[AW] Somethin' Pleasant t'Look Forward To

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Anyway, we got to the hospital, but things didn't go so well. I was fumblin' with a heavy locked door, looked like it went somewhere old and important, and 'fore I knew what was what, Tum Tum was dead, and his squad was lookin t'me for leadership. I guess all I can do now is take stock of the situation, and try to keep a cool head. I've faced danger before and always made it out, and it's nice to have somethin' pleasant t'look forward to when I come home.

Marlene, Di never said anything about this shit.

The 'island' she told you about. Well, it's not. Traversing the land, lakes and rivers, following the landmarks and route she told you about has taken you to this huge fucking piece of rusted and faded metal, nearly 70,000 long tons you guess, planted in the center of this large body of water. It looks like a gargantuan barge, not unlike yours, but absolutely massive. It's large enough to contain a small town inside of it. There appears to be a landing strip on it's surface, and from down here, you think there may even be a few fighter jets still stranded up there near this looming control tower.

It's a fucking aircraft carrier; a supercarrier. And, somehow, it's been 'beached' in this location. Was that someone standing up there?

It looks like the ship had been hit with an explosion or something, because the best way in you decided was a hole in the side that looked more like the mouth of some creature, all full of rusted rebar teeth and darkness.

Are you anchoring Barney? Leaving anyone there (obviously, not you or Spector)?

Climbing into the ruined ship, along with Tum Tum and his squad, you began exploring. The tunnels and corridors inside are dark and cold. There are signs though. Some that say 'hospital' and colored arrows on the floor that lead in that direction. You find it. It's amazing.

In fact, there's still power to the room somehow. It's only the emergency lighting, but this faint dead white glow is emanating from the floors and it's lighting up a treasure trove of medical equipment. You name it.

And, then a loud crash. Spector, a door has closed him off from the rest of the group. He's gone.

And, screaming, you hear screaming. Fuck. You don't even have to turn around before you realize it's Tum Tum's scream. This fucking ... thing is on his back, gnawing into his throat. Blood if spewing out everywhere. Fuck!

Pipes and Shag both starting screaming. "Get that thing off him!"

Wheat is already over there, taking her knives and trying to stab into the horrid being eating Tum Tum alive. It's screeching as her knives dig into it's flesh, but Tum Tum's already falling to his knees. For a second, time slows down, it's slow motion as the thump of his knees echo off the floor. He's grasping at this throat and his eyes roll into the back of his head. Blood is everywhere. And, he collapses face down at your feet.

It's chaos. There's gunfire. And, more shouting!

"Fuck!" "Argh!" "There's more of them!"

It's a blur. And, finally the doors to the clinic are shut. The one Spector is behind, sealed off entirely. Tum Tum is lying in a pool of his own blood. The room is filled with heavy breathing of the rest of the squad.

Hurley and Coors have both taken up positions against the two entrances to this immediate area.

Things get quiet.

Then, a loud skittering. More screeching. And, suddenly, banging. They're trying to get in. Those things are trying to get in. It won't be long before they do.

Everyone looks at you. You feel like it's your kids looking at you for guidance... What the fuck?

You're scanning the room. What do you want to know? You get to ask one question.


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    Sure. You've got Wheat, Coors, Hurley, Pipes and Shag with you. The two you left behind to man the launchers are Tao and B.
  • What's our best escape route?

    Opening one of those doors and fighting your way past whatever is out there, guns blazing.
  • Yes, it does. Show me the roll!
  • "Fuck yeah!"

    Pipes is singing it like he's in the opera.

    Then, there's a chorus of shouts and Rough Riders getting fired up, slapping their weapons and magazines.

    And, Hurley opens his door.

    Game on.

    There's dozens of these foul looking people, all wretched and crouched with bent spines and bloody scalps, like they ripped their own hair out, shrieking and scraping their broken nails across the walls, floor and doors. One of them hisses at you, and it looks like the thing's teeth have been filed to points. Fucking psychos.

    All hell unleashes and they come charging in. The room erupts in gunfire and muzzle flashes and war screams and spine-chilling shrieks.

    What do you do?
  • Oh, and Tum Tum had a shotgun (3-harm close messy).
  • I think that sounds perfect. Use the gang as your weapon. They've rallied behind you because of your mini-speech.
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    Holy shit! Nice roll. You wanna describe how you're a badass at leading the gang to slaughter these fucks?

    Your squad:

    2-harm gang small unruly 1-armor

    You're going up against:

    2-harm gang small savage no-armor
  • Yeah, give me a suffer harm roll+0. They had a few more than seven, but in the aftermath, they're just crawling and you guys can double-tap them. You can totally haul some shit right now, considering you took definite hold. However, that may not be the case for long. The gunfire may have alerted others.
  • Great, you get the cargo back to Barney (you tell me what you found, I'm assuming this will be part of your advance right?). Only, when you regroup, you realize you've lost track of something. Or, rather, someone.

    Pipes is gone. Just gone. No sign of him.

    Now, you're at Barney with all of the cargo, but Pipes is gone and Spector is still missing.

    What do you wanna do?
  • Let's hold off on the read for now.

    Everyone finishes loading up the cargo and scraps onto Barney's hold. They're all out of breath and the water is making it kind of a pain in the ass to move and stand on Barney easily.

    Shag steps forward, the butt of his assault rifle tucked into the nook of his elbow muzzle to the sky.

    "Fuck that. I'm not going back in there. We came to get what we needed, and well, we lost some men. We're getting low on ammo."

    He tips his head to the cargo.

    "We don't have room for them anyways."

    You can tell the rest of them, Tao, B, Hurley, Wheat, Coors, those still alive, they all seem to be in quiet agreement.
  • You definitely don't see any boats in the immediate area. There very well could be some smaller boats and maybe even life rafts somewhere on the rest of the ship. But, not here. Not now.
  • Very good. First, please give me a roll+1.
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    It's for my custom move. You've suffered Y-harm.

    Barney's offering his hand. He's decked out in a riveting tuxedo and his hair is actually combed. The wind's in your hair and you're in an evening gown. Are you on a cruise ship? You are. What's this? It makes sense but it doesn't. There are cellos playing in the distance. And, the quiet murmur of a cocktail party.

    "Ah, Marlene. You look absolutely stunning this evening."

    With his other hand, he's brushing your hair back behind your ear.

    "Would you care to dance?"

    You do. You take his hand and he leads you toward an open dance floor on the cruise ship. There are tables around the floor and a string quartet playing beautiful music. You and Barney are out there now, on the dance floor. He's spinning you slowly, and everyone seems to be smiling brightly. All eyes on you.

    It's like a dream. Everything moves and shifts ever so slightly. The music blends with the vivid colors, sparkling evening gowns and black tuxedos.

    And, then shrieking. It's coming from the side of the ship. You leave Barney. He's concerned. But, he keeps dancing, his arms framed like they are holding you. The music keeps playing, but it fades.

    You get to the side of the ship and look down. Deep into the waters. There's a staircase there. And, someone is being chased up it. They're carrying something, a man, slung over their shoulder and then they pause, to take a break. They look up. And, you see the person's face. It's Spector.

    He's being chased by dozens of those fucking animals.

    The ship buckles and water splashes up over the side. It hits your face.

    No, really. Water splashes on your face.

    Hurley and Coors are holding you down.

    "Keep her fucking down! She's lost it!"

    It's Shag. He's looking down. You realize you're in Barney now. And, it's moving fast. Someone's driving Barney. Away from the cruiser. You can see it in the distance.

    "Relax, Marlene! It's over! We got you out of there!"

    But, you're fucking panicking. You can't even formulate words, let alone communicate.

    What do you do?
  • I forgot about that, awesome.
    Posted By: Michael PfaffSomeone's driving Barney.
    That's not right. How'd they get him moving? Nobody knows how but me. Only two possibilities:
    1. Someone reached into my mind and stole my memories.
    2. One of Baby Duck's engineers sneaked aboard and hijacked the boat.

    Either way, it's time to flip out. I think this is going aggro on Hurley and Coors with my fists, with what I want from them being an explanation.

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+0 )
  • Man this is going to be fun.
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