[AW] Somethin' Pleasant t'Look Forward To



  • "Wheat's not doing too good. If we don't get her some medical attention soon, it might not be good for her."

    Is there any place to stop on the way home? Do you want to stop? Or, press on?
  • "Brockway should be comin' up, an' I could use some meds myself. You been there before? I can tell you some landmarks, but if you've seen it, you'll know it when we get there." Marlene offers Shag the wheel.
  • "Never been. What should I be on the lookout for?"
  • What am I, a charged situation? "The best way in is by the windmill, which runs off river power. As such, it's the most vulnerable to the town's biggest threat: River Raiders. The true position of the town is a bit more inland. Marco's in control of the place, and I've traded with him before, so he should be able to help us out, especially if we leave some of the gear behind when we're done with it."
  • Haha. :)

    Shag nods.

    "Alright, you get some rest. I think I know the windmill. We'll be there in a couple hours."
  • A firm shaking wakes you up. It's Coors standing over you. He's wearing this red scarf around his neck and sometimes he pulls it up to cover the lower portion of his face. Coors has thick eyebrows and square teeth. His voice is deep and has a twang to it.

    "Marlene, get up. We're here."

    Wheat is passed out not far from you, lying near some of the medical supplies you took from the aircraft carrier. Shag and Hurley are at the front of the hovercraft, guiding it slowly upriver toward Brockway.

    It's dark now. The stars are out. It's a rarity when that happens. Brockway's windmill is silhouetted against the sky, slowly turning.

    Sitting up, you can see large bonfires burning toward the center of Brockway. There's some old ruined buildings near a concrete dock off the river. It's pretty simple setup. Brockway probably used to be a nice, happy town Before. A simple farming community; the kind that had only a handful of police officers, a single bank, and a lone gas filling station. There's a building in the center of town that's mostly in tact that was probably once the town's government center.

    You hear Barney's engine killed. And, then quiet.

    Shag starts moving back from the front of Barney.

    "Something's going on up here. I can't tell, but it doesn't seem right. You think those people that tried to ambush us, you think there's more? Maybe they're here. Could be why Brockway hasn't sent tribute to Uncle."
  • Are you wanting to get up there without anyone noticing? Is that what you mean by 'stalk'?
  • Yes. Roll to act under fire.
  • Most of the buildings are dark, broken windows still have shards of glass that are reflecting the large bonfires coming from the town square. You, Coors, Shag, and B are moving discreetly up the sidewalk when the town square finally comes into plain view.

    There are two full-size prison buses parked in the town square. Several large bonfires are burning brightly, you think you see a couple bodies in the fire burning up among tires, trash and other debris. There's a large gang of men that have positioned what looks like the citizens of Brockway on their knees in front of the buses. Men, women, some children. The gang is armed. They're wearing what looks like old BDUs with the sleeves ripped off. Some of them have armor, most don't. But, they all look armed to the gills.

    To top it off, there's an Armored Personnel Carrier with what looks like a .50 cal machine-gun operated by one of the gang members. A flag is flying from the APC, but you can't make out what's on it. There is a man standing on top of the APC, shouting at the crowd of people kneeling before him.

    "I'm fucking Robin Williams!"

    He's wearing a gas mask, which muffles his voice, but he's using a megaphone that causes words to echo throughout the streets.

    "I'm the baddest motherfucker in this entire world outside of the one known as God! It's in Him we trust! Now, all you pieces of shit belong to me. You try to run, we'll kill you. You try to fight us, we'll kill you. You try to save your women and children, we'll just rape them and kill them while you watch! You hear me you fucking plankton! You've got a new life! One as an obedient servant!"

    He continues his speech. But, you hear the cracking of broken glass beneath feet coming from the old department store building you're positioned in front of.

    What do you do?
  • (Okay, so, maybe Uncle really is better than anyone else who might stand up. I concede that point.)
  • Do you have a weapon that has a range of far, like a hunting rifle or a sniper rifle? If so, you can totally snipe him. Otherwise, he's out of range from this distance and moving closer would put you in the town square and that might alert the members of the gang who are on the edge pulling security.

    The most vulnerable enemy is a lone sentry positioned on the west side of the town square. He seems aloof and he's walking along near an old drug store and you could probably move behind the buildings and catch him unawares.

    Your best way in to a Brockway not run by Robin Williams? That's going to be to take out the gang and help Marco to his feet. He's one of the few kneeling down before the APC.

    Do you ignore the sound you heard in the building?
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  • You get back to Barney no problems. After all, you made your roll to move about the abandoned part of town.

    You can tell the men aren't too excited about the notion of taking on that gang. Shag's the only one that speaks up though.

    "Hell, I'd probably be the first one in if it weren't for you being sick and Wheat being shot up. But, seems to me that they're gonna round up those people, put 'em on those buses and take 'em out of here to who knows where..."

    Coors is nodding along.

    "Humpf. They didn't pay tribute. Fuck 'em."

    About that time, you hear someone running down the street toward Barney. Sounds like light footsteps moving fast.
  • "Mount up. Somebody's comin', so keep some eyes on the street, and maybe a barrel, just in case." I'll keep an eye on the street as I get things running.
    Posted By: Michael Pfaff"Humpf. They didn't pay tribute. Fuck 'em."
    Does the squad seem to be in agreement about this, or should I read somebody to check for dissension? Maybe whoever's running up here will affect this as well.
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    Looks like everyone is pretty much in agreement for getting the fuck out of there.

    It's a kid. She's maybe 12 or 13. She's running down the street toward you, waving her arms but not shouting or anything. She looks scared shitless.

    You have time to get out of there before she makes it to the docks though. She could have someone following her. You wanna bounce?
  • "Take me with you!"
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    "Yes! Before they get me!"

    Yes, she's telling the truth.
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    You are. Underway that is.

    The wind is cold as Barney slips away down river.

    Wheat is not looking good, and your fever is still acting up. Hell, you didn't notice it much at Brockway. Must have been your adrenaline pumping. Now that you're back out to water and the cold is lingering, you're back to feeling terrible.

    The girl is sitting on a pile of scrap, near Wheat, watching her bleed out.

    You're still a ways away from the Chateau. The detour to Brockway didn't help.

    You're not sure if Wheat is going to make it without some intervention.

    What do you want to do?
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