[AW] Somethin' Pleasant t'Look Forward To



  • When you try to fight against them, you feel this wave of ache roll over your entire body and you feel like you're going to vomit. Holy shit. It's like your blood is boiling. Oh man.

    Both Hurley and Coors are fairly decent sized guys. They both put their full weight on your arms and legs, keeping you pinned down. Feeling sick, you can't fight back.

    Shag hops down from where he's sitting on the pile of scrap.

    "Motherfucker. Keep her down. She's lost it."

    Coors looks up at him.

    "What the fuck? Her skin is like a fucking furnace, man."

    Shag kneels down over you.

    "Calm down, girl."

    He puts his hand on your forehead.

    "You're burning up. Listen, Marlene. You did good back there, but something's come over you. I need you to CALM DOWN or I'm going to have to tie your ass up."
  • Okay. Somebody's in control here, and that somebody seems to be acting reasonably. More reasonably than the rest of the world, at the very least. Time to calm down, take a deep breath, and attempt to gurgle out some form of "Okay."
  • Shag nods.

    "Let her go."

    Hurley and Coors hesitate for a second, but then release you.

    "Now, you mind explainin' what the fuck just happened?"
  • "Can't explain all of it, but I'll try. Y'may already know that Spector can talk to the spookies; not sure if any of you have ever tried it, and didn't think much of it myself until just recently, but things that've been happenin' lately are real hard to explain. Anyhow, I thought maybe I could just 'reach out' real quick, and see if I could find Spec, or Pipes, or at least tell them what was up, and I ended up somewhere else, like I sometimes do, but instead of comin' out of it with a better idea of what was goin' on, I kind of lost it, and woke up too wet, too fast, and with too many hands holdin' me down. I'm dreadful sorry 'bout that, and it won't happen again; we've got a job to do, and I'll be stickin' with y'all from now on unless we're out of reasonable options. Does whoever's up front know his way back, or d'ya need a navigator?"
  • Shag's expression is hard to read. It's like he understands, but he's not sure what to make of it.

    "It's Wheat. She's barely keeping this thing from not taking a dive. You might wanna get up there. We didn't know what the fuck was going on. One second you're wanting to stay, the next you're screaming and getting the boat up and running. Then, leaving it to go freely. Scared the fucking shit out of us, Marlene."

    You look back in the distance, and the aircraft cruiser looms on the horizon, still massive looking from this distance.
  • "I'm sorry. Y'all deserve better. Let's get everyone home."

    Marlene heads up to the cockpit. She suggests that she take over, but if Wheat would rather drive, she'll attempt to offer advice without being annoying.
  • She let's you take over.

    Barney glides over water and land for the next several hours. It's more than a day's trip to the carrier and it'll be a while before you get back to the Chateau. You pass through a lake area, where the hills rise high on either side, trees obscured by a thick fog lingering in the woodline. The water is crisp and green, Barney cutting through the thin layer of fog that hovers on the surface. Eventually, you come to the shoreline, where the water ends. There's a short patch of forest you need to travel through to get to the next lake. As Barney takes to land, he stutters and starts to slow down abruptly.

    Shag climbs up toward the front of the hovercraft from the back.

    "What's going on up here?"

    The fog was broken as Barney moved through the wooded area, but now it's slowly encompassing the vehicle. A chill runs up your spine and a cool breeze swirls around you. From the back of Barney, you hear a stern whisper. It's Coors.

    "Uh, I think someone's out there."

    What do you do?
  • Haha. Just remember I get to choose whether the engine sucks it up. ;)

    No, seriously. That'd probably be acting under fire to get it up and running right again. But, you'd need to get out to access the engine right?

    Coors responds.

    "Movement. People on foot. I can't tell how many. They look like they're closing in."

    You hear him cock his rifle.
  • You should be on the lookout for the guy with the AT-4 setting up to fire on Barney near the treeline. His form is barely visible, but that shoulder-mounted rocket is plain as day.

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    Your best way out is to figure out how to get Barney up and running, obviously. There's a clump of men moving on your right flank that is probably the most vulnerable to your grenade launchers. Firing on the group would tear all of them up.

    All told, you guess maybe 10 or so men.
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    Barney's a gas guzzler, so it looks like in the chaos of fleeing the aircraft carrier, you forgot to refuel and the gas gauge must be fucked up or something. As you mess with the sensor and finally get it working properly, you realize you're still going to need to refuel.

    Give me a seize by force roll using the gang as a weapon (2-harm small 1-armor) and an act under fire to refuel while the firefight goes down.
  • It still falls under the realm of "get Barney up and running" so yeah, add +1 to both.
  • What two do you choose for the seize?
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    The opposition seems to be heavily armed (3-harm small gang) with heavy firearms and a rocket, so "suffering little harm" might be a good plan. You want to do that?
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    Both gangs will take 1-harm (they both deal 2-harm total and both have 1-armor), that means no fatalities.

    Coors immediately opens fire on the rocketman, causing the enemy to flinch. FOOOOOM! A cloud of smoke and fire erupts from the AT-4 and you hear the rocket fly overhead. Luckily, it misses Barney and you as you're fixing the gauge and hits a tree deep in the woods behind you! Kaboom! Hurley and Shag start lighting up the treeline and the men in the woodline return fire. You can hear bullet's bouncing with a sharp tink!tink!tink! off of Barney's spiked armor.

    Then, you see B and Tao swivel their launchers and poom! poom! grenades are being thrown. Fuck. Explosions are ripping up the earth. Through the hail of bullets, you grab the fuel cans and start refueling, but under pressure, you're spilling the shit everywhere. Wheat has to hand you down the last of the fuel cans and still, it's going everywhere. The ground beneath your feet is wet with gasoline.

    Snap! Wheat gets hit in the shoulder!


    She's screaming. Blood is spurting out of her shoulder. You hear cries from men in the woods. Another explosion and one of them goes diving and tumbling.

    Shag is shouting now!

    "Let's get the fuck out of here!"

    With her good shoulder, Wheat is trying to give you a hand back into Barney.

    From atop Barney, you can see you have definite hold of the situation now. Barney's launchers are ripping up the treeline and with the heavily armored vehicle, your men have plenty of cover.

    What do you do?
  • Wow. Nice.

    So, that's 4-harm area with your launchers. They have 1-armor. They're going to be taking 3-harm total, and against a gang that's widespread injuries, many serious, several fatalities.

    Their attacks are ineffective (they deal 3-harm, but you suffered little, so that's 2-harm but Barney has 2-armor) and amount to 0-harm.

    You wanna describe how you fuck them up for me and blaze a trail to safety?
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    Hahaha. Nice. :)
  • The long road back home is painful. After a few hours, the fever you felt earlier becomes unbearable. Your muscles begin to ache and it's hard for you to keep yourself focused on driving Barney.

    Shag approaches you in the driver's seat.

    "You ok? You need someone to take the wheel?"
  • "I'd appreciate it. Y'know the way back? I think I need to lie down, but if we need anything else to get home, that comes first."
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