[AW] Preparations Take Place

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Marlene, you're sitting at the radio in the machine shop. Daff has come inside, climbed up into his portion of the loft near Wisher. The fire is still burning in the barrel outside the shop, but it's low, dying off.

Uncle has gone off to see to Gritch. Navarre is escorting Pamming to her quarters.

What do you do?


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    He left after the shit settled down with Fleece. He's back in his shack probably, the hailing station.

    Omie usually works in a small building in the garden. When you get there, you see the antennae crawling up the side of the shack, positioned on the top. There's a orange glow emanating from the window. You hear a buzzing coming from inside and the sound of music mixing in with it. The music sounds old and cracked, but it's still something to hear.

    When you get there, the door is shut.
  • When you get closer, you hear two voices. They're singing along with the music.

    "She tears you down darlin! says you're nothing at all!But, I'll pick you up darling, when she let's you fall. You're like a diamond and she treats you like glass..."

    When you knock on the door, the singing abruptly stops and the music gets really quiet.

    "Uh, yeah."

    It's Omie's voice.

    "Come on in."

    When you open the door, Omie's there and he's sitting in an old green chair. He's sitting in front of a large section of radio equipment stacked on a folding table. Wires are running everywhere.

    Omie's got dark hair slicked back into a ducktail.

    There's someone else there. A dark skinned, African-American looking man. He's smiling really broadly when he sees you at the doorway.

    He talks.

    "Shit girl! We thought you was Kirk or Barker."

    Omie seems visibly relieved.

    He spins in his chair and turns up the volume on an old record player.

    "Hey, Marlene. This is Motown. What's up?"

    Motown nods to you.
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    ETA: "Nice to meet you, Motown."

    "Gettin' ready to go on a run to Brockway, and after that, we'll be lookin' to get Spec back. Pamming wants to be able to listen it, any open frequency we can use for that?"
  • Omie starts flipping switches, pressing buttons, and whatnot, working his radio equipment.

    "Yeah, I think we can set that up. She's more than welcome to come down here and sit by the radio and listen in. When you guys heading back?"
  • "Not sure just yet, waitin' on Uncle's marching orders. If you two're busy, I can wait somewhere else, but if you need help singin', I wouldn't mind joinin' in."
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    Motown's grin goes so wide, you'd think his cheeks were being stretched with wires.

    "Oh now, now. 'Course we be needin' some sweet voice to go off-settin' our rough and tumble, brutish voices. Don't you be thinkin' othawise."

    Omie nods.

    "Now, shut that door and get on up in here. Omie, get those tunes rattlin'."

    Omie spins and turns up the music box. And, sure enough, some of the most beautiful sounding voices you've ever heard come streaming out of the speaker thing.

    Motown begins singing along, low at first to let you get the flow, and his body starts moving in time. Omie is watching the performance. When it gets to the chorus, Motown reaches out for your hand.

    There isn't a lot of space in the hailing station, so it's tight.
  • This all seems great, so obviously it's a front for some kind of operation to smuggle puppies out of orphanages and kill them and feed them to disinterested gang members with bad hair. Or maybe roleplaying just makes players paranoid.

    Marlene takes his hand, dances and sings along.

    Does the trap spring?
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    It's lovely. When that song goes off, the next comes on. It's slower and Motown takes you a little closer. Omie stands up though.

    "Hold on, Motown."

    Omie bows toward you, as best he can in this tight room.

    "May I have this dance."

    And, offers to dance with you.

    Motown gives him an impressed look, like, 'you slick little fucker you'. And, looks at you.
  • "If that don't bother you," she says to Motown, and then dances with Omie, assuming a lack of protest.
  • "Oh, no, lady. He's all yours."

    The dance is nice, but Omie doesn't have the same moves as Motown of course. The song eventually ends and all that's left is the scraping of the needle.

    Omie's grinning.

    "Thanks, Marlene."

    Motown sits the edge of his ass and left thigh on the table, to make some space.

    "You headin' up to Brockway huh? You know, I wouldn't be heading there. Shit ain't the same. I stopped by there 'fore I came up to the Chateau and there was some strangers showed up and started acting foolish. I skipped out when I could."
  • "That's why we're goin', shit ain't the same at all. Some nut with a gang's roundin' up the whole town and packin' 'em off to somewhere for somebody called God. Didn't have enough men to stop 'em on the way back, with Tum Tum down, Spec and Pipes missin', Wheat laid up, and me sick, but Uncle's fixin' that now, and we're just hopin' to make it back in time. Want it to be a safe place, where someone can raise a family." Then it hits her. Wheat's not laid up. Pipes isn't missing. Three rough riders died on her last sortie, and that was before they even realized Uncle had a real enemy. Tears well up a little. "Not enough safe places around. Makes things harder'n they oughta be. Tum Tum, Pipes, Wheat, any o' them have families?"
  • "Woah now! Everything's gonna be fine."

    Motown sits up and takes you by your shoulders.

    "Omie, get up and let her sit man."

    Omie does.

    "Sit down now and relax. It's gonna be alright. Omie, these people have any family?"

    Omie shrugs.

    "I don't know. I guess Pipes had a girl, couple kids down at Narrows. Not sure about the others."

    Motown helps you, kind of pushes down to a seated position. Then, he kneels down in front of you.

    "Look, Marlene. I know what's it like out there, around here. Ain't no place to raise a family far as I can tell, 'cept one place. Across the waters. There's a place, nobody knows about it. A damn paradise from what I hear. Run by a lady named Mother Superior. That's where you needed to be headed. Leave this shit behind. Fuck it."

    Motown stops. Stands up.

    "I need a smoke."

    He steps outside, but he's right there at the entrance still, door partially open.
  • "This place is so great, why aren't you there?" Is this a popular legend among the riverfolk, or is this the first time Marlene would have heard about it? If it's popular, why don't more people go? Too far? The fog? The kraken?
  • Definitely the kraken.
  • Motown's looking out into the gardens. Blowing his smoke out into the chilly air.

    "I was there, girl. Got kicked out. They don't take kindly to thieves."

    He takes a long drag of the cigarette.

    Sure. There's always legends about places like this. Of course, most people are realistic enough to blow the rumors off or get lost or dead trying to find such places.
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  • "Because, goddamnit! It's fucking hidden. You can't just stumble upon this place. It's an island. Beautiful. No fucking fog. Nothing. A paradise. They don't like murderers or bandits or trespassers. Mother Superior don't dig that shit. First time I heard a tune from Gladys, was there. I don't even know if I could get back there. Got lucky once. And, I ain't serendipitous. But, it's there. And, I blew it."
  • Yeah. As far as you can tell, he's fucking telling the truth.
  • Well, what how does Marlene open her brain? Have we discussed that yet?
  • "Oh, it's good girl. I didn't mean to snap at ya. Where you going? I didn't mean to scare you off now. Let's play another record. I got three of 'em!"
  • So, you don't want to go off and open your brain?
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  • (Good choice! This scene is righteous.)
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