[AW] The Quarantine - Specialist June Whitfield

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  • When you're Eager to Know and you ask advice from someone like Spector who is Oftener Right, do you take +2?
  • I would hope so? I think they'd make a wicked evil combination then. Which may be the point.
  • Posted By: Christopher WeeksWhen you'reEager to Knowand you ask advice from someone like Spector who isOftener Right, do you take +2?
    I think so. Yes.
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    Quarantine Stuff:

    As things stand at the beginning of play, anyone released from stasis suffers both 2-harm area ap and psi-harm.

    You emerged from stasis a few days ago.

    Remaining in stasis are the rest of your unit, plus your colleagues and your superiors.

    Stasis has remained untouched by outsiders. Why? It has deadly defenses and it's securely hidden (in the bowels of the carrier, one assumes).

    When you emerged form stasis, Specialist Jackson, Tammy M. emerged with you. What happened to her? The world's psychic maelstrom inflicted psi-harm, shattering her sanity, but I don't know. I haven't seen or heard from her.

    Stasis facilities:

    __ Release: you can release everyone from stasis, all at once or one by one.
    __ Psi-isolation rig: bring someone into stasis and you can isolate them from the world's psychic maelstrom. With a little reconfiguration, you can use the rig to further manipulate the world's psychic maelstrom: treat this as augury, but roll+sharp instead of rolling+weird.
    __ Medlab: stasis includes a workspace with life support and medical technology. Bring someone injured into it and you can work on them like a savvyhead on tech.
    __ Archives: stasis includes a workspace in the form of its records and historical archives. Access them and you can get tot he bottom of the past like a savvyhead getting to the bottom of some tech shit.
    __ Hi-tech scrounge: you can scavenge stasis for its spare parts. Each time you do, you get 5-barter worth of hi-tech crap, to detail or use as barter, but permanently scratch out one stasis facility. (You can choose this one.)
    _X_ Armory: stasis includes 6 assault rifles (3-harm close loud autofire) and 6 suits of military body armor (2-armor valuable hi-tech) intended to arm the rest of your unit. Unlock its armory and they're yours.


    You were there when the world ended, but you've been in stasis for 50 years and your memory is slowly returning. At the beginning of each session, roll+sharp. On a hit, ask the MC one of the following questions and she'll answer it. On a 10+, you can ask a followup question, which can be from the list but needn't. ON a miss, the MC will choose a question and you will answer it.

    __ Where was I when the world ended?
    __ Did we know whose fault it was?
    __ What were the first signs that the world was ending?
    __ Who did it hit worst?
    __ Was it sudden or gradual?
    __ Could we have stopped it?
    __ Who were the first people to know?
    __ What was the first year like?
    __ How long did we hold out hope?
    __ What did we try that failed?
    __ Who did I lose?
    __ Who seemed safe but wasn't?
    _X_ What's the worst thing I saw?
    __ When it reached us, what did we already know?
    __ What let some people survive, when others couldn't?
  • When you emerged from stasis, the world's psychic maelstrom rushed in on you. Roll+hard. On a 10+, you were able to receive it without succumbing to it; you have weird-1. On a 7-9, you were able to hold it off; you have weird-nil. You are unable to open your brain to the world's psychic maelstrom; getting +1weird will give you weird=0. On a miss, it overcame you; you have weird+1, and in addition, choose 1:
    __ Whenever you act under fire, you open your brain as well (roll+weird as always).
    __ Whenever you read a person, you open your brain as well (roll+weird as always).
    __ The MC must always highlight your weird.

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+1 )
  • Interesting. weird-nil
  • Nice! That's exactly the result I was hoping for! Weird-nil!
  • June, be Hard! Whip this world into shape!
  • June, you can start with 1-harm of that 2-harm healed since it's been a few days.
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    Hmmm. Really? That drastically diminishes the value of the "Release" Quarantine facility. I had not been assuming that, but then, I see it there, "as things stand at the beginning of play, anyone released from stasis suffers both 2-harm area ap and psi-harm." So, you're absolutely right.

    Does that mean that the psi-isolation rig would at least prevent the psi-harm when people are released? Or would they just suffer it as soon as they leave the isolation rig?
  • Anything's possible with the psychic maelstrom.
  • Oh man, would that be fun.

    "I need to release my superiors. We need drugs. Lots of drugs."

    But that makes sense to me, little sidequest, if I want to release them. Which I may not, my superiors were jerks.
  • There's also a medlab possibility. Maybe they just need psychotherapy. :)
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    Posted By: Michael PfaffJune, what's the worst thing you saw as the world was ending before you were chosen for the special assignment?
    Posted By: Brendan ConwayThe worst thing I saw was the cities disappearing.

    You'd think I would've said the gore as the mutants tore up other citizens, or screaming floods of refugees heralded by the echoes of wails and cries. But no. It was the cities disappearing.

    I saw it happen to three for them, actually. I'm probably one of the only ones to have seen so many, because they happened in a relatively quick timeframe. Luck of the draw I guess.

    The first city I saw disappear, only sketchy reports had come in from elsewhere about other disappeared cities. Sounded like battle fatigue, post traumatic stress disorder, some psychological malfunction that was making men see things...or not see things, as the case was. But then we got to see it ourselves. I was stationed on the outskirts of the city, helping to shepherd refugees out of it. When...something...whatever...had happened, the cities got it bad. I don't remember the exact details of how or why, not yet. I just remember that everybody needed to get out of the cities, ASAP. So there we were, ordering the civilians to move it, move it. We didn't have the hard part, either; that was for the men in the cities, ordering them to leave behind their homes, their belongings, and get out now. We just had to keep pushing them forward, like livestock. That was bad in and of itself, seeing so many people reduced to so little, sobbing because there was nothing else to do.

    Then, the deep grating sound hit us. I say sound, because I don't know how else to describe it. It felt like a sound, like a vibration, but it came up inside you, like there was some creature under your skin, stirring from its sleep. We all felt it at once; so did the civilians. We didn't know what it meant, so we did the only thing we could think of; screamed at them to start running. They did, and we had a full-fledged stampede on our hands, but there was nothing else to do. I know people went down, and I know they were crushed. I saw the bodies later, but at the time, all I could think was that it must be something in the city again, it was always the cities, had to get them away from the city.

    And then, the lights pouring from the city began to grow brighter. I had to shield my eyes as they began to turn into brilliant stars only a mile away. I could hear noises coming from the city, screams and shouts, echoing out towards us. A wave of cold wind brushed against me, damp and dank on my skin. None of us knew what was happening, and I'm sure some of the other soldiers were screaming too, when the lights shut off. The instant I could look again, I dropped my hand and to look, see what had happened to the city.

    Of course, it wasn't there. The buildings were gone. The streets were gone. The lights were gone. The people were gone. The highway we were standing on, I could see it end suddenly right on the edge of entering the city proper. We checked it out, saw that it looked like it had been sheared off by something perfectly sharp. It was just, gone. And in the city's place was a forest of thick, dark trees standing tall, taller than any trees I had ever seen, and filled with a fog that stretched out graying tendrils over the entire area. That's the cold, damp air I had felt: the fog, rushing out. I looked at that forest and the fog and I knew that I had to get away, before the mists among those trees reached out to swallow us, too.

    The other two cities I saw it happen to, it wasn't much different. I was more prepared maybe, and especially by the third, I was hardly even surprised. That didn't make the disappearances any less horrible.

    Cities, gone, in a few moments. Not with an explosion, or with destruction. Just simply gone. Nothing left of the people who were inside. No sign the city had ever been there. Just mist and trees. It had all been erased, like an error in the accounting column of some ledger. Gone.

    That shook me more than any blood or carnage ever had.
  • What's it look like inside of the Stasis Facility?
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  • Lol. I love when you asks these kinds of questions. :)

    I'm assuming June has access to most of the facility except the parts aside for improvement.

    Also, just to be clear, there's another portion that's sealed off for my own purposes that have little to do with your part of the facility, June. You don't need to take an improvement to gain access, you just need to figure out it's there yet (in play, through the fiction) and how to open it up.
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    Okay, let's pretend that this makes any sense whatsoever.

    Reiterate any questions you want me to answer after this, please? I'm not sure exactly which ones you feel this satisfies.

    ETA: Yes, I put one extra stasis area on there. I thought it might just add a nice touch of mystery if there was one more stasis area than it even implies on the sheet.
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