[AW] Home Sweet Home

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Marlene, you awake to the cold chill of Barney scooting through the water at ridiculous speeds. The girl who leaped aboard the ship as you took off from Brockway is sitting near you. She must have forgotten her coat when she was fleeing from Robin Williams' gang. She has this silver ring, over-sized for her little finger, with a series of three different color gems set in it. It reminds you of your children, the three gems. And, Timmy. How could you forget Timmy?

All of a sudden some hoots and hollering arise from the front of the hovercraft.

"Yeah! We're home, baby!"

It's Coors. From your vantage point, you see the dim facade of the Chateau looming on the hillside overlooking the lake. A ring of fog lurking around it. Coors is obviously delighted to be back.

You still feel like hell. In fact, your fingertips are numb, when you look at them, they're stark white, like the blood as been sucked out of them. Sitting up is a pain, but the girl sees you struggling and helps you. She's got these ratty looking clothes on. A long dress, wrapped up with a leather belt that has a cowboy belt buckle, worn and faded with time.

Your eyes linger from the Chateau down to the barge you call Home. When your eyes finally reach it, a surge of adrenaline rushes over you. There are several jetskis parked on the dock near Home. You think the worst. Baby Duck? Oh fuck.

What do you do?


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    You should be on the lookout for two of Baby Duck's gang. You recognize them. It's Amy and Needles. You remember Needles well. He's missing his two front teeth and loved to spit water out of the gap at you. Amy was a younger girl that came aboard Baby Duck's gang briefly before the altercation you had with them.

    Both of them are sitting on the dock, what looks like guns in their lap, near the jetskis.

    A crackle comes over Barney's radio.

    "Marlene. Marlene, this is Omie. Do you read me, Marlene? Over."
  • How many jetskis? What's my best way into the barge? If possible, I would have held onto Tum Tum's gun, since he wouldn't be needing it. If we haven't statted that, I'm guessing for the purposes of corridor combat at the hospital it would have been something like an automatic shotgun (3-harm close area messy) or an smg (2-harm close area loud,) but if you had something else in mind, or if the squad wanted to hold onto it, that makes sense.
  • We have. It's a basic shotgun, I think. No area tag. Oh, and Tum Tum had a shotgun (3-harm close messy). It's yours now as far as the squad is concerned. Uncle might have a different idea, since technically, it's his.

    There are five jetskis.

    Best way onto the barge is to maybe park Barney away from the dock, so as they don't recognize it and maybe try to walk past them on the dock without them recognizing you, or swimming up to the barge under cover of fog.
  • All right. We'll park Barney away from the dock, a little closer to the Chateau, to help the injured. I turn to the girl. "You go with them, and tell 'em you need to speak to Uncle about Brockway's tribute. He's probably busy, but that should get his attention. Tell him about what happened, and he might be able to put together a squad to head back up there and sort it out. I'll be headin' for the dock, but don't come find me just yet; I'll get you when it's safe." To Coors: "I assume your squad can take Uncle his supplies, and report on what happened. Leave the junk aboard, and I'll take care of it later. If Wheat can't be moved without some work, look for Navarre, or Imam if you can't find him. Try to avoid Crutch unless he's the only option. I think there's some trouble on my boat, but I'd like to try to handle things a bit more quietly. If you do hear shots, feel free to charge in a rescue us. Oh, and gimme your hat." Marlene tries to hide as much of her hair as possible under the hat, and adopt a "mad as hell" look.

    What with the illness, swimming in the cold water might not be the best approach, so let's take the direct one. I'll walk quickly and angrily onto the dock, with the shotgun held in such a manner as to make it obviously and easily usable, but not actually pointed at anyone just yet. Is that brandishing it? Let's brandish it. It should be generally threatening, but obviously intended for someone else. "Is that bitch in there? Sounds like her goddamn radio works just fine."
  • The girl nods and looks up at you as you give Coors direction. When he and the rest of them start to unload, the girl follows along behind, but she seems nervous and out of place.

    And, I'm thinking an act under fire roll is appropriate here, as you walk along the dock. With the fire being, they don't buy the ruse.
  • Sounds good. Pseudorandom number generator, don't fail me now.

    #DiceRoller( 2d6+1 )
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    You get to the barge. Amy and Needles don't even look over their shoulder at you. The deck is empty, but you hear hushed voices coming from inside.
  • Well then. What's my enemy's true position?
  • Not here. Well, you've got Amy and Needles on the dock, and they could probably be considered enemies, but there's no sign of Baby Duck. And, whoever did this, what you're about to see, doesn't look like his handy work. Baby Duck's not one for messing with children.

    Peering in through a window, you see Armistead sitting at a table, leaning his head back. His wife (Mae), is holding a wet cloth up to his face. The cloth is soaked in blood. His two girls are hugging him from both sides.

    Timmy and Jimmy are sitting near him, both of them using cloth to dab at wounds, mostly minor scrapes for them, on their faces, elbows and arms.
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    Jimmy comes running over. Vera and Sarah too. Timmy's smiling and waving at you.

    The man, Armistead, looks down his nose toward you and tries to talk, but it's muffled.

    Mae shakes her head.

    "Some man came. He demanded to look in our bags. Stole some of our things. When Armistead tried to stop him, Armistead got struck in the nose - and when the kids, brave little souls, tried to help, the man threw them to the ground too."

    Timmy is dabbing is elbow. His face shows how much it stings.

    "I could have stopped him if I had my gun, Marlene. Vera was too scared."
  • Armistead takes the cloth off his face. There's a bright red cut across the ridge of his now crooked nose.

    "It was just one man. I don't think it was the people on the dock. They haven't bothered us. He was a big fella. Don't know his name. Said he was here for something I had of a Gritch's or something."

    Vera is crying now. Timmy moves over and rubs her back.

    "It's ok, Vera. I'll have the gun next time."

    After your speech, Timmy nods.

    "You're right, Marlene. I guess that makes sense. It's just, maybe if I had it and pointed it at him, he'd have stopped punching Mr. Armistead. I hate being so little, not being able to do nothing. We failed in our duty to protect the ship."

    And, yup. The radio you had with you is crackling.

    "Helloooooo... Marlene? Speak up if you're out there... This is Omie. Uncle needs a report. You guys back yet? Over."
  • "Ship's still here, ain't it? You didn't fail nothin'. I thought if I just kept Gritch away from here, he couldn't cause us any more trouble, but I guess I was wrong."

    Marlene puts the radio on a headset, and speaks quietly. "We're back. Well, most of us, anyway. There were people there that weren't too pleasant. They got Tum Tum. I held onto his shotgun for the ride back, but if Uncle needs it back, I can bring it up. Wheat's not doing so hot, but we dragged enough supplies out of there to start a new infirmary if things aren't working out with Crutch. I told Coors to take Wheat to Navarre since he seems to know his way around a medkit. Anyway, after we got the stuff out, we lost Pipes and Spector. Didn't want to leave them there, but those folks had already killed Tum Tum, and they just didn't stop comin'. Didn't want to lose anybody else. Broke down on the way back, right in the middle of an ambush. Uncle got any enemies with rocket launchers? If he didn't before, he does now. Took care of 'em, and came back here. Seems like somebody roughed up my passengers lookin' for somethin' for Gritch. You see him, you tell him we need to talk; I don't appreciate people messin' with those that are on my boat. Speakin' o' passengers, Brockway's in a bad way. Some crazy chopper by the name of Robin Williams was roundin' up the whole town in the name o' some looney called God. One girl got out and came with us, but if somebody doesn't get back up there pronto, there won't be anybody around to send tribute. Finally, a few of our old feathered friends have come to roost at the dock. They haven't been any trouble so far, but if they're operatin' down here, I'd reckon Uncle'd like to send someone to have a little chat with them and catch up a bit. At the very least, it might be worth clippin' their wings. I'm sure someone around here could use 'em. Over."
  • You can hear Omie furiously trying to write something down.

    "Uh, Marlene, I might need you to come up and tell Uncle what you just told me. That's a lot of stuff."
  • "Can do. I'd still appreciate it if you'd send some friendly faces down to the dock, but it don't have to be now. See you in a bit. Over and out."

    Did we ever mention whether Marlene got the magnum back from Vera? It would make sense if she's leaving the barge to leave it, but maybe she though she'd need it for the hospital run. I'll assume she's still got it, and I can edit if she doesn't.

    "I need to head up the the Chateau to sort out Gritch anyway. Will y'all be okay 'til I get back? Anything else you want up there? The men outside may seem okay, but they're trouble." To Vera: "If they threaten anybody, you know what to do. Once they're gone, we can bring aboard the supplies for the workshop, then get underway. Guess we won't be headin' to Brockway, but there are other towns."

    The plan is to storm out muttering about somebody going up to see Uncle, and we'll see who's seeing Uncle, and cursing about a radio. Once past the gang members, Marlene would make her way for the Chateau and ask the first Rough Rider she found where she could talk to Uncle. If that's more fire, I can roll.
  • As far as I can recall, she's got it. That's what Timmy was talking about Vera being too scared to use it.

    Omie responds.

    "I'll see if I can get someone down to the docks. There should have been someone down there already... See yah soon. Over and out."
  • Armistead sort of stands, and half-heartedly asks you.

    "We'd really like to headin' on up to North Haverbrook as soon as possible Miss Marlene. I know you are busy and we're asking a big favor of you, but if what you mean by getting underway, you mean heading up there, that'd be really swell."

    Vera nods.

    "I won't let you down, Momma."

    Nah, you already rolled for the disguise. You're good.

    When you get back up toward the Chateau, one of the Rough Riders points you in the direction of the gardens. "Be careful, Uncle's dealing with Fleece and his men."

    We'll pause there and bring you in when Uncle is up to speed.
  • Sounds good. Also, I would clarify that that is what underway means. Maybe if I can get a couple more rolls in, I can run some gigs on the way.
  • That sounds like a great idea actually. How much XP do you still need?
  • If I take that as my next advance, I only need two. It'd be awesome if I could pull down seven to increase my Cool before I actually need to roll for the gigs, but if I can't swing that, I'll probably just try one gig at a time. Does "shut out" on a gig mean you can't work that gig any more, or does it just mean you have to undertake some kind of resolution before you can work that gig again?
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  • As soon as Uncle acts, I'm going to bring you into this thread, Marlene.
  • Marlene, you're there.
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