[AW] Somethin' Pleasant t'Look Forward To



  • Everyone shakes their head, 'no'. It's on you, Marlene. There's some stuff accessible in the pile, but nothing I would consider 'stock' at the moment. It's just going to be a straight up act under fire to keep her from bleeding out.
  • It's not working to stop the bleeding. You're going to have to heat something up on Barney's engine and cauterize the wound, and it'll probably be incredibly painful for her.
  • It's the worse outcome of the last move.

    Coors and Hurley both hold Wheat down. When the iron touches her skin, it melts and smoke rises up. The air stinks of burnt flesh before it's washing away by the wind of the moving hovercraft.

    The young girl is cringing as you apply the heat.

    Wheat sits up abruptly, screams and then passes right back out.
  • The sickness is overwhelming you. Story might have to wait.

    As soon as you curl up, you're out.
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