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  • Posted By: Michael LoyI wonder if you could keep someone from dying, by caging their soul in their body? I'm not sure I'd try that, except in desperate circumstances ... too much that could go wrong.
    Shit, I'd try that because too much could go wrong. :)
  • Michael's post is the verbal equivalent of a one-carat diamond. Great stuff.
  • I've had an advance floating in the maybe-this-one-will-be-my-workshop-upgrade-but-its-also-sort-of-unspent state for a while. I just spent it on Spooky Intense instead because I'm one xp away from my next advance and I might as well trade up. Kosher?
  • Absolutely! I feel bad you've had to float on that advance.
  • Yeah, no problem. I've sort of decided, though, that maybe Spector's workshop already has the stuff I need to work on people, I just some inspiration. Maybe if I see an infirmary that someone else sets up or something, I'll get the idea to turn on all that stuff in my own shop.
  • Interesting. That seems reasonable. Also, Marlene's brought back plenty of supplies, so that's another route.
  • Sure. Now I just need to find the local workshop, fix up some transportation and head home.
  • I can't wait to see Spector flying a Seahawk around. lol...
  • I just took Things Speak.
  • Is your harm status up-to-date?
  • It wasn't. Di fixed me up. It is now.
  • I just took Lost from the Skinner playbook.
  • Nifty! I was looking at that one for Gritch in the long run, but I think it fits with Spector better.

    Also, I'm kind of hoping Spector is prepping to switch playbooks to Skinner, because that would be amazing.
  • Yeah, I dunno about switching playbooks. Maybe. And if so, probably Skinner. Dunno.
  • Well, out of curiosity, what are you thinking long term? Retirement, start a new character? Keep Spector as a savvyhead for as long as possible? Or are you not even really thinking about it? Deal with it as it comes?
  • I'm not too sure. Every time I think about what I might do next, when it comes time to spend the improvement, I choose something else. :)

    I'll advance some moves (almost for sure) as my first advanced improvement. I think retirement is absolutely as likely as changing a playbook. And right now, I think it's more likely than not that I won't introduce a second character until Spector is no longer my PC -- through death or retirement.
  • Advancing moves is awesome.
  • On advancing moves? You must have the playbooks, right -- but not the text that talks about what the advance does?

    Each move, once advanced, has another wrung on the ladder of successes. At 12+ something really cool happens.
  • I put 'em up in the OOG thread.
  • Let's talk oftener right.

    Here's the expanded text in the book:

    “Comes to you for advice” means a whole 2-sided conversation, unhurried and thoughtful, about something relatively significant. Shouting out for advice in the middle of a fight doesn’t count, nor does asking the savvyhead whether to dine upon pigmaggot or screwfish tonight.

    How do you interpret that, Chris? It's pretty straightforward, but I just wanted to make sure we're on the same page. The scene with Di, for example, feels hurried and akin to "shouting out advice in the middle of a fight".

    Unhurried and thoughtful sort of implies to me a deep conversation over tea or something.
  • edited December 2010
    I agree. I mean, I'd love to use it -- just to get any use out of it, but yeah, it doesn't really fit.
  • Yep. I kinda knew it was a stretch, but I thought, what the hey, worth a try. And I agree with Chris -- we haven't really had any instances lacking frenzied action where its use would have felt particularly appropriate. Sad, really. Although, just to say it right here, I wouldn't at all mind it if June and Spector actually did have a sit-down conversation after helping Di out, in which both of those moves get to come into effect.

    (Side note: I am sort of assuming that Eager To Know should follow the same rules.)
  • Yeah. I'm thinking that it should too.

    So, moral of the story: we need to zoom in on tea time and brunch more.
  • I concur wholeheartedly. All the nastiness between Uncle and Gritch could be solved by a pleasant tea time and brunch. And as for those on the Nimitz, a tea time of ramen and insta-tea of some kind might be feasible, once we plug the hole in Di. Perhaps we can put a tea cosy over it, and it will be fine.
  • Haha. Good luck getting Uncle to sit down with Gritch for tea. ;)
  • (Inventive use of In-Brain Puppet Strings: "Sit down and have tea with me, or I'll turn your brain into cottage cheese.")
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