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  • (since PCs are supposed to be at odds, how about I was hanging around inn because I was getting interested in Wanda, lured out to mansion by Ilsa telling me Wanda wanted to meet me, I leave it to rugrsi what Wanda really feels but I died thinking Wanda was part of my undoing and so have it in for her, I'm also from a family that supports church and opposes dark arts etc. and will be out to get anyone involved in that, meaning Andreas - that enough to put us at odds?)

    Sigismund's interests:

    - Vengeance on my killers ~ Ilsa and Wanda (or so I think). If I "drag on" and don't get resolution I'll get increasingly irrational as a ghost and probably want vengeance on all both hold dear too (e.g., her children and her father respectively). Wanda last since I'm most angry at her "betrayal".
    - Realizing Wanda didn't help kill me. (This is a "Author/Director stance" interest - my character doesn't know this is his interest and can't consciously further it - if I kill her before realizing this I am tragically doomed to never rest - I see this as probably a "negotiated alternative" outcome in a conflict etc. - Eater of Shadows definitely doesn't want me to realize this truth as it wants me doomed and thus always available for snacking).
    - Destruction of anyone who practices the dark arts in my presence (I'm a ghost but I'm still a pillar of the faithful community).

    These are more "conditional":

    - Protection of any of my kin who come by looking for me.
    - If anyone shows an interest in Wanda, I have a jealous rage interest in driving them off unless I somehow identify with them.
    - If Wanda shows an interest in anyone, I have a jealous rage interest in driving them off unless I somehow identify with them.
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    Andreas' Intentions:

    - Find the suitable blood necessary to work his magics
    - Bind the spirits haunting the area to aid him against the devil
    - Find the devil (Eater of Shadow) who is said to inhabit the area and force (or make a deal to that extent) him to return his sister's soul.
  • I'm fine with what you've posted.
  • I'm good with all of that.

    I'm not 100% sure of the blood issue, perhaps any blood will do for magic, but the type of blood indicates the power of the magic. Animal blood is next to useless, human blood is his norm and devil's blood... well that'd be amazing. I figure he can go after whatever blood fits the dramatic need of the story.

    I'd think that Andreas isn't traveling as a conjurer, but as a wealthy aristocrat - he'd not be too shy about his relationship with the dark arts, but he wouldn't broadcast it either. I'd say that he's heard rumors of the ghosts, and from his studies and research he knows that there is a devil seen frequently in the area. Maybe he'll be asking about after the ghosts, perhaps with some of locals, like Wanda?

    I'd like to see some more concrete relationships with Sigismund, but maybe that will develop in play.
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    It could be they are not alone indeed, as with my ability to pass unseen etc. I have entered.

    Should I propose here and if accepted then put into the game thread?

    I propose Sigismund (who seeks to both protect this traveler Andreas - haven't sniffed out dark arts on him yet - and at same time make him my instrument) terrifies this traveler with the thoughts that this "single woman" (how unnatural a thing, a woman without a man to protect her, in this foresaken place...) is a murderous fiend against which he must defend himself with lethal force. Probably a process of gradual influence that could take a day or more not something instantaneous. A Grace (influencing others) endeavour for me.

    If I win, in effect, I force a follow on conflict of Andreas trying to kill Ilsa while in a ghost-ridden daze (while I'll be cackling in her ears).

    I totally accept other scenes being inserted before/after any of that etc., yup GM's job is to frame scenes to be equitable to players while also pushing them into each other's way, Andreas may get something vs me at same.

    (multiple combats - joint actions, roll all dice but still take best, lose and both lose what you used? If I win it would be a joint Andreas + Sigismund vs Ilsa)

    Dice lost being stat used seems okay to me.
  • Re The Inn by Side of Road, looks like there's conflict Sigismund and Andreas (yup expected one with command of the dark arts would not be easily susceptible).

    I think it would be that if we confirm conflict, we both roll whoever rolls high is Challenger and they declare their intent etc. I'm high it's about mental domination, Andreas high it's about what he declares? That way the fact I was narrating first doesn't really give me upper hand, dice equally likely to make it about what Andreas makes Challenge.

    Testing dice

  • We use same dice once we've chosen them at start - which does mean that the Endeavour I choose to roll would be both "what I Challenge with" and what "I answer with if Andreas Challenges" (e.g., I choose X to "attack", I end up having to narrate how I would use X to defend?). I admit that seems a bit odd to me if I have it right as when would you declare "Endure Duress" Endeavour hoping to be Challenging??
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    I actually see no conflict yet. Nothing has been narrated by Sigismund that I object to yet. No mental domination has really been narrated... I was reading it as more of a warning.

    Edit: Ok, I guess I see the conflict if you really want Sigismund to control Andreas. Is that what you are proposing? Or just that he be warned?
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    I stopped short of narrating domination/influence expecting that was the "conflict trigger", that is indeed what he is pressing, will add that now.

    Yes, controlled is my "big ask", might negotiate for other.
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  • testing

    #dice (1d10 )
  • So that is Ilsa's roll in the Inn thread?

    Ah so I get short end tactically because I was trying to put out information for others to riff off of and so spoke to Ilsa's fate in future conflict (not current one)? Okay, guess that's the way it goes when you're getting hang of a new system.
  • All cool, water under bridge, for future reference, a Challenge to induce Andreas to be willing to take specific action against Ilsa - not yet having taken it - and that didn't involve Ilsa would be like:

    Challenging, “Andreas realizes the threat this gypsy inn-keeper poses to him. He will be alert to any sign she means him harm [and will see such signs whether they are really there or not] and is so convinced of the justness and necessity of it that he is willing to take action."

    Rather than details of "will lure her away from the inn and try to strangle her to death, denouncing her as a murderess as he does so.”
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    I see, due to the broad nature of my statement, how "your character does something to mine that mine doesn't want done", applies.

    I'm less clear on "hold on there" and my character's capable of intevening,

    - For Ilsa to interevene under this point, this means the character does not have to know what is going on, just that they be capable of intervening, and they do not have to be framed into the scene as actively involved in order to intervene.

    Applied in this instance they can intervene by being thought of? So, looking ahead, Sigismund can intervene in a conflict Ilsa is having where I say "hold on there" because I see his interest harmed (e.g., she's trying to persuade someone she's innocent of any crimes) even if he does not know about it, by having Ilsa remember he was an innocent victim of her actions against him?

    Okay if so, but it seems more plausible to me that to intervene when one's interests are being harmed (the opening flush to the list), one should be present actively (effectively the rules are saying "your character is being harmed by what's going on, you can insist they be introduced into scene) - under this point she should have to come into the room and be interacting in a way that could counter etc. ~ (knowingly or not) - it is then more plausible to me to see how Ilsa would lose dice from stats on a loss, for example.
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