever walk it.

    And when I get close, I'll call my dad.

    That's all.
  • **End Scene**

    Epilogues? Maybe writing from a few weeks or months? Up to you guys.
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