[AW] Barney and the Jolly Ranchers

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Gritch, the ride is definitely not what you would consider smooth. The terrain throughout the land is very hilly and the back roads the Jolly Ranchers are taking were probably barely maintained in their time. Most of the them, old and cracked two-lane highways, snaking throughout the land and running alongside rivers, streams and lakes. The bikes are moving fast. It's fifteen or so rumbling engines slicing through the pristine quiet of the nature in the area. The wind is cold and it's hard to see with but the light from their headlights being cast ahead.

Hugo is near the head of the pack, close to Trey and Rousseau. There's a woman on the back of Rousseau's bike. The one with the scarf. How the hell she's keeping warm you have no idea. She's huddled tight, close to his back as possible.

It's like this for an hour or so. Then, something comes moving up from behind. Would Gritch recognize it?

It's you Marlene. Up ahead, you see the tail-lights of a crowd of motorcycles, glowing red in the night. Every now and then they pass through a patch of fog or around the bend of a road, but you're moving in on them. Barney is fucking fast.

What are you guys doing?


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    Gritch, you see something glimmering in Trey's rearview mirror, in surprisingly good shape. It's the light from whatever is coming up from behind.

    Trey looks over his shoulder.

    Marlene, what should Trey be on the lookout for?

    Then, Trey looks at you, Gritch, as you're shouting at Hugo.
  • Hugo pulls up fast next to Trey. He's shouting at him.


    Trey shouting back.


    He nods to you, Gritch. Then, shouts some more.


    Trey throws his arm up, signaling for the gang to slow down and pull off.

    Marlene, up ahead, you see the gang slowing down, beginning to pull off.

    You're situated on a two-lane road running parallel to a wide, but shallow looking river that's curving around the base of a pretty steep hill on your right side. There is a thick fog lingering in pockets above the water and up ahead on the road. The forest looks semi-dead, leaves covering the ground, from what you can tell from the glow of the head and tail lights.

    What do you do?
  • Gritch, you can't really get a read on him until they've pulled off, but yeah, go for it.
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    Marlene, the leader, you presume, looks oddly familiar and then he takes off his shades and you realize he looks dead-up like Navarre in most aspects.

    He dismounts his bike, the others staying on theirs, and walks over toward Barney. As he's moving toward the tank, he's looking at you too Gritch.

    Gritch, what do you wish Trey would do?

    "It seems you have us at a disadvantage here, Miss."

    Trey's voice doesn't sound at all like Navarre's. It's startling.

    "You seem to know one of us, but we don't know who you are. I'm Trey. This here's the Jolly Ranchers."

    He swings his arms wide to show you his biker gang.

    Marlene, what's Trey's best escape route? And, which enemy is his biggest threat?
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    Um. I wish Trey would get me the fuck outta here an' take me to God. I need to get Dog Head outta me, an' I need to make up for what I done, an' I'm not goin' be able t'do that if'n Marlene takes me back to the Chateau an' Uncle an' a noose or a bullet or whatever. At least I wish Trey wouldn' give me over to Marlene, so theoretically, him gettin' me outta here can come later rather than sooner. But one way or another, I wan' him t'take me to God.
  • "Well, that sort of puts us at a cross here, Marlene. Because, see, we're sort of independent contractor's also. And, we've got somewhere to take this guy."

    Trey moves closer now to Barney, but he's not touching the machine or anything. He's scratching the crease in his nostril.

    "Yeah. So, how do you recommend we proceed considering those facts?"
  • Trey looks over at you, Gritch.

    "Do you want to go with her?"
  • I snort. "Fuck no. I left that place. I'm needin' some help, an' Uncle an' the other folk at the Chateau? They ain't goin' give it t'me, so I gotta seek it elsewhere." True enough.
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    Trey turns back to you, Marlene. Throws his hands up.

    "See Marlene? Now, that's just not what I'd call ... right. Forcin' a man to go somewhere he doesn't want to when he's got other places to be."

    He shrugs.

    "Maybe, just maybe, he'll come on back and you can have him after he's done with whatever he's got to do where we're taking him?"
  • Trey waits for Gritch to answer before answering himself.
  • (Is there a question you're asking from the "read" list? Or should I answer the in-character question, first?)
  • "Somebody roughed up your family? Passengers? Lookin' for something..." Lightbulb in my head. "Ah, shit, that was Hale. Didn' ask 'im t'hurt no one. Jus' wanted somethin' o' mine back. He said he found it, an' I paid him t'get it fer me. Didn' realize he was takin' it from someone by force." Probably shoulda figured that one out, but then, would it've mattered? I needed it back, an' it shouldn't've been in the hands o' people who didn' know how t'use it, anyways.
  • Yeah, that's fine. For the intentions, do you want it in the immediate sense? More long term? My pick?
  • Well, I'm going to keep it vague.

    Immediate: Do whatever I have to to get where I'm going, and not go back with Marlene to Uncle. I'd rather it not turn to violence, but I am not going back to the Chateau, not right now. So if it has to turn to violence, or mind-fuckery, so be it.

    Longer term: After I'm done with what I'm planning on doing, go back to the Chateau and face whatever's waiting there for me.
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